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Status: 969 - Non Registration Data
Image for trademark with serial number 89000576
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969 - Non Registration Data
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2000 - Illustration: Drawing or design without any word(s)/letter(s)/ number(s) Typeset
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010110, 010113, 010303, 240901 - Three or more stars. More than one star with five points. Stars grouped in circles, semi-circles, ovals or geometric figures. Rectangular or square flags excluding American flag or checkered flag.
Description of Mark
Heraldic description: On a field azure a circle of twelve mullets or their points not touching. Symbolical description: Against the blue sky of the Western world, the stars symbolize the peoples of Europe in the form of a circle, the sign of union. The stars are twelve in number and are invariable, the figure twelve being the symbol of perfection and entirety. Geometrical description: The emblem is in the form of a blue rectangular flag of which the fly (F) is one and a half times the length of the hoist (h). Twelve gold stars situated at equal intervals form an undefined circle of which the center is the point of intersection of the diagonals of the rectangle. The radius (r) of the circle is equal to one-third of the height of the hoist. Each of the stars has five points which are situated on the circumference of an undefined circle of which the radius ® is equal to one-eighteenth of the height of the hoist. All stars are upright - that is to say, with one point vertical at 90 degrees and two points in a straight line at right angles with the mast. The circle is arranged so that the stars appear in the position of the hours on the face of a clock. Their number is invariable. The colour, heraldic azure, is represented by light ultramarine blue. The colour heraldic or is represented by deep chrome yellow.
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001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019, 020, 021, 022, 023, 024, 025, 026, 027, 028, 029, 030, 031, 032, 033, 034, 035, 036, 037, 038, 039, 040, 041, 042, 043, 044, 045, 046, 047, 048, 049, 050,
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6 - Active
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10 - Original Applicant
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