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700 - Registered
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Accent lights for indoor use; Accessories for fireplaces, namely, air circulation kits consisting primarily of metal ducts and metal adaptors used to increase the amount of heat recovered from the fireplace using a blower or natural convection; Accessories for fireplaces, namely, ventilation hoods for fireplaces for use in ventilation and deflecting heat from the top of a fireplace; Acetylene burners; Acetylene flares; Acetylene generators; Aeroponic grow cabinet in the nature of a closed environment with lights, exhaust system, aeroponic misting chamber and automated control system; Agricultural irrigation units; Air cleaning units; Air cleaning units containing an air filter, ultraviolet lights and a photocatalytic filter; Air conditioners; Air conditioners for vehicles; Air conditioning apparatus; Air conditioning apparatus and installations; Air conditioning installations; Air conditioning installations for cars; Air conditioning installations for vehicles; Air conditioning panels for use in walk-in coolers; Air conditioning units; Air cooling apparatus; Air exchangers for cleaning and purifying air; Air filtering installations; Air filters for air conditioners in vehicle passenger compartments; Air filters for air conditioning units; Air filters for domestic use; Air filters for heating and cooling registers; Air filters for industrial installations; Air fryers; Air handlers; Air humidifying apparatus; Air impellers for ventilation; Air purification units; Air purifiers; Air purifiers; Air purifiers for automobiles; Air purifying apparatus; Air purifying apparatus and machines; Air sterilisers; Air sterilising apparatus; Air valves for steam heating installations; Air washers; Air-conditioning apparatus; Air-conditioning apparatus; Air-conditioning apparatus and installations; Air-conditioning installations; Air-conditioning, air cooling and ventilation apparatus and instruments; Aircraft galleys sold equipped with food preparation apparatus, namely, heating and cooling appliances; Aircraft lavatories sold equipped with sanitary facilities, namely, toilets and sinks; Alcohol fuel burners for starting barbeque grills; Alternative energy generation power plants; Anion generating humidifiers; Anti-splash tap nozzles; Apparatus and installations for decomposing toxic substances in water; Apparatus and instruments for use in the purification, separation and sterilization of liquids and gases used in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, biopharmaceutical and food and beverage industries; Apparatus for cooking, namely, cooktops; Apparatus for dehydrating food waste; Apparatus for disinfecting water; Apparatus for filtering drinking water; Apparatus for the exchange of substances and heat for use in the production of steam, for use in cooking and for use in refrigeration; Appliances for domestic use, namely, temperature controlled wine cellars; Aquarium filters; Aquarium filtration apparatus; Aquarium heaters; Aquarium lights; Arc lamps; Arm rests for use with toilet seats; Ash pits for furnaces; Asphalt hot box reclaimers, namely, insulated boxes for heating and maintaining cold chunked asphalt as a hot mix for re-use; Atmospheric water generators; Autoclaves, electric, for cooking; Automatic bread-making machines for domestic use; Automatic faucets; Automatic flush valves for toilets; Automatic temperature regulators for central heating radiators; Automatically operated electric lighting apparatus for use with animal feeders; Automotive headlamps; Automotive lighting headlights for vehicles; Baby bottle sterilizers; Backup lights for land vehicles; Bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying hand-held electric hair dryers; Bakers' ovens; Baking ovens; Baking ovens; Barbecue apparatus, namely, fuel starter in the nature of a metal container with a wooden handle into which fuel briquettes may be placed, lit, and then poured into a barbecue grill for the purpose of speeding up the ready to cook time of barbecue fuels; Barbecue grills; Barbecue smoker accessories, namely, convection plates; Barbecue smokers; Barbecues; Barbecues and grills; Barometric condensers for condensing vapors by contact with liquids; Bath installations; Bath screens; Bath tub jets; Bath tubs; Bath tubs for sitz baths; Bathroom exhaust fans; Bathroom heaters; Baths, bathtubs, whirlpool baths and bath installations; Bathtub enclosures; Bathtub surrounds; Bathtubs; Bathtubs and shower trays; Battery operated electric candles; Battery-operated night lights; Battery-operated tap lights; Beauty and cosmetic sterilizing pouches; Bed warmers; Beverage cooling and ice dispensing machines; Beverage cooling apparatus; Beverage-cooling apparatus; Bicycle lamps; Bicycle lights; Bicycle reflectors; Bidet taps; Bidets; Biogas fermentation reactors, namely, percolating fermenters and dry fermenters; Biological contactor for treatment of sewage and drainage water; Blankets, electric, not for medical purposes; Blast chillers for commercial food preparation and storage; Blood warmers; Boilers for heating installations; Book lights; Book sterilization apparatus; Bread baking machines; Bread-making machines; Broiling pans; Bunsen burners for laboratory use; Burners for lamps; Butane torches for cooking; Butter warmers; Cabinets used to control temperature and humidity for heating and proofing food goods; Calcising kilns; Candle lamps; Candle lanterns; Carbonizing furnaces; Carrying bags specially adapted for portable gas ranges and portable gas burners; Carrying cases specially adapted for DJ lighting gear and electric lights; Catalytic oxidizers for industrial air pollution control; Ceiling fans; Ceiling light fittings; Ceiling lights; Central air-conditioning installations; Central heating radiators; Ceramic briquettes for use in barbecue grills; Ceramic plates sold as parts of ovens; Ceramic plates sold as parts of stoves; Ceramic stoves; Chafing dishes; Charcoal grills; Charcoal roasters for household purposes; Chemically-activated cold packs for cooling the body and not for medical purposes; Chemically-activated heating packs for providing warmth to the body not for medical purposes; Chemically-activated light sticks; Child safe protective covers for bathtub spouts; Chimineas; Chimney blowers; Chimney dampers; Chimney flues; Chimneys for oil lamps; Chlorinating units for water treatment; Chocolate fountains, electric; Chromatography apparatus for industrial purposes; Circulators in the nature of water heaters; Clean room installations; Clean rooms; Cleansing/sanitizing system comprising a containment enclosure specially adapted for containing an atomized cleansing/sanitizing spray mechanism for use in the cleansing/sanitizing of objects including articles of manufacture, natural products, foods and pharmaceuticals; Clothes dryers; Clothes drying machines; Coal stoves; Coffee filters not of paper being part of electric coffee makers; Coffee machines, electric; Coffee percolators, electric; Coffee roasters; Coffee roasting ovens; Coils as parts of distilling, heating or cooling installations; Cold packs for cooling the body and not for medical purposes; Color filters for use in lighting instruments; Combination hair dryers and chairs for use in beauty salons; Combination microwave and convection oven; Combination ozone sanitizer and electric deodorizing units; Combination steamers and ovens; Combustion chambers; Commercial and industrial cookware, namely, gas and electric boilers, gas and electric broilers, gas and electric roasters, gas and electric braising pans; Commercial cooking ovens; Commercial dryers and warewashers sold as a unit for washing and drying food plates, bowls, pots, pans and food preparation and cookwares, glasses and utensils; Commercial refrigerators and freezers and parts and fittings therefor; Commodes being toilets; Component parts of water cooling towers in the nature of wire mesh hangers for securing slat fill; Components for air conditioning and cooling systems, namely, evaporative air coolers; Composting toilets; Convection heaters; Convection ovens; Cook- and hold- ovens; Cooking ovens; Cooking products, namely, liners for conventional ovens in the nature of heat-transmitting containers for providing uniform heat and humidity during cooking; Cooking ranges; Cooking rings; Cooking stoves; Cooking tunnels; Cooling apparatus used for blood, intravenous solutions, irrigation solutions, and other medical and surgical fluids; Cooling domes; Cooling evaporators; Cooling fan systems for wall ovens; Cooling installations for tobacco; Cooling installations for water; Cooling units comprised of cold packs, aluminum tiles, and insulated plastic bases, for cooling animals and pets, not for veterinary purposes ; Cooling units for industrial purposes; Corn roasters; Cosmetic refrigerators; Cotton candy making machines; Crank-powered portable lamp; Cryogenic vaporizers; Cryorefrigerators; Cultivation lamps and parts thereof, namely, high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide, plasma, and light emitting diode (LED); Curing ovens for industrial use; Dampers, namely, control devices used in air ducts to regulate the flow of air; De-icing unit for outdoor water fountains comprising a perforated cap that sprays water around the fountain to prevent ice from forming; Decorative ceramic cover for electric candle warmers; Decorative grills made of non-metal non-combustible materials for use in decorating evacuation ducts, air inlets, and hot air outlets of fireplaces; Decorative table-top water fountains; Decorative water fountains; Deep fat fryers; Deep fryer, electric; Deep fryers, electric; Deep frying machines; Defrosting apparatus for vehicles; Dehumidifiers; Dehumidifiers for household purposes; Dehumidifiers for household use; Dental ovens; Desalination units; Desk lamps; Devices for generating smoke for signaling; Direct vents for gas appliances; Discharge lamps and their fittings; Discharge tubes, electric, for lighting; Dish disinfectant apparatus for industrial purposes; Disinfectant apparatus for banknotes; Disinfectant apparatus for medical purposes; Disinfectant dispensers for toilets; Disinfecting ultraviolet lamps housed in a container or cover for disinfecting objects placed therein; Dispensing units for air fresheners; Dispensing units for room deodorants; Disposable aluminum burner bibs for cooking ranges; Disposable aluminum oven liners for catching spills; Disposable sterilization pouches, not for medical use; Distillation apparatus not for scientific purposes; Distillers for chemical processing; Distilling units; Diving lights; Domestic cooking ovens; Domestic electric appliances, namely, frypans; Dough proofing and retarding units, namely, heating, cooling and humidity controlling units for processing dough; Downlighters; Downlights; Drain structures for use in spas, steam rooms and baths; Drainage water treatment tanks; Drinking fountains; Dryers for the removal of water vapor from compressed air and gases; Dryers used for the removal of solid, liquid and vapor contaminants from compressed air and gases; Drying apparatus for chemical processing; Drying apparatus for fodder and forage; Drying apparatus for use in heating, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems; Drying machines for agriculture; Earthenware basins being parts of sanitary installations; Economisers, namely, devices for warming feed water in heating boilers; Electric air deodorizers; Electric air sanitizing unit; Electric and battery operated aromatherapy units; Electric apparatus for making coffee; Electric appliances for making yoghurt; Electric appliances for making yogurt; Electric autoclaves for cooking; Electric automatic moist heating pad not for medical purposes; Electric bath-water purifying apparatus for household purposes; Electric beverage heaters; Electric beverage warmers; Electric blankets for household purposes; Electric blankets not for medical purposes; Electric boilers; Electric bread cookers; Electric bulbs; Electric cabinets used to control temperature and humidity for heating and proofing food goods; Electric candelabras; Electric candle warmers; Electric candles; Electric casseroles; Electric Chinese lanterns; Electric clothes rack for drying clothing; Electric coffee brewers; Electric coffee machines; Electric coffee makers; Electric coffee makers; Electric coffee percolators; Electric coffee pots; Electric coffee roasters; Electric coffee urns; Electric cooking ovens; Electric cooking ovens; Electric cooking pots; Electric cooking stoves; Electric cooktops; Electric cookware, namely, broilers; Electric cookware, namely, roasters; Electric coolers; Electric crepe makers; Electric cupcake makers; Electric deep fryers; Electric dehydrators; Electric discharge tubes for lighting; Electric dish dryers; Electric dispenser for air freshener; Electric dispensers for air fresheners and deodorizers to be plugged into wall outlets; Electric doughnut makers; Electric Dutch ovens; Electric egg boilers; Electric egg boilers for commercial purposes; Electric egg boilers for household purposes; Electric egg cookers; Electric egg steamers for household purposes; Electric espresso machines; Electric fans; Electric fans; Electric fans for personal use; Electric fans with evaporative cooling devices; Electric fireplaces; Electric flashlights; Electric floor heating systems, namely, cables, electric mats and sensors for floor heating systems sold as a unit; Electric food dehydrators; Electric food dehydrators for household purposes; Electric food steamers; Electric food warmers; Electric foods warming units for institutional food services; Electric footmuffs; Electric footwarmers in the nature of footmuffs; Electric freezers; Electric French presses; Electric fryers; Electric frying pans; Electric furnaces; Electric griddles; Electric grills; Electric hair dryers; Electric hand drying apparatus for washrooms; Electric heater for infant food; Electric heaters for babies' bottles; Electric heaters for commercial use; Electric heating fans; Electric heating pads, other than for medical purposes; Electric holiday lights; Electric hot air hand dryers; Electric hot glue melting pots; Electric hot plates; Electric hot shave lather machines; Electric hot-water bottles; Electric hotplates; Electric indoor grills; Electric kettles; Electric kettles; Electric lamps; Electric lanterns; Electric light bulbs; Electric lighting fixtures, namely, power failure backup safety lighting; Electric lighting fixtures, namely, sconces; Electric lights for Christmas trees; Electric luminaires; Electric luminaries; Electric meal delivery units for institutional food services; Electric night lights; Electric outdoor grills; Electric pancake makers; Electric panini grills; Electric panini makers; Electric panini presses; Electric patio heaters; Electric plate warmers; Electric popcorn poppers; Electric pressure cookers; Electric quesadilla makers; Electric radiant heaters; Electric radiators; Electric radiators for heating buildings; Electric radiators not for motors and engines; Electric ranges; Electric refrigerators; Electric rice cooker; Electric rice steamers; Electric roasters; Electric room deodorizing units; Electric rotisseries; Electric sandwich makers; Electric sandwich toasters; Electric saucepans; Electric shoe dryers for household purposes; Electric skillets; Electric slow cookers; Electric soymilk maker; Electric space cooling apparatus; Electric space heaters; Electric stoves; Electric tea kettles; Electric tea pots; Electric thermo pots; Electric toaster ovens; Electric toasters; Electric toasters; Electric torches for lighting; Electric tortilla makers; Electric tortilla presses; Electric towel warmers; Electric track lighting units; Electric vaporizers for household purposes; Electric vegetable steamers; Electric waffle irons; Electric waffle maker; Electric warmers for feeding bottles; Electric warmers to melt scented wax tarts; Electric window fans; Electric woks; Electric yogurt makers; Electrical boilers; Electrical heating cables; Electrical heating tapes; Electrical ice cream makers; Electrical induction heating apparatus for heating metal workpieces; Electrical magnifying light fixtures; Electrical rice cookers; Electrical track lighting containing speakers integrated into the light fixture; Electrically heated carpets; Electrically-heated carpets; Electrically-heated diffusion furnaces for industrial use; Electrically-heated garden hoses; Electrically-heated ice cream scoops; Electrically-heated kitchen knives; Electrically-heated luggage; Electrically-heated mugs; Electrically-powered handheld vaporizers for vaporizing vaporizable constituents of herbal and plant matter for creating an aroma for household use; Electro-chemical flue gas scrubbing machines; Electrochemical gas generators; Electrolytic water generators for electrically decomposing tap water to generate electrolytic water and for removing chlorine odor from tap water; Electromagnetic induction cookers; Electromagnetic induction cookers for industrial purposes; Electronic facial steamers; Electronic fireplace dampers; Electronic generator for use in controlling the amount of humidity in the air by creating, removing or circulating small water particles or water vapor in the air; Electrostatic water treatment apparatus; Emission control systems comprised primarily of indirect contact heat exchangers and ozone-based control devices using gas and vapor condensing to control and treat emissions; Energy recovery ventilators; Energy storage plants; Environmental control apparatus, namely, particle activators for use in soil remediation, drinking water treatment, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment; Equipment for treating groundwater and soil comprising distribution lines, distribution manifolds, drop tubes, well seals and blowers; Ethanol fireplaces; Evaporative air coolers; Evaporative air cooling units for domestic use; Evaporators for air conditioners; Evaporators for chemical processing; Exhaust hoods for kitchens; External ballast and bilge water filtering and absorbing device for use in a local containment area for removing aquatic nonindigenous species, oil and other contaminants from the effluent; External filtering device for use in a local containment area for removing oil and other contaminants from storm drain effluent as it exits storm water systems; Extractor hoods for kitchens; Fabric air dispersion ducts for distributing and dispensing air as part of a HVAC system; Fabric covers for electric toasters; Fabric covers for hot water bottles; Fabric steamers; Facial saunas; Fairy lights for festive decoration; Fans for air conditioning apparatus; Fans for HVAC units; Faucet aerators; Faucet handles; Faucet sprayers; Faucets; Feed water heaters; Fiber optic lighting fixtures used in conjunction with electrical illuminators; Fibrous filtering media for general industrial use in the purification of air and industrial fluids; Filaments for electric lamps; Film stage lighting apparatus; Filter cartridges for industrial dust collection systems for use in pulse-jet cleaning; Filters and filtering devices for air and gas conditioning; Filters for air conditioning; Filters for air extractor hoods; Filters for drinking water; Filters for fluids, namely, for water and area-water solutions; Filters for photographic, cinematographic, video and performing arts lighting; Filters for use with lighting apparatus; Filters made of fiber for water filtration; Filters, heaters and pumps sold in combination for use in hot tubs; Filters, heaters and pumps sold in combination for use in swimming pools; Filtration unit for filtering and treating cooking oil being part of commercial deep fryers; Fire hydrants; Fire table; Fireplace hearths; Fireplace inserts, namely, heat exchangers; Fireplace louvers, blowers, and dampers, and ash pans for fireplaces; Fireplaces; Fireplaces, domestic; Fish roasters; Fish-luring lights; Fitted covers for barbecue grills; Fitted covers for irrigation sprinkler heads; Fitted covers for portable fireplaces; Fitted fabric cover for a garment steamer head; Fitted liners for baths and showers; Fitted liners for hot tubs or spas; Fitted spa covers; Fixtures for incandescent light bulbs; Flameless candles; Flare stacks for use in the oil industry; Flares; Flashing strobe light apparatus; Flashlight holders; Flashlight pointers; Flashlights; Flat panel lighting apparatus; Flexible heating elements for automobile seats, namely, flexible wire-knitted and woven heating tapes; Flexible pipes being parts of basin plumbing installations; Flexible pipes being parts of bath plumbing installations; Flexible pipes being parts of shower plumbing installations; Flexible pipes being parts of sink plumbing installations; Flood lights; Floodlights; Floor heating apparatus; Floor lamps; Floor water fountains; Flow restrictors for reverse osmosis water purification units; Fluid separation apparatus for separation of gas from liquid in a chemical or oil refinery; Fluorescent electric light bulbs; Fluorescent lamp tubes; Fluorescent lamps; Fluorescent lighting tubes; Flush handles for toilets; Flush levers; Flushometer valves; Flushometers; Fog generators; Fog machines; Fog making machines; Folding portable charcoal, propane and gas fired barbecues, stoves, and grills; Folding portable ovens; Fondue pots with heat source; Fondue sets, namely, fondue pots, burners, forks, bowls and candles sold as a unit; Food steamers, electric; Footmuffs, electrically heated; Forage drying apparatus; Fragrance dispensing unit which also features a night light; Freeze drying equipment, namely, lyophilizers; Freezers; Friction lighters for igniting Bunsen burners; Friction lighters for igniting gas; Fridge-freezers; Frozen dessert dispenser; Fruit roasters; Furnace ash boxes; Furnace boilers; Furnaces; Furnaces for melting metals; Furnaces for recovering scrap metals; Furnaces for the chemical industry and glassmaking industry; Furnaces, other than for laboratory use; Futon driers; Garbage incinerators; Garbage incinerators for household purposes; Garbage incinerators for industrial purposes; Garment steamers; Gas burners; Gas condensers, other than parts of machines; Gas cookers; Gas cooking ovens; Gas cooktops; Gas fired water heaters; Gas fires; Gas generating furnaces; Gas grills; Gas injectors for disbursing solids and/or liquids for purification and sterilization purposes; Gas patio heaters; Gas powered handheld vaporizers for vaporizing vaporizable constituents of herbal and plant matter for creating an aroma for household use; Gas purification machines; Gas ranges; Gas recycling system comprised primarily of pressure swing adsorption equipment for the recovery, purification and return of gases in industrial applications; Gas refrigerators; Gas regulators; Gas scrubbers; Gas scrubbing apparatus; Gas scrubbing installations; Gas stoves; Gas stoves; Gas water heater for bathtub consisting of circulation pump with thermostat to fill, re-heat water and keep water warm; Gas water heaters; Gas water heaters; Gas-powered deep fat fryers; Gas-powered griddles; Geothermal-based HVAC units; Germicidal lamps for purifying air; Glass lantern globes; Glass plates sold as parts of ovens; Glass plates sold as parts of stoves; Globes for lamps; Grill accessories, namely, charcoal grill conversion units for converting charcoal grills to electric smokers; Grill accessories, namely, warming trays; Hair dryer diffusers; Hair dryers; Hair drying machines for beauty salon use; Hair steamers for beauty salon use; Halogen heaters; Halogen lamps; Halogen light bulbs; Hand basins being parts of sanitary installations; Hand dryers; Hand held shower heads; Hand showers; Hand wash basins being parts of sanitary installations; Hand-held electric hair dryers; Hand-held showers; Hanging lamps; Headlights for automobile; Headlights for automobiles; Headlights for vehicles; Heat accumulators; Heat diffusion collars and discs for use in furnaces; Heat exchangers for chemical processing; Heat exchangers not being parts of machines; Heat exchangers, other than parts of machines; Heat generators; Heat guns; Heat pipes to cool heat producing components; Heat pumps; Heat recovery ventilators; Heat registers; Heat sinks for use in heating, cooling and ventilating apparatus; Heat stress machines having temperature controlled ceramic heating elements for heating tubes, pipes and welds; Heated dispensing unit for tissues, towelettes, wipes, cloths and pads; Heated display cabinets; Heated merchandise display cases; Heated polymerization units for dental restoration compounds; Heaters and warmers for medical and surgical solutions; Heaters for vehicles; Heaters for warming up portable toilets in cold weather; Heaters, electric, for feeding bottles; Heating and cooling packs filled with chemical substances that react when required to warm or cool the body; Heating and cooling panels used for indoor heating and cooling purposes; Heating apparatus for defrosting vehicle windows; Heating apparatus for solid, liquid or gaseous fuels; Heating apparatus for vehicles; Heating boilers; Heating cushions not for medical purposes; Heating elements; Heating furnaces; Heating inserts for pet beds; Heating installations; Heating pads not for medical purposes; Heating panels used for indoor heating purposes; Heating systems composed primarily of tubes, pipes and manifolds through which warm or high temperature water circulates; Heating systems composed primarily of tubes, pipes and pre-assembled manifolds through which cold or low temperature water circulates; Heating systems for residential and commercial buildings comprised of biomass burners, boilers, valves, pipes, manifolds, solar panels, control panels, switches and electrical wire, all sold as a unit; Heating systems for residential and commercial buildings comprised of boilers, valves, pipes, manifolds, control panel switches, and electrical wire, all sold as a unit; Heating systems for residential and commercial buildings comprised of boilers, valves, pipes, manifolds, solar panels, control panel, switches and electrical wire, all sold as a unit; Heating units for industrial purposes; HEPA filters for household use; Hibachis; High intensity search lights; Highway illumination assemblies; Holding furnaces and melting furnaces for industrial use; Hoods for ranges; Hot air blowers; Hot blast furnaces; Hot plates; Hot plates; Hot tub jets; Hot tubs; Hot water bottle holder with pouch of microwavable material for sustained warmth; Hot water bottles; Hot water heaters; Hot water heating installations; Hot water tanks; Hot-air space heating apparatus; Hot-water space heating apparatus; Household air cleaners; Humidifiers; Humidifiers for central heating radiators; Humidifiers for household purposes; Humidifiers for household use; Humidifiers for musical instruments; Humidity control device, namely, a portable container containing a moisture-sensitive silica co-polymer that absorbs or releases moisture to maintain relative humidity in a particular range; HVAC units; Hybrid water heater; Hydrants; Hydrogen generators; Hydrogen-generation equipment and components, namely, hydrogen generators, hydrogen purifiers, hydrogen purification membranes, fuel processors, and steam reformers; Hydromassage bath apparatus; Hydroponics grow box in the nature of a closed environment equipped with lights, exhaust system, hydroponics growing container and odor control system; Ice boxes; Ice chests; Ice cream freezers; Ice cream makers; Ice cube making machines; Ice machines; Ice machines and apparatus; Ice making machines; Ice skating rink chiller systems; Ice-cooling refrigerators; Ignition systems comprised of a gas supply tube with a nozzle and an electrical igniter to create a flame at the nozzle for industrial applications, namely, for igniting waste gases being discharged from industrial stacks and for igniting gas-fired boilers; Immersion heaters; Immersion style chiller for use in food processing, functioning as last bacteriological intervention point in the chilling system; Incandescent lamps; Incandescent lamps and their fittings; Incandescent light bulbs; Incinerators; Indoor radiant heating systems; Induction heaters for heating thermal insulated delivery bags designed to keep food warm during transport; Induction ovens; Induction water heaters; Industrial air filter machines; Industrial air purifiers; Industrial apparatus using air for drying and cleaning components in the electronics, semiconductor, circuit board, pharmaceutical, medical, and food and beverage industries; Industrial boilers; Industrial cooking ovens; Industrial cooling apparatus, namely, compax coolers; Industrial deep fryers; Industrial dehumidifiers; Industrial dishdrying machines; Industrial dryers for heating and dehumidifying; Industrial electric oscillating fans for automatic cleaning of ceilings, light fixtures, ducts and other overhead structures exposed to fibrous airborne contaminants; Industrial furnaces; Industrial humidifiers; Industrial rice cookers; Industrial-water purifying apparatus; Infared radiators not for motors and engines; Infrared illuminators; Infrared lamp fixtures; Infrared lamps; Infrared lighting fixtures; Infrared radiation units for curing adhesives for use in automated manufacturing process; Infrared radiation units for curing adhesives for use in automated manufacturing process, namely, thermal spot curing systems; Instantaneous water heaters; Interior environment control system for commercial buildings, namely, heaters, ventilators and humidifiers all sold as a unit; Intravenous solution warmers; Ionisation apparatus for the treatment of air; Ionization apparatus for the treatment of air; Ionization apparatus for the treatment of liquids and gases for industrial, commercial or agricultural use; Ironing tables that generate steam for ironing; Irrigation solution warmers; Irrigation spray nozzles; Irrigation sprinklers; Japanese charcoal cooking stoves for household purposes (shichirin); Japanese charcoal heaters for household purposes use (hibachi); Japanese electric leg-warming apparatus for household purposes (electric kotatsu); Japanese kitchen furnaces (kamado); Jet nozzles for bathtubs; Kerosene heaters; Kettles, electric; Kiln furniture; Kilns; Kimchi refrigerators; Kitchen sink sprayers; Kitchen sinks; Klieg lights; Laboratory burners; Laboratory lamps; Laboratory ventilation hoods; Lamp bases; Lamp bulbs; Lamp casings; Lamp chimneys; Lamp finials; Lamp glasses; Lamp globes; Lamp mantles; Lamp reflectors; Lamp shades; Lamp whose light can be turned in all directions; Lamps; Lamps for festive decoration; Lamps for outdoor use; Lamps for tents; Lampshade holders; Lampshades; Landscape lighting installations; Lanterns for lighting; Laser light projectors; Laundry centers, namely, a clothes dryer combined with a clothes washer; Laundry dryers, electric; Laundry drying machines; Laundry room boilers; Lava rock for use in barbecue grills; Lava rocks for use in barbecue grills; Lavatories; Lavatory bowls; Lavatory seats; Lawn sprinkler systems comprising pumps, valves and filters; LED (light emitting diode) lighting fixtures; LED (light emitting diodes) lighting fixtures for use in display, commercial, industrial, residential, and architectural accent lighting applications; LED and HID light fixtures; LED candles; LED flashlights; LED flood lights and LED work lights for construction settings; LED lamps; LED landscape lights; LED light apparatus that clips on to a handbag, used to illuminate a handbag; LED light assemblies for street lights, signs, commercial lighting, automobiles, buildings, and other architectural uses; LED light bulbs; LED light engines; LED light machines; LED light strips for decorative purposes; LED lighting assemblies for illuminated signs; LED lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting applications; LED lighting systems, namely, LED modules, power supplies, and wiring; LED lights for strings, flowers, branches and other ornamental decorations; LED luminaires; LED mood lights; LED safety lamps; LED strobe lights to be placed on public safety vehicles; LED underwater lights; Light bulbs; Light bulbs for directional signals for vehicles; Light bulbs, electric; Light diffusers; Light Emitting Diode (LED) plant grow light; Light emitting diodes (LEDs) incorporated into metallic and adhesive plastic reflector film for illuminating transparent balloons and similar products; Light post luminaires; Light reflectors; Light shades; Light shields for attachment to vehicle interior dome lights that narrow the path of light to passenger compartment for reading purposes; Lightbulbs; Lighted disco balls; Lighted outdoor holiday sculptures and wire frame statues; Lighted party-themed decorations, electric light decorative strings; Lighting apparatus for sports arenas; Lighting apparatus for theatres, clubs and discotheques; Lighting apparatus for vehicles; Lighting apparatus, namely, lighting installations; Lighting devices for showcases; Lighting devices for theatrical productions; Lighting fixtures; Lighting fixtures for use in parking decks and garages; Lighting fixtures for use in parking lots and walkways; Lighting fixtures that integrate natural daylight and fluorescent lighting into the fixture; Lighting fixtures with motion detection; Lighting installations; Lighting installations for air vehicles; Lighting installations for vehicles; Lighting system for use during surgery comprising a lens module, an adjustable conduit for supporting a fiber optic cable operatively attached to the lens module and a mounting bracket; Lighting tracks; Lighting tubes; Lights for firearms; Lights for illuminating stairs, doors and other portions of buildings; Lights for use in growing plants; Lights for use in illuminating signs and displays; Lights for vehicles; Lights, electric, for Christmas trees; Limestone calcination machines; Liquid flow regulating apparatus, namely, hydraulic compensators; Locally induced air-conditioners; Luminaire refractors; Luminaires, using light emitting diodes (LEDs) as a light source, for street or roadway lighting; Luminaries; Luminous house numbers; Luminous tubes for lighting; Machine that generates purified water from the atmosphere and simultaneously purifies the air; Magnesium filaments for lighting; Magnetic water treatment apparatus; Magnifying lamps; Malt roasters; Manually-operated plumbing valves; Marine sewage holding tank vent filters; Marine sewage holding tanks; Mechanized livestock waterers; Melting furnaces; Membrane filter cartridges for the separation of biomolecules in biopharmaceutical production; Mercury lamps; Metal cylindrical chamber and screen for use in filtering and removing settleable solids from liquid; Metal reclaimer, namely, a foundry crucible for reclaiming metal from dross during processing; Microwavable heating pads not for medical purposes; Microwave heaters for sealing containers and joining ceramic parts; Microwave ovens; Microwave ovens; Microwave ovens for cooking; Microwave ovens for household purposes; Microwave ovens for industrial purposes; Microwave ovens for industrial use; Milk cooling installations; Milk sterilizers; Miniature accent lights for attachment to the body and/or sports equipment to provide accent lighting to parts of the body and/or the sports equipment to which it is attached; Miniature light bulbs; Minibars; Misting booth for applying sun block onto the body; Misting systems for outdoor cooling; Mixer faucets for water pipes; Mixer taps for water pipes; Mobile light towers; Mobile restroom units featuring incorporated tow trailers; Modular counters for refrigerating, heating and chilling foods; Modular insulated panels and doors for walk-in refrigerated enclosures, environmental cooling rooms and freezers; Motorcycle headlamps; Motorcycle lights; Multi-purpose, electric countertop food preparation apparatus for cooking, baking, broiling, roasting, toasting, searing, browning, barbecuing and grilling food; Multicookers; Multiple position bath seats; Nail drying machines for beauty salons; Nitrogen-generation equipment and components, namely, nitrogen generators and associated nozzles sold as a unit; Non-electric air diffusers comprised of a wick in a container used to emit scent when lit sold without scented oil; Non-electric pocket warmers, namely, chemically-activated heating packets for warming hands; Non-mechanized livestock watering units; Non-medicinal microwavable organic hot and cold breast packs for breastfeeding women; Nuclear generators; Nuclear power plants; Nuclear reactors; Nuclear reactors; Oil cooking stoves; Oil lamps; Oil lanterns; Oil purifying installations; Oil stoves; Oil-free electric fryers; Optical lens covers that improve light output and uniformity and protect the LED, sold as a feature of an LED lighting system; Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) lighting devices; Ornamental decorations specially adapted for affixation to chandeliers; Ornamental fountains; Outdoor cookers for curing food; Outdoor lighted Christmas-themed ornaments; Outdoor lighting, namely, paver lights; Outdoor portable lighting products, namely, headlamps; Oven gas igniters; Oven ventilator hoods; Overhead lamps; Oxygen concentrators for use with fuel cells used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and power systems for buildings; Oxygen generator based on thermal decomposition of oxygen rich salts; Oxygen generator for processing water by increasing oxygen content in the water; Oxyhydrogen burners; Ozone and hydroxyl radical sanitizers for sanitizing the food zone of an ice maker in commercial ice machines; Ozone generators that kill mold and mildew; Ozone sanitizers for air and water; Parabolic mirrors designed for the collection of solar energy; Parts for heating and air conditioning systems, namely, heater cores and gas coolers for vehicles; Pavement heating apparatus; Peltier cooling and heating apparatus; Pen lights; Pendant lighting fixtures; Personal cooling and misting mats for use alone or with outdoor chairs and lounges; Personal cooling system comprising tubing, a coolant source and temperature controls that may be incorporated into a garment; Photovoltaic-based power plants; Pipe freezing unit comprised of cooling aggregate with refrigerant hoses and deep freezer heads; Pipe heating tape; Pipes being parts of sanitary facilities; Pipes for heating boilers; Plate warmers; Plumbing fitting, namely, vacuum release safety valve for flow shutoff in pools and spas; Plumbing fittings, namely, aerators for faucets; Plumbing fittings, namely, baffles; Plumbing fittings, namely, bibbs; Plumbing fittings, namely, cocks; Plumbing fittings, namely, couplers; Plumbing fittings, namely, drains; Plumbing fittings, namely, faucet filters; Plumbing fittings, namely, fresh water fills for recreational vehicles; Plumbing fittings, namely, shower control valves; Plumbing fittings, namely, sink strainers; Plumbing fittings, namely, spouts; Plumbing fittings, namely, traps; Plumbing fittings, namely, tub control valves; Plumbing fittings, namely, valves; Plumbing fixtures, namely, shower mixers; Plumbing fixtures, namely, shower sprayers; Plumbing fixtures, namely, sink sprayers; Plumbing fixtures, namely, sink traps; Plumbing supplies, namely, sink strainers; Pocket mobile male urine collection device comprised of a plastic bag filled with a gelling agent that solidifies urine on contact; Pocket search lights; Pocket searchlights; Pool skimmer diverter; Portable battery-operated lights that can be placed on surfaces where other light sources are unavailable; Portable bidets; Portable electric fans; Portable electric foot baths; Portable electric heaters; Portable electric household appliance used to kill bacteria and viruses on food; Portable electric warm air dryer; Portable evaporative air coolers; Portable fire pits; Portable foot baths; Portable foot baths for use in pedicure salons and day spas; Portable non-metal, pre-assembled, insulated buildings used solely for cooling purposes; Portable paper lanterns (chochin); Portable refrigerated rooms; Portable refrigerators; Portable showers; Portable stoves; Portable thermal self-heating pouch for the purpose of heating food; Portable thermoelectric cooling and heating unit for food and beverages; Portable toilets; Portable urinals for outdoor activities; Portable utility lights; Power plants; Power-operated vaporizers for household purposes; Power-operated vaporizers for industrial or commercial purposes; Powered coffee, seed and cocoa bean roasters; Pressure cookers, electric; Pressure cooking saucepans, electric; Pressure regulators for gas installations; Pressure regulators for sanitary installations; Pressure regulators for water installations; Pressure-activated pop-up water sprinklers mounted on non-metal fence panels and posts; Process chillers that provide temperature controlled fluid to various applications in the analytical, semiconductor, laser, plastics and packaging markets; Programmable electronic devices for setting temperatures and cook times which also feature recipes, sold as a component of gas cooking ovens, electric cooking ovens and electric deep fryers; Propane torch for clearing vegetation; Propane torches for heating roofing materials; Propane torches for melting ice; Purification installations for sewage; Quenching apparatus for heat treatment; Radiator caps; Radiators; Radiators; Radiators using visible light not for motors and engines; Radiators, electric; Radio frequency dryers; Rainwater purification installations; Range hoods; Range hoods; Reading light apparatus that attaches to a pair of reading glasses; Reading lights; Rear lights for vehicles; Recuperative thermal oxidizers for industrial air pollution control; Recuperators for chemical processing; Red LED flashlights for illumination purposes; Reflectors for vehicles; Refractory furnaces; Refrigerated beverage dispensing units; Refrigerated dispensing units for beverages; Refrigerated medical container for storage, transportation and cooling of medicines and pharmaceuticals; Refrigerated merchandise display cases; Refrigerated self-service cases, refrigerated self-service deli cases and custom fabricated refrigeration systems used by supermarkets and convenience stores to store and display food and beverage products and structural parts and fittings therefor; Refrigerated shipping containers; Refrigerating appliances and installations; Refrigerating cabinets; Refrigerating chambers; Refrigerating display cabinets; Refrigerating machines; Refrigerating machines and installations; Refrigerating or freezing showcases; Refrigeration equipment, namely, food and beverage chilling units; Refrigeration equipment, namely, rapid food chilling units; Refrigerator condensers; Refrigerator shelving, drawers, bins and trays; Refrigerators; Regenerative thermal oxidizer used to destroy airborne volatile organic compounds, airborne toxins, odors and other air pollutants from industrial operations; Regulating accessories for gas pipes and lines; Regulating accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes; Regulating accessories for water supply, namely, metered valves; Replacement components for automotive air conditioners, namely, driers and blower motors; Reusable capsules, not of paper and sold empty, containing a filter for use in coffee brewing machines; Rice refrigerators; Roadlights; Roasters powered by propane gas; Roasting jacks; Roasting spits for cooking ovens; Roof fans; Rooftop grease containment system comprising an exhaust fan, grease deflector, and filter for trapping grease vented from rooftop exhaust fans for cooking areas within the building; Rotary kilns; Rotisseries; Running lights for land vehicles; Safety accessories for gas pipes, namely, flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves; Safety lamps for underground use; Sanitary installations in the nature of steam rooms; Sanitizing apparatus for linens using ultraviolet light, ozone sterilization and low pressure techniques; Sauna bath installations; Sauna heater rocks; Saunas; Sconce lighting fixtures; Searchlights; Separators for the cleaning and purification of air; Separators for the cleaning and purification of gases; Separators for the cleaning and purification of liquids; Septic tanks; Sewage disposal plants; Sewage purification apparatus; Sewage purification installations; Sewage treatment plants; Shampoo basins being parts of sanitary installations; Shoe sterilizers for household purposes; Shower and bath cubicles; Shower bases; Shower control fittings, namely, escutcheons; Shower doors; Shower enclosures; Shower faucet extensions; Shower head sprayers; Shower heads; Shower mixing valves; Shower panels; Shower platforms; Shower screens; Shower stands; Shower surrounds; Shower trays; Shower tubs; Showerheads and components thereof; Showers; Showers and shower cubicles; Side-entry baths; Single lever fixtures for lavatories and sinks; Sink drainer system comprised of a drain tray, sink mount, kick stand and rod; Sink pedestals; Sinks; Sinks integrated into counters or countertops; Sitz baths; Slow-burning stoves; Slurry treatment units for stabilizing and sanitizing slurry; Smelting machines; Smoke generating machines for creating special theatrical effects; Smoke generating machines for use in beekeeping, namely, bee smokers; Snow-making machines; Soaking pit furnaces; Sockets for electric lights; Socks, electrically heated; Solar collectors; Solar collectors for heating; Solar energy based cooling apparatus; Solar energy receivers; Solar furnaces; Solar heat collection panels; Solar light fixtures, namely, indoor and outdoor solar powered lighting units and fixtures; Solar powered lamps; Solar reactors; Solar thermal air systems for heating purposes; Solar thermal installations, namely, solar thermal modules; Solar thermal-based power plants; Solar water heaters; Solar-powered all-weather lights; Solar-powered cooling units; Solar-powered heaters for use in swimming pools; Solid fuel burning stoves; Sous-vide machines; Spa surrounds; Space heating apparatus; Spark igniters for gas appliances; Spas in the nature of heated pools; Spigots; Spot lights; Spot lights for use on vehicles; Spotlights; Spouts for affixing on walls for baths, basins, bidets; Sprinkler heads for irrigation sprinklers; Stainless steel bottom grids specially adapted and shaped for use in sinks; Stainless steel wire baskets specially adapted and shaped for use in electric pop-up toasters to cook and retrieve toaster pastries; Standard lamps; Standing paper lanterns; Stands for electric lighting fixtures; Steam accumulators; Steam generating installations; Steam generators; Steam heating apparatus; Steam radiators for heating buildings; Steam superheaters; Steam tables for food serving and keeping; Steam valves; Steamers for chemical processing; Sterilization units for buildings in the nature of apparatus that floods a room or space with anti-bacterial gas that eliminates all bacteria in the room or space; Sterilizers; Sterilizers for toothbrushes; Stills not for scientific purposes; Storage heaters; Storm water filtering units featuring non-metal filtering booms and tendrils used to reduce bacteria and hydrocarbons in standing water; Strainers for plumbing drains; Strainers for water lines; Street lamps; String lights for festive decoration; Strip lighting for indoor use; Sun lamps; Suspension pendulums for suspension lamps; Sustainable onsite water recycling and wastewater treatment systems; Swimming pool chlorinating apparatus; Swimming pool drain covers; Swimming pool skimmer flow diverting weir for increasing the amount of debris drawn into the skimmer; Swimming pool water cleaning and filtering units; Tables designed to hold gas grills; Tactical flashlights; Tail lights for land vehicles; Tail lights for vehicles; Taillights for vehicles; Tankless water heaters; Tanning beds; Tanning booths; Tanning lamps; Tap water faucets; Tap-water purifying apparatus; Taps; Taps for washstands; Television studio lighting apparatus; Temperature controlled, refrigerated or heated mobile units for the storage and delivery of food products; Temperature-controlled concession dispensing equipment, namely, condiment dispensing pumps, hot topping dispensers and chilled product dispensers; Temperature-controlled food and beverage dispensers, and components thereof; Temperature-controlled portable insulated shipping containers; Theatrical stage lighting apparatus; Thermal oxidizers for industrial air pollution control; Thermoelectric cooler/heater for food and beverages; Thermostatic valves; Thermostatic valves as parts of heating installations; Thickening and dewatering machines for use in treatment of liquids including water, industrial effluent and sewage; Tire warmers; Tobacco roasters; Toilet accessories, namely, handles that are affixed to toilet seats; Toilet accessories, namely, plastic handles that are affixed to toilet seats; Toilet bowls; Toilet cisterns; Toilet conversion kits for converting a single-flush toilet into a dual-flush toilet; Toilet seat adaptors for children in the nature of a plastic device that is specially adapted to rest on a toilet seat; Toilet seats; Toilet stool units with a washing water squirter; Toilet tank balls; Toilet tanks; Toilet trainer seats, namely, smaller training seats for attachment to full-size toilets and toilet seats for training purposes; Toilets; Toilets for cats that are connected to household plumbing systems; Toilets, portable; Tools, components and supplies for use in making signs, namely, fluorescent, HID, LED and incandescent bulbs, lamps and fixtures; Tortilla presses, electric; Touchless hand drying apparatus; Towel steamers; Transport refrigeration units for trucks, trailers and shipping containers; Tub parts, namely, tub overflows; Tub parts, namely, tub wastes; Tub spouts; Turbine ventilators; Ultra-violet radiators not for motors and engines; Ultrasonic sterilizers for household purposes; Ultraviolet gel manicure lights; Ultraviolet lamps not for medical purposes; Ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes; Uplighters; Urinal screens; Urinals; Urinals; USB-powered desktop fans; USB-powered humidifiers for household use; Used oil recovery units; Utility lighters for lighting grills, fireplaces and candles; UV halogen metal vapour lamps; Valves as part of radiators; Valves being parts of lawn sprinkler systems; Valves for air conditioners; Vanity top sinks; Vehicle brake lights; Vehicle climate-control system for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning; Vehicle dynamo lamps; Vehicle headlights; Vehicle reflectors; Vehicle turn-signal light bulbs; Ventilating exhaust fans; Ventilating fans for commercial and industrial use; Ventilating fans for industrial purposes; Ventilating louvers; Ventilating, high-velocity fixed exhaust fans for commercial and agricultural use; Ventilating, high-velocity portable exhaust fans for commercial and agricultural use; Ventilation apparatus, namely, cordless floor drying cone dolly; Ventilation fan accessories, namely, grilles; Ventilation hoods; Ventilation hoods for laboratories; Ventilation hoods for stoves; Ventilation units for commercial food preparation and food serving; Waffle irons, electric; Walk-in coolers; Walk-in freezers; Walk-in refrigerators; Wall lamps; Wall lights; Wall water fountains; Warming cabinets for medical instruments, patient blankets and containers for medical fluids; Warming drawers for kitchens; Warming pans for beds; Wash basins being parts of sanitary installations; Wash-hands basins being parts of sanitary installations; Washers for water taps; Washing machine water treatment device connected to the cold water inlet to eliminate need for detergent; Waste disposal furnaces; Waste disposal incinerators; Waste oil heaters; Waste processing machines using heat and chemical breakdown processes; Waste water purification apparatus, installations and tanks; Waste water purification units; Waste water treatment tanks; Water bed heaters; Water bottle filling stations; Water closets; Water conditioning units; Water control valves for faucets; Water coolers; Water cooling towers; Water desalination plants; Water distillation units; Water distilling units; Water faucet spout; Water filtering apparatus; Water filtering devices, namely, water purification installations for waste water and sewage consisting of curtains and textile fabrics; Water filtering units for aquariums; Water filters; Water filtration and purification units and replacement cartridges and filters therefor; Water filtration apparatus for the deionization of water; Water filtration bottles sold empty; Water filtration pitchers sold empty; Water fountains; Water heaters; Water ionizers; Water purification and filtration apparatus; Water purification installations; Water purification machines; Water purification tanks; Water purification units; Water purification, sedimentation and filtration apparatus for clarification, thickening and filtration of water, waste water and industrial water; Water purifiers; Water purifiers for household purposes; Water purifying apparatus; Water purifying apparatus and machines; Water softening apparatus and installations; Water softening units; Water sterilisers; Water sterilizers; Water treatment apparatus, namely, clarification and thickening machines for use in treatment of liquids in the nature of water, waste water and industrial water; Water treatment equipment, namely, cartridge filtration units; Water treatment equipment, namely, chemical sterilization units; Water treatment equipment, namely, reverse osmosis filtration units; Water treatment equipment, namely, reverse osmosis units; Water treatment equipment, namely, ultraviolet sterilization units; Water treatment equipment, namely, water filtration units; Water treatment equipment, namely, water filtration units and reverse osmosis units; Water treatment unit for aerating and circulating water; Water-powered aromatherapy diffusers comprising a shower bracket used to emit scent during a shower and sold without scented oil; Water-saving aerators for faucets; Watering machines for agricultural purposes; Wet-cleaning drying machines; Whirlpool baths; Whirlpool jets; Whirlpools; Window-mounting air-conditioners; Windshield washer fluid heaters; Wine cellars, electric; Wine coolers, namely, refrigerated cabinets containing racks for wine bottles and storage shelves; Wood burning cooking stoves; Wood burning stove louvers, blowers, and dampers, and ash pans for wood burning stoves; Wood burning stoves; Wrist lights for illumination purposes
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011 - Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes. - Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes.
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013, 021, 023, 031, 034
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6 - Active
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