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Status: 602 - Abandoned-Failure To Respond Or Late Response
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602 - Abandoned-Failure To Respond Or Late Response
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4000 - Standard character mark Typeset
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Abrasive belts for power-operated sanders; Abrasive blast cleaning machines; Abrasive wheels for power-operated grinders; AC variable frequency drives that are used to control small and medium-sized motors in applications such as manufacturing processes, HVAC and pumps; Adhesive tape dispensing machines; Agricultural implements, namely, seed drills; Agricultural machinery, namely, combines; Agricultural machinery, namely, harvesters; Agricultural machinery, namely, tillers; Agricultural machinery, namely, windrowers; Agricultural machines, namely, cultipackers; Air brushes for applying coloring and the like; Air brushes for applying colour; Air brushes for applying make-up; Air compressors; Air distribution units for pneumatically driven pumps; Air filters for pneumatic controls being part of machines; Air hammers; Air screwdrivers; Air suction machines; Air-cooled condensers; Air-intake tubes and filters for after-market installation of automotive engines; Alternating current servo motors; Alternators for land vehicles; Animal feed drying machines; Anti-friction bearings for machines; Anti-pollution devices for motors and engines; Apparatus for aerating water; Asphalt mixers; Assembly line conveyor machinery; Attachments for vehicles, namely, grapple buckets and blades for moving earth and loose objects; Automated hydro-thrust cleaning units for pipelines; Automated wrapper in-feed machine; Automatic industrial labeling machines for applying labels to containers and bottles; Automatic looms; Automatic sprayers for electrostatic painting; Automatic vending machines; Automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus sold as a unit; Automobile engine valve covers; Automotive engine blocks; Automotive exhaust pipe; Automotive intake manifolds; Automotive service equipment, namely, brake flushing machines; Auxiliary power units for supplying electrical power; Auxiliary power units for supplying electrical power to heat and power generators; Aviation drive trains; Axial flow blowers; Axial flow compressors; Axial flow pumps; Bagging machines; Balers for industrial use; Ball transfer table units; Ball valves being parts of machines; Band saws; Barking machines; Barley press rollers; Barley splitting machines; Beam trolley for attaching hoists; Bearing brackets for machines; Bearing housings for machines; Bearing inserts for machines; Belt pulleys being parts of machines; Belts for farm vehicle machines; Beverage processing machines; Bicycle assembling machines; Bicycle dynamos; Bilge pumps; Bitumen making machines; Blades for power saws; Blanking presses; Blending machines for chemical processing; Blow torches, namely, gas operated cutting torches; Boat motors; Bobbins for sewing machines; Bobbins for weaving looms; Bookbinding machines for industrial purposes; Boring machines; Bottle washing machines; Bottling machines; Brake linings for machines; Brake linings other than for vehicles; Brake pads other than for vehicles; Brake segments other than for vehicles; Brakes for industrial machines; Brakes for machines; Bread cutting machines; Bubble generating machines; Bulldozers; Butter machines; Butterfly valves being parts of machines; Calcining machines for chemical processing; Can openers, electric; Canning machines; Capping machines; Car lifts; Carburetters; Cargo handling machines; Carpet cleaning machines, namely, carpet extractors; Carriages for knitting machines; Cartoning machines; Casting machines; Catalytic converter units for vehicle exhausts; Cemented carbide tips; Central vacuum cleaning installations; Centrifugal blowers; Centrifugal compressors; Centrifugal fan condensers; Centrifugal grinding machines; Centrifugal mills; Centrifugal separators; Centrifuges; Chain saws; Chains for conveyors; Chainsaws; Chasers; Cheese making machines; Chutes being parts of machines; Circular saws; Circular saws; Circulating pumps; Cleaning machines for aviation engines; Cleaning machines for power generation engines; Clothes washing machine featuring a wash cycle that circulates water over the balance ring on top of the clothes accomplished through a spinning basket during wash, which sheds water up the tub wall, over the balance ring, and on top of the clothes; Clutches for machines; Clutches other than for land vehicles; Coal loaders; Coal-cutting machines; Coffee extracting machines; Coffee grinders, other than hand-operated; Combine harvesters; Combustion chambers being engine parts; Combustion engine fuel nozzles; Components for machines and machine tools, namely, sand, chemical and reverse osmosis filters; Compressed air machines; Compressing machines; Compression moulding machines; Compressor cleaning machines; Compressors as parts of machines, motors and engines; Compressors for air conditioners; Compressors for dehumidifying machines; Compressors for recovering and recycling refrigerant gases; Compressors for refrigerators; Concrete construction machines; Concrete finishing machines; Concrete placing machines; Connecting rods for machines, motors and engines; Continuous metal casting machines; Conveyers; Conveyor belts; Conveyor belts made of wire; Conveyor lines; Cordless vacuum cleaners; Core drilling bits; Corn and grain husking machines; Corrugated paperboard making machines; Counter-current swimming machines for use in swimming pools to enable swimming in place against an adjustable counter-current, featuring pumps, motor, and adjustable current director outlets; Couplings for machines; Cranes; Crankcases for machines, motors and engines; Crawler-tracked loaders; Cutting machines; Cylinders for machines; Cylinders for motors and engines; Darning machines; DC generators; Derricks; Die-stamping machines; Dies for use with machine tools; Diffusers used in machines for wastewater and clearwater treatment; Dip-dyeing machines; Direct current motors; Disc brakes being parts of machines; Dish washing machines; Dish washing machines for household purposes; Dissolving machines for chemical processing; Distributors for vehicles; Document binding machines for industrial use; Door closers, hydraulic; Door openers, electric; Door openers, pneumatic; Drain jetters; Dredging machines; Drill bits for rock drilling; Drilling machines for metalworking; Drilling rigs; Drills for the mining industry; Drives for machines; Drives for motors; Drives for vacuum pumps; Driving chains other than for land vehicles; Driving devices for lifts; Dry-cleaning machines; Drycleaning machines; Drying machines and lines for web products, parts for the aforementioned machines, particularly recirculated air driers, inert gas driers, infrared driers, tempering machines and lines for web products, parts for the aforementioned lines, particularly calendars, low-pressure presses, high-pressure presses, double-belt presses, embossing and laminating machines for the production of hot and cold laminates, floor coverings, parts for the aforementioned machines and lines composed thereof; Ducted fans for motors and engines; Dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes; Dust filters and bags for vacuum cleaners; Dust separators; Dynamo brushes; Earth augers; Earth moving machines, namely, scrapers; Egg brooders; Egg incubators; Electric and pneumatic hoists; Electric arc welding machines; Electric bag sealers; Electric can openers; Electric caulking guns; Electric chain saws; Electric clothing pressing machines; Electric coffee grinders; Electric door closing system; Electric door openers and closers; Electric door opening and closing system; Electric ducted fan (EDF) engines, not for land vehicles; Electric ducted fan (EDF) motors, not for land vehicles; Electric egg beaters; Electric food blenders; Electric food grinders; Electric food processors; Electric fruit peelers; Electric fruit squeezers for household purposes; Electric generator which provides power for broadband applications; Electric generators; Electric generators and related equipment, namely, automatic standby electric generator sets; Electric glue gun applicator tips; Electric glue guns; Electric graters; Electric hammers; Electric hand-held drills; Electric hedge shears; Electric ice crushers; Electric ice crushing machines; Electric ice shaving machines; Electric jacks; Electric juicers; Electric knife sharpeners; Electric lawn trimmers; Electric machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing; Electric meat grinders; Electric milk frothers; Electric mixers; Electric mixers for household purposes; Electric motors for machines; Electric motors for toys; Electric nail extractors; Electric planers; Electric power generators for ships; Electric pulley blocks; Electric sanders; Electric sausage stuffers; Electric scissors; Electric ski edge sharpening tools; Electric soldering apparatus; Electric steam mops; Electric vacuum cleaners; Electric vacuum cleaners and their components; Electric wax-polishing machines for household purposes; Electric wax-polishing machines for industrial purposes; Electric welding machines; Electric whisks for household purposes; Electrical squeezers for fruit and vegetable; Electrically-operated brushes, being parts of machines; Electrically-powered kitchen appliance for dicing, mincing, slicing and chopping food; Electrically-powered textile printers; Electrodes for welding machines; Electronic feeders for animals; Electronic ignitions for vehicles; Electronic label printing machines for commercial use; Electrostatic generators; Elevating or lifting work platforms; Elevator belts; Elevator chains being parts of machines; Elevator gears; Elevator motors; Elevators; Embossing machines; Emission reduction units for motors and engines, namely, EGR valves; Emission reduction units for motors and engines, namely, catalytic converters; Emulsifying machines for chemical processing; Engine camshafts; Engine cylinders for vehicles; Engine exhaust system comprised of a particulate trap; Engine exhaust tips; Engine or motor mufflers; Engine parts, namely, contact points; Engine parts, namely, oil dipsticks; Engine rods; Engines and motors for model vehicles, aircraft and boats; Engines and motors for the generation of electricity; Engines for air cushion vehicles; Engines for model vehicles; Engraving machines; Enhancement parts for internal combustion engines in the nature of fuel treatment devices; Enhancement parts for internal combustion engines, namely, fuel catalysts; Envelope stuffing and inserting machines; Excavating machines; Exhaust manifold for engines; Exhaust pipes for land vehicles; Exhaust silencers for engines; Extensions for power drill bits; Extracting machines for chemical processing; Extrusion machines for plastic; Fan belts for motors and engines; Fans for machine engines; Fans for motors and engines; Felt milling machines; Fiber blowing and scutching machines; Fiber cutting machines; Filling machines; Filling machines and parts thereof; Filtering machines for chemical processing; Filters for motors and engines; Fish paste making machines; Fish-netting machines; Floating cranes; Floor buffing machines; Floor edgers; Floor polishers; Floor sanders; Floor washing machines; Fodder cutting machines; Fodder mixing machines; Fodder presses; Food chopping machines for commercial use; Food peeling machines for commercial use; Food processors, electric; Food slicing machines for commercial use; Forge bellows; Foundation work machines; Free-form forging machines; Front end loaders; Fruit presses, electric, for household purposes; Fuel filters for vehicle engines; Fuel injector parts for land and water vehicle engines; Fuel pumps for land vehicle engines; Fuel pumps for land vehicles; Gantry cranes; Gas compressors; Gas cutting guns; Gas generators for powering jet engines being a component part of jet engines; Gas turbine engines not for land vehicles and replacement parts; Gas-operated cutting blow pipes; Gas-operated welding machines; Gaskets for internal combustion engines; Gear motors not for land vehicles; Gears, other than for land vehicles; Generators for land vehicles; Generators for wind turbines; Glow plugs; Glow plugs for diesel engines; Grain husking machines; Granulating machines for chemical processing; Grating machines for vegetables; Gravure cylinder prepress system, consisting of a coater device for coating gravure cylinders with thermal resist material, computerized imager device with a laser imaging head for imprinting on coated gravure cylinders; Grinders; Grinding mills for chemical processing; Hair clipping machines for animals; Hair shearing machines for animals; Hand-held vacuum cleaners; Harvest drying machines; Hay binding machines; Head studs for engines; Headers as part of vehicle exhaust system; Heat exchangers being parts of machines; High frequency motor spindles with high frequency electric converters and power supply units; High pressure washers; High-pressure pumps for use in oil or gas well hydraulic fracturing operations; High-speed commercial nutcracking machine; High-voltage generators; Hoists; Hoists that are mounted on military and law enforcement vehicles for raising and lowering equipment thereon; Honing machines for metalworking; Hot adhesive guns; Hot melt glue guns; Hot metal adhesive glue gun applicators; Hydraulic conveyors; Hydraulic door closers; Hydraulic engines and motors; Hydraulic intensifiers being parts of machines; Hydraulic lift tables; Hydraulic linear actuators; Hydraulic power packs; Hydraulic pumps; Hydraulic torque converters; IC handlers, namely, machines for processing integrated circuits; Ice-resurfacing machines; Ignition wires for motor vehicles; Ignition wires for vehicle engines; Impact wrenches; Incubators for eggs; Industrial fluidized bed reactors (FBR); Industrial machinery, namely, electromechanical marking machines; Industrial mixer for mixing liquids in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries; Industrial photochemical reactors; Industrial surface treatment equipment, namely, plasma treatment systems comprised of a high frequency, high voltage generator, treating heads and nozzles and structural parts therefor; Injection moulding machines; Injection plastic molding machines; Intaglio printing machines; Intake manifolds for internal combustion engines; Internal combustion engine parts, namely, heads; Internal combustion engines for boats; Internal combustion engines for machine operation and replacement parts therefor; Internal combustion engines land vehicle parts, namely, distributor caps; Internal combustion engines land vehicle parts, namely, distributor rotors; Internal combustion land vehicle engine parts, namely, connecting rods; Intertillage machines; Inverter motors not for land vehicles; Involute grinding machines; Japanese style wooden clogs shaping machines; Jib cranes; Journal boxes; Juice extractors; Juice machines; Key making machines; Kiosks comprised of vending machines; Kitchen grinders, electric; Kits comprised of sandpaper sheets configured to fit power-operated sanders; Kneading machines for chemical processing; Kneading machines for industrial purposes; Knife grinding machines; Knife to aid in skinning an animal operated by an external power source; Knives, electric; Laminated leaf-springs being parts of machines; Lapping machines for metalworking; Laser welding machines; Lathes for metalworking; Lattice mast cranes; Lawn and garden tilling machines; Leather tanning machines; Leather-working machines; Leveling mounts for machines; Lifting jacks other than hand-operated; Linear motors; Lumbering band saws; Macerator pumps; Machine coupling and transmission components, except for land vehicles, and parts therefor; Machine couplings and transmission components except for land vehicles; Machine couplings and transmissions, except for land vehicles; Machine elements not for land vehicles, namely, ball transfer table units; Machine elements not for land vehicles, namely, shock prevention devices for machines; Machine for repair, polishing, buffing and scratch removal on optical discs, CDs, DVDs; Machine operated platforms capable of elevation above ground level and used for storage; Machine parts namely, flexible shaft couplings; Machine parts namely, millstones; Machine parts, namely, bearing inserts; Machine parts, namely, bus interfaces; Machine parts, namely, gear drives; Machine parts, namely, grindstones; Machine parts, namely, joints and joint parts for connecting sliding strips, plates and guides; Machine parts, namely, mandrels; Machine parts, namely, roller bearings; Machine parts, namely, wear plates and strips; Machine tools, namely, clamps for use in the precision clamping of work pieces; Machine tools, namely, rotary dies for cutting boxes for packaging industry; Machine tools, namely, vices for use in the precision clamping of work pieces; Machine wheelwork; Machine wheelworks; Machine-operated platforms for storing paper in printing presses during the printing process; Machinery for applying coatings ultrasonically to medical and industrial apparatus; Machinery for applying ultrasonic coatings to medical apparatus; Machinery for the mechanical recycling of synthetic resinous materials; Machines for blast cleaning a surface; Machines for cleaning surfaces using high pressure water; Machines for conveying solids; Machines for distribution of concrete, namely, concrete placing booms; Machines for flaking dried fish meat (kezuri-bushi making machines); Machines for manufacturing and dispensing packing material; Machines for manufacturing micro and non-scale structures by solidifying a fluid compound to conform to a shape of a mold; Machines for manufacturing orthopedic devices; Machines for manufacturing semiconductors; Machines for processing plastics; Machines for repairing shoes; Machines for separating recyclable materials; Machines for separating target materials from mixtures of materials; Machines for the production and processing of web products, and structural parts thereof and lines composed thereof; Machines for the production of mineral water; Machines for the production of sugar; Machines for use in the hairdressing industry, namely, automated battery-operated and electrically-powered appliances that cut, fold and dispense foil; Machines to seal in floor staining and floor polishing preparations; Machines tools for removing waste and trash; Machines, namely, crushers, impact mills, breakers, pulverizers, mixers and blenders and parts therefor, for industrial and commercial applications; Machines, namely, heat transfer presses; Machines, namely, sublimation heat transfer presses; Manipulators for forging presses and for forging machines; Material handling machines, namely, palletizers, case elevators, automatic pallet dispensing machines and automatic slip sheet dispensing machines; Meat and food grinder attachments for electric mixers for household use; Mechanical discharging hoppers; Mechanical engine parts for land vehicles; Mechanical lawn mowers; Mechanical presses for metalworking; Mechanical railed lifting conveyors; Mechanical seals; Mechanical spreaders; Mechanical spreaders for seed and dry lawn chemicals; Mechanized horse walkers; Mechanized livestock feeders; Mechanized shoe cover dispenser featuring powered components for covering a shoe with a shoe cover; Memory chip manufacturing machines; Metal drawing machines; Metal engine gaskets for vehicles; Metal forming machines; Metal valves used in cleaning machines for gas turbine and combustion engines; Metal working machines, namely, saws and cutters; Milk filtering machines; Milking machines; Milling cutters; Milling cutters for milling machines; Milling machines and grinding machines for the treatment of ceramics and metal; Milling-drilling machines; Mineral water making machines; Miniature electric motors for toys; Miso making machines; Mixing machines; Mobile fluid cleaning machinery; Motor mufflers; Motor starters; Motors and pumps for refrigerators and freezers; Motors for medical machines and apparatus; Motors other than for land vehicles; Motors, gears and drives for orientating solar panels; Motors, namely, alternating current motors not for land vehicles; Mounting fasteners adapted for exhaust systems for internal combustion engines; Moving walkways; Mufflers for motors; Mulberry leaf chopping machines; Multi-phase screw pumps; Multi-purpose, electric countertop food preparation apparatus, namely, a combination meat tenderizer and marinator, for household use; Nail pullers, electric; Nailing machines; Net hauling machines; Nitrogen oxide traps for exhaust systems being parts of internal combustion engines; Non-metal engine gasket for vehicles; Non-motorized walk-behind reel-type lawn mower; Nozzles for particle blast cleaning machines and structural parts thereof; Offshore rig pipe-handling machinery; Oil coolers for engines; Oil drain pumps; Oil field equipment, namely, drilling rig mechanization machines and devices; Oil filters for motors and engines; Oil hydraulic presses for metalworking; Oil pumps for land vehicles; Oil refining machines; Oil separators; Oil-water separators for pneumatic controls being part of machines; Ore treating machines; Overhead travelling cranes; Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting machines; Packing machines; Packing machines under vacuum; Paint sprayers; Painting machines; Paper bag making machines; Paper coating machines; Paper shredding machines; Paper trimming machines for commercial or industrial use; Parquet wax-polishers, electric; Particulate air filters for exhaust systems for internal combustion engines; Parts and attachments for weaving machines and for weaving looms, and weaving machine parts, namely, weft-yarn selecting units, warp-typing machines, hand knotting and splicing machines, cam motion machines for weaving looms, dobbies, Jacquard looms, Jacquard and dobby cads, selvedge and false selvedge apparatus for weaving looms, automatic exchange systems consisting primarily of warp and cloth beam and quick-style change loom harnesses, beams and beam flanges for weaving looms, reeds, reed cleaning and brushing machines, healds, heald frames, harnesses, temples, cones, tubes and pirns for weaving, pickers and lug straps, flexible rapier tapes, grippers for weaving looms, cutters for weaving machines, rapier machines, yarn feeders, weft feeders, yarn deflectors, warp stop motions, weft stop motions, weft accumulators, stands and creels for weaving loom accessories; Parts for compressed-air tools, namely, brakes, filters, hoses, pipes, couplings valves, switches, compressors, clamping tools and injectors; Parts for pneumatic blow guns, namely, inflator tips, inflator valves, valve adapters, nozzles, nipples, couplers, connectors and pivots; Pavement striping machines; Permanent magnet motors; Photogravure printing presses; Pile-drivers; Pile-extractors; Pipe clearing machines; Pistons for engines; Planetary gear motors; Planing machines for metalworking; Planographic printing machines; Plasma cutting machines; Plastic jet moulding machines; Plastic processing machines; Ploughs; Ploughshares; Plow blades for vehicles; Plywood clipping machines; Plywood drying machines; Plywood finishing machines; Plywood gluing machines; Plywood presses; Pneumatic air preparation equipment, namely, airline filters, lubricators, and regulators, all being parts of machines; Pneumatic controls for machines, motors and engines; Pneumatic conveyors; Pneumatic door closers; Pneumatic hammers; Pneumatic pipe-bursting machinery and auxiliary supportive devices used in the installation or replacement of utility pipe lines, cable lines, pipe tunnels and underground utility systems; Pneumatic pipe-ramming machinery and auxiliary supportive devices used in the installation or replacement of utility pipe lines, cable lines, pipe tunnels and underground utility systems; Pneumatic shears; Pneumatic transporters; Pneumatically operated tire inflation machine; Polishing discs for automated wet-polishing multi-head machines; Portable hoist systems; Portable saw mills; Positive displacement pumps; Powdered milk making machines; Power blowers for lawn debris; Power drill accessories, namely, non-electrical adapters for use in joining extensions and power drill bits; Power hammers; Power ice augers used in ice fishing; Power lawn and garden tools, namely, chippers; Power lawn and garden tools, namely, shredders; Power machines and attachments, namely, jack hammers; Power operated metalworking machine tools, namely, boring tools; Power operated metalworking machine tools, namely, milling tools; Power saw blades; Power shovels; Power tool parts, namely, collets; Power tools, namely, burrs; Power tools, namely, drill presses; Power tools, namely, end mills; Power tools, namely, hammer drills; Power tools, namely, reamers; Power tools, namely, silicone pistols; Power transmission belts for machines; Power transmission belts for machines, motors and engines used in industrial applications; Power washing machines for water washing of gas turbine engines; Power winches; Power-driven wrenches; Power-operated abrasive wheels; Power-operated blowers; Power-operated boat lifts; Power-operated coffee grinders; Power-operated floor burnishers; Power-operated grass/weed trimmers; Power-operated grinding wheels; Power-operated grinding wheels for optical lens grinding; Power-operated hand-held crimpers; Power-operated hand-held dispenser for attachment to liquid containers for use in dispensing liquids; Power-operated jacks; Power-operated lawn and garden string trimmers; Power-operated lawn and garden tillers; Power-operated lifting machines for moving drilling rigs; Power-operated lubricant dispensers for machines; Power-operated meat mincers; Power-operated nailing guns; Power-operated plumbing snakes; Power-operated potters' wheels; Power-operated rivet guns; Power-operated sharpeners; Power-operated shears; Power-operated spray equipment for applying thermoplastic road marking paints; Power-operated spray guns; Power-operated sprayers for insecticides; Power-operated staple guns; Power-operated tools, namely, drill hammers; Power-operated tools, namely, grinders; Power-operated tools, namely, lawn and garden edgers; Power-operated trowels; Powered hole openers used to enlarge holes in the ground; Powered tire changer machines for land vehicles; Precision machine tools, namely, hard metal tools, high speed steel (HSS) tools, carbide tools, ceramic tools, poly crystalline diamond (PCD) tools, and diamond-coated and diamond-uncoated tools, and hard metal tools, all for use in the cutting and forming of materials by others; Press dies for metal forming; Presses for chemical processing; Pressure regulators being parts of machines; Pressure switches and sensors for monitoring, controlling, and switching hydraulic or pneumatic systems being sold as a unit with manufacturing machines; Pressure washing machines; Printing machines for use on sheet metal; Printing plates; Printing presses; Printing presses for ceramic material; Propellers for wind-powered electricity generators; Proportional flow valves as parts of machines; Pulleys being parts of machines; Pump impellers; Pumps for the beverage industry; Pumps for cooling engines; Pumps for machines; Radiators for motors and engines; Radiators for vehicles; Ramie barking machines; Ramjet engines, not for land vehicles; Raw silk processing machines; Rechargeable hedge cutters; Reciprocating compressors; Reciprocating engines, not for land vehicles; Reduction gears being parts of machines; Reduction gears other than for land vehicles; Remote racking motors for engaging and disengaging electrical power circuit breaker; Reverse osmosis pumps; Reverse vending machines that automate beverage container recycling by accepting empty containers and refunding the deposit to the consumer; Reverse vending machines that automate the return of empty bottles and cans; Rice grain sorting machines; Rice or barley polishing machines; Rivet guns; Road building machines; Road making machines; Road rollers; Road sweepers; Road sweeping machines; Road sweeping machines, self-propelled; Robotic arms for industrial purposes; Roller bearings for machines; Rollers for rotary printing machines; Rolling mills; Rolling mills for metalworking; Root slicing machines; Rotary compressors; Rotary grinding machines; Rotary pumps; Rotary steam presses, portable, for fabrics; Rotating ducted fan motors, not for land vehicles; Rough rice separating machines; Roving machines; Rubber manufacturing machines; Rubber mixing machines; Rubber tracks being parts of excavating machines; Rubber tracks being parts of snow ploughs; Sand sorting machines; Sand-blasting apparatus; Sanding machines; Sausage making machines; Saw machines; Scissors, electric; Scraper to aid in skinning an animal operated by an external power source; Screw conveyors; Screw pumps; Sealing machines for industrial purposes; Semiconductor manufacturing machines; Semiconductor wafer processing machines; Servo motors for sewing machines; Servomotors; Sewage pulverizers being machines; Sewing machines; Sewing machines for household purposes; Shaft couplings for machines; Sheaf-binding machines; Shearing machines for animals; Sheet-inserting machines; Shovels, mechanical; Shredding machines; Sieves being machine parts; Sieves being machines; Sifting machines; Silencers for motors and engines; Silk screen printing machines; Silk yarn bundling machines; Silk yarn re-reeling machines; Silkworm egg washing machines; Silt pumps; Sliders for knitting machines; Slotting machines; Sludge pumps; Slurry blender machines for use in oil or gas well hydraulic fracturing operations; Soldering blow pipes, gas-operated; Soldering irons, electric; Sorting machines for chemical processing; Soy sauce making machines; Spark plugs; Spin driers; Spiral binding machines for industrial use; Splash guards for use in garbage disposals; Spray damping machines; Spray guns for painting; Spray paint systems comprised of pumps, pump controllers, nozzles, tubing and valves; Spraying machines; Springs being parts of machines; Squeegee blades specially adapted for use with floor cleaning machines; Stacking machines; Staged and segmented conveyors; Stair lifts; Stands for machines; Staple fiber cutting machine; Starters for motors; Starters for motors and engines; Steam engine boilers for power generation, other than for land vehicles; Steam engines; Steam pressure variation engines; Steam-operated power generators; Steamrollers; Stem crushing machines; Stone working machines; Strapping machines; Straw rope making machines; Street sweepers; Stropping machines; Submersible pumps; Suction cups for milking machines; Sugar making machines; Table saws; Tables specially adapted to hold powered machinery; Taps; Tarring machines; Tea leaves sorting machines; Tea processing machines; Teat cups for milking machines; Textile calendering machines; Textile scutching machines; Textile tentering machines; Thread milling cutters; Tilling machines for agricultural use; Timing belts for engines for land vehicles; Timing belts for industrial motors; Tips for paint spray guns; Tool grinding machines; Toolholders for metalworking machines (machine parts); Torque converters, not for land vehicles; Tractor towed agricultural implements, namely, corn huskers; Tractor towed agricultural implements, namely, disc harrows; Tractor towed agricultural implements, namely, harvesters; Tractor towed agricultural implements, namely, hay balers; Tractor towed agricultural implements, namely, manure spreaders; Tractor towed agricultural implements, namely, plows; Tractor-towed agricultural instruments, namely, bale forks; Tractor-towed agricultural instruments, namely, bale splitters; Tractor-towed agricultural instruments, namely, buckets; Tractor-towed agricultural instruments, namely, forks; Tractor-towed agricultural instruments, namely, root forks; Tractor-towed agricultural instruments, namely, silage forks; Transmission belts not for land vehicles; Transmissions for machines; Transmissions, other than for land vehicles; Trash compactors; Trench cutters; Trolling plate for propeller driven watercrafts; Truck mills; Tube conveyors, pneumatic; Tube motors for adjusting window blinds; Turbines; Turbochargers for machines; Turbocompressors; Typographic presses; Vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants; Vacuum cleaners; Vacuum cleaners for household purposes; Vacuum packaging machines; Vacuum pads for vacuum pump machines; Vacuum shredders for clearing debris; Valves being engine parts for introducing fuel-air mixtures into the combustion chambers of internal combustion engines; Valves being parts of machines operated pneumatically and by air; Variable speed drives for machines; Variable speed drives for use with fluid pumping systems; Variable speed scroll compressors for air conditioners and heat pumps; Vehicle body and frame alignment machines and structural replacement parts therefor; Vehicle dip sticks; Vehicle engine parts, namely, oil coolers; Vehicle engine parts, namely, oil tanks; Vehicle engine parts, namely, push rods; Vehicle engine parts, namely, rocker arms; Vehicle parts, namely, carburetors; Vehicle parts, namely, intake manifolds; Vehicle parts, namely, power valve for carburetors; Vehicle washing installations; Velocity stacks for engines; Vibratory grinding machines; Vibratory screen separators; Waste and trash separator machines; Waste compacting machines; Waste compactors; Waste crushing machines; Waste material conveying machines; Water aeration systems comprising water pumps, air compressors and air blowers; Water pumps for use in motors and engines; Water treatment equipment, namely, pumps for use in irrigation systems; Weeding machines; Welding apparatus, gas-operated; Wet decatizing machines; Wet-cleaning washers incorporating dryers; Wheel adapters for power-operated grinders; Wheel loaders; Wind-powered electricity generators; Windlasses; Window closers, electric; Window closers, pneumatic; Winnowers; Wire brushes for use in machines; Wire drawing machines; Wire extruding machines; Wire-coiling machines; Wood beating machines; Wood chipping machines; Wood drilling machines; Wood grinding machines; Wood planing machines; Wood sawing machines; Wrapping machines; Wreckers; Wringing machines for laundry; Yarn reeling machines; Yarn spinning machine; Yarn stretching machines; Yarn twisting machines; Yarn winding machines
Classification Information
International Class
007 - Machines and machine tools; motors and engines (except for land vehicles); machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles); agricultural implements (other than hand-operated); incubators for eggs. - Machines and machine tools; motors and engines (except for land vehicles); machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles); agricultural implements (other than hand-operated); incubators for eggs.
US Class Codes
013, 019, 021, 023, 031, 034, 035
Class Status Code
P - Partially Paid
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