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602 - Abandoned-Failure To Respond Or Late Response
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4000 - Standard character mark Typeset
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Advertisement columns of metal; Alloyed steels; Alloys used for casting; Aluminium alloy ingots; Aluminium foil; Aluminium wire; Aluminum alloy; Aluminum alloys; Aluminum composite tubing for use in the manufacture of bicycle frames; Aluminum foil; Aluminum foil paper; Aluminum recognition plaques; Aluminum tape used to join panels for use in wall, attic, ceiling and flooring applications in the building industry; Anchor bolts of metal for bridge connection; Anchors; Angle irons of metal; Anvils; Arbours of metal; Architectural metalwork; Armor-plating; Armour plate and armour plating; Armour-plating; Artificial fish reefs of metal; Automated pet appliances, namely, metal pet doors; Aviaries of metal; Bag closures of metal; Baling wire; Balustrades of metal; Bands of metal for tying-up purposes; Bar hangers and parts and fittings therefor made of metal for lighting fixtures; Barrel hoops of metal; Barrels of metal; Barricades of metal; Base metal alloys for use in the manufacture of cement equipment; Bed casters of metal; Belts of metal for handling loads; Beryllium; Beverage cans of metal; Bick-irons; Bicycle locks; Bicycle storage racks of metal; Bins of metal; Bird repellent spikes of metal; Blooms; Bolts of metal; Booths of metal for spraying paint; Bottle caps of metal; Boxes of common metal; Braces of metal for handling loads; Brackets of metal for building; Branching pipes of metal; Brazing alloys; Brick siding components, namely, metal track and metal clips; Bronze; Bronze holiday ornaments; Building boards of metal; Building materials, namely, composite panels composed primarily of metal; Cable junction sleeves of metal; Cable thimbles of metal; Cadmium; Cake toppers of common metal; Cans of metal; Capsules of metal for containing cremation remains or memorabilia; Carbon steels; Casement windows of metal; Casements of metal; Cash boxes of metal; Cashboxes of metal; Casings of metal; Casings of metal for oilwells; Cask stands of metal; Casks of metal; Cast iron material for railroad tracks; Cast iron, unwrought or semi-wrought; Castings, foils, powder, and rolled, drawn or extruded semi-finished articles of lead or its alloys; Castings, foils, powder, and rolled, drawn or extruded semi-finished articles of nickel or its alloys; Castings, foils, powder, and rolled, drawn or extruded semi-finished articles of tin or its alloys; Chain hoist used for lifting and rigging; Chicken-houses of metal; Chimney cowls of metal; Chimney pots of metal; Chimney shafts of metal; Chrome iron; Clad steel plates and sheets; Cladding of metal for construction and building; Clevis fasteners of metal; Clips of metal for tubes; Clothes hooks of metal; Cobalt ores; Coffin fittings of metal; Collapsible tubes of metal; Collars of metal for fastening pipes; Common metal bands for the identification of pet animals; Common metal powders used in manufacturing; Common metal pulls; Common metals in foil form; Common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; Construction elements made of metal, namely, braces; Construction elements made of metal, namely, fabricated metal components for building foundations; Construction elements made of metal, namely, supports; Construction materials, namely, metal toilet partitions; Containers of metal for chemicals, compressed gases and liquids; Containers of metal for compressed gas; Containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; Containers of metal for liquid fertilizers; Containers of metal for liquid fuel; Containers of metal for liquid gas; Containers of metal for stock feed; Containers of metal for storing acids; Containment systems for large scale liquid spills or releases, namely, berms made of metal; Copper alloys; Copper ingots; Copper, unwrought or semi-wrought; Cotter pins of metal; Cotters made of metal; Counterweight arbor assembly in the nature of a framework with weights in it made primarily of metal and also sometimes including non-metal parts for providing a counterweight for use assisting with the manually powered lifting by means of ropes, cables and/or chains of theatrical objects during the performance of theatrical productions; Couplings of metal for chains; Crash barriers of metal for roads; Crayfish traps of metal; Crucibles of common metal and their alloys; Custom engraved metal medical information identification cards, tags, bracelets and necklaces, not magnetically encoded and not to function as jewelry; Decorative boxes made of non-precious metal; Decorative centerpieces of common metal; Decorative metal mailbox covers; Decorative metal profiles for use in further manufacture; Decorative metal sheets consisting of an aluminum or steel substrate and a printed finish to add design; Desktop statuary made of non-precious metal; Dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal; Diving boards of metal; Door closers of metal, non-electric; Door fasteners of metal; Door knockers of metal; Door stops of metal; Doors and windows of metal; Doors made primarily of aluminum and also including glass; Doors of metal for indoor use; Doorway barriers made of metal; Drill pipe attachments, namely, metal drill collars; Drywall corner bead of metal; Ducts and pipes of metal for central heating installations; Ducts of metal for ventilating and air conditioning installations; Ducts of metal for ventilating installations; Ducts of metal, for central heating installations; Elbows of metal for pipes; Elbows of metal for pipes including those from alloy steel and titanium; Exterior metal shutters for building; Eye bolts; Fasteners of metal for casement windows; Fasteners, namely, metal bars and chains; Ferrotitanium; Ferrules of metal for canes and walking-sticks; Figurines made of imitation gold; Filings of metal; Fire-dogs; Fish cages of metal for commercial use; Fitted liners for metal baskets; Fittings of metal for coffins; Fittings of metal for compressed air hoses; Fittings of metal for furniture; Fittings of metal for windows; Fixed dispensers of metal for cellulose wipes; Fixed dispensers of metal for pet waste bags; Fixed metal docks; Flexible metal foils packaging materials for use in the manufacture of pouches, bags and lids; Floating docks of metal, for mooring boats; Floating metal docks; Floor panels of metal; Floor tiles of metal; Foundry chill-molds; Frames of metal for building; Frameworks of metal; Furniture fittings of metal, namely, drawer slides; Galena ores; Galvanized steel clip with molded rubber used to attach drywall to walls or ceilings; Galvanized steel sheets; Gate hardware, namely, metal gate latches; Gates of metal; General purpose metal storage bins; General purpose metal storage containers; General purpose metal storage units; German silver; Girders of metal; Gratings of metal; Grave slabs of metal; Greenhouses of metal, transportable; Grinding beads of common metal for use in wet milling; Guard rails of metal; Gutter pipes of metal; Gutters of metal; Hafnium; Handcuffs; Handrails of metal; Hangers in the nature of metal hooks used to hang a purse or bag from a table; Hard solder; Hardware, namely, metal brackets for general use; Hardware, namely, white metal pins; Hat-hanging hooks of metal; Hinges of metal; Holder in the nature of a portable, flexible arm composed primarily of metal with a pressure lock system having the ability to attach to most flat surfaces and used to hold various household-related appliances during use; Holiday ornaments of common metal; Hooks of metal for clothes rails; Hooks of metal for roofing slates; Hoppers of metal, non-mechanical; Hose hangers of metal; House numbers of metal, non-luminous; Identification tags of metal; Industrial packaging containers of metal; Industrial water tanks of metal; Ingots of common metal; Insect screens of metal; Internal floating lids of aluminium for use with gas or liquefied gas storage tanks; Iron and steel for use as raw materials for automobile parts; Iron ores; Iron slabs; Iron strip; Iron wire; Iron, unwrought or semi-wrought; Irons and steels; Jalousies of metal; Joists of iron or steel; Knife handles of metal; Knobs of metal; Latch bars of metal; Latches of metal; Laths of metal; Latticework of metal; Lead and its alloys; Lead ingots; Letter boxes of metal; Limonite; Linings of metal for building purposes; Liquefied gas storage tanks of metal; Lobster traps of metal; Lock cylinders of metal; Lock installation kit consisting of metal lock, screws, hinges, and a screwdriver; Locks of metal, other than electric; Low copper carbon-steel scraps; Machine belt fasteners of metal; Magnesium and its alloys; Magnesium ingots; Magnet wire, namely, copper or aluminum wire covered with thin insulation for use in the manufacture of electric and electronic apparatus; Manganese; Manganese ores; Manifolds of metal for pipelines; Masts of metal; Materials of metal for railway construction; Mechanical fastening elements of metal; Medical grade wire for use in the manufacture of medical devices; Metal adapters for use with hydraulic and pneumatic systems; Metal alloys for further manufacturing; Metal alloys for use in the manufacture of metal sputtering targets; Metal animal shelters; Metal axe spacers; Metal bag handles; Metal ball lock pins; Metal bank vaults; Metal barrels; Metal barriers for pedestrian traffic control; Metal bars for further manufacture; Metal bed fittings; Metal bells; Metal beverage cans; Metal bicycle locks; Metal bicycle storage racks; Metal billets; Metal bins; Metal bird baths; Metal bollards; Metal bolts; Metal braces for handling loads; Metal brackets for use in the construction and assembly of decking; Metal brads; Metal building materials, namely, ceiling boards and floor boards; Metal butane fuel canisters sold empty; Metal cabinet door catches; Metal cabinet stops; Metal canopies; Metal cans, sold empty; Metal caps for bottles; Metal cash boxes; Metal cash deposit boxes; Metal ceiling panels; Metal chainlink fences; Metal chainlink fencing; Metal chains; Metal chests; Metal chimney caps; Metal clad pipes; Metal cladding for construction and building; Metal clamp-type fasteners for holding in place curtains, tarps, canvas, cloth and film covering material; Metal clapboard; Metal clips for general use; Metal closures for containers; Metal conduit; Metal connectors for decking and decking joists; Metal construction materials, namely, exhaust vent hoses for external ventilation of furnaces, heaters, stoves and boilers; Metal containers for compressed gas or liquid air; Metal containers for liquid fuel; Metal containers for the storage and transportation of goods; Metal couplings for fire hoses; Metal couplings for use with hydraulic and pneumatic systems; Metal cove bases; Metal curtain walls; Metal cylinders for compressed gas or liquids, sold empty; Metal decking; Metal depository housing sold empty that may be used to contain photographic and computer components; Metal dock cleats; Metal dog tags; Metal door bolts; Metal door frames for refrigerating rooms; Metal door hardware, namely, keys and key cylinders; Metal door kick plates; Metal door latches; Metal door panels; Metal door units; Metal door viewers; Metal downspouts; Metal drain pipes; Metal drawer trim; Metal drill pipes for use in well boring; Metal ear tags for livestock; Metal engine stands; Metal expansion joints for piping and ducting; Metal eye bolts; Metal fasteners for scaffolds; Metal fence stays; Metal fencing stays; Metal filtering tubes used to prevent storm water runoff pollutants from entering sewer systems; Metal flanges; Metal floor panels; Metal floor tiles; Metal flooring; Metal floors; Metal folding doors; Metal foot scrapers; Metal forgings; Metal forgings for turbines; Metal formwork tables; Metal garage doors; Metal garment hooks; Metal gate hooks and eyes; Metal gates; Metal gates and fencing; Metal gates and fencing panels; Metal gazebos; Metal greenhouse frames; Metal greenhouses; Metal gutters; Metal hand-operated electrical holiday light storage reels; Metal hardware, namely, carabiners of metal; Metal hardware, namely, general use wall and ceiling mounts for audio, video or computer equipment; Metal hardware, namely, nuts; Metal heating ducts; Metal hinges; Metal holders for signboards; Metal holders for signs; Metal hooks; Metal hose fittings; Metal hoses for agricultural use; Metal hoses for plumbing use; Metal hoses for swimming pools; Metal hydraulically-operated overhead doors; Metal identification bands for blood collection systems; Metal identification bracelets; Metal in-ground sewage and water run-off basins; Metal jalousies; Metal joinery fittings; Metal joists; Metal junctions for pipes; Metal kegs; Metal key rings; Metal ladders; Metal ladders for libraries; Metal laminated leaf-springs; Metal landscape edgings; Metal latches; Metal lawn edging; Metal letter boxes; Metal license plates; Metal lids; Metal lintels; Metal locks and keys therefor; Metal louvers for guiding light; Metal mail plates; Metal mailboxes; Metal mandrels, not being parts of machines; Metal marine hardware, namely, thimbles; Metal mats for use as load support surfaces in the construction industry; Metal mine drilling and working platforms; Metal money boxes; Metal mooring buoys; Metal mounting brackets for general use; Metal mullions; Metal multi-point locking system in a wood door; Metal nipples; Metal nuts; Metal ores; Metal packaging trays; Metal padlocks; Metal palisades; Metal panels in the nature of suppressors for preventing vortex formations in liquids; Metal pantile; Metal partitions for building; Metal pegs; Metal pet doors; Metal pipe clips; Metal pipe couplings and joints; Metal pipe fittings; Metal pipe fittings, namely, rosettes; Metal pipe muffs; Metal pipes; Metal pipes for liquid and gas transfer; Metal plant markers; Metal poles; Metal pontoons and structural supports therefor, used to support decking; Metal portable pier which extends from a shore line out over water; Metal portable staircases; Metal portable stairs; Metal pre-rinse, wash down spray nozzles for commercial and industrial use; Metal pulleys, springs and valves; Metal railroad ties; Metal ramps; Metal refuse bins for commercial use; Metal rivets; Metal rocket launching platforms; Metal roll shutters; Metal roof flashing; Metal roofing panels; Metal runners for sliding doors; Metal safes; Metal safety gates for babies, children, and pets; Metal sash locks; Metal scaffolding; Metal security lock cylinders; Metal self-aligning demountable snap fasteners consisting of press fasteners and press studs for use in attaching panels, hatches, floors and furniture in boats, motor vehicles, trains, aircraft and buildings; Metal shelf brackets; Metal shingles; Metal silos; Metal skid chains; Metal skylights; Metal sliding doors; Metal spacer brackets; Metal speed bumps; Metal stabilizers for ladders; Metal staircases; Metal stanchions; Metal step ladders; Metal stepladders and ladders; Metal stilt leg extension attached to shoes for extending the vertical reach of workmen; Metal stoppers for industrial packaging containers; Metal storage sheds; Metal storage shelters; Metal storage tanks and roofs therefor; Metal storm shelters; Metal storm water dry wells; Metal storm windows; Metal strapping or tie downs; Metal strong boxes; Metal supports for use as outdoor post foundations; Metal suspended ceiling systems comprising panels; Metal taps for beer kegs; Metal telephone booths; Metal tent pegs; Metal tent poles; Metal tent stakes; Metal thermowells; Metal thread adapters for use with hydraulic and pneumatic systems; Metal threaded fasteners; Metal tile trim; Metal time capsules; Metal tokens for use in vending or game machines; Metal tokens used for mass transit; Metal tombs and metal tomb plaques; Metal tracks for rail vehicles; Metal trim for buildings; Metal tubs; Metal tundishes; Metal turnbuckles; Metal vent cover for HVAC ducts; Metal wallboards; Metal weather vanes; Metal wheel clamps; Metal window casements; Metal window pulleys; Metal window sashes; Metal window shutters; Metal window sills; Metal window trim; Metal windows; Metal wire fencing; Metallic armoured doors; Metallic drain traps; Metallic fire doors; Metallic flanges; Metallic frames for sliding doors; Metallic pipes; Metallic substrate materials for catalyst; Metals in foil or powder form for 3D printers; Milk cans; Mobile boarding stairs of metal for passengers; Mobile boarding stairs, of metal, for passengers; Modular fabric covered buildings made substantially of metal; Modular metal pigsties; Moldings of metal for cornices; Molybdenum; Molybdenum bonded with other metals in the form of sheets, plates and foils for further manufacture; Molybdenum iron; Molybdenum ores; Monuments of non-precious metal; Mooring buoys of metal; Mooring cables of metal; Mouldings of metal for cornices; Muselets in the nature of wire closures for bottles; Nails; Nickel alloy ingots; Nickel ingots; Nickel-silver; Niobium; Non-automatic fueling nozzles; Non-automatic metal turnstiles; Non-electric cables and wires of common metals; Non-electric cables of metal; Non-electric multi-strand wire; Non-electric single strand wire; Non-electrical cables and wires of common metal; Non-ferrous metals and their alloys; Non-luminous and non-mechanical signs for roads of metal; Non-luminous and non-mechanical traffic signs of metal; Non-luminous metal beacons; Non-mechanical metal hoppers; Numberplates of metal; Nuts of metal; Ores of metal; Outer doors of metal; Paint spraying booths of metal; Pantiles of metal; Paving blocks of metal; Paving slabs of metal; Pegs of metal; Pergolas primarily of metal; Pewter figurines; Pig iron; Pillars of metal for building; Pillars of metal for buildings; Pipes and tubes of metal; Pipes of metal including those from alloy steel and titanium; Placards of metal; Plant hangers of metal; Platforms, prefabricated, of metal; Poles of metal; Poles of metal for electric lines; Poles of metal for electric power lines; Poles of metal for power lines; Porches of metal for building; Portable metal buildings; Portable metal free-standing barriers; Portable metal risers for performance groups; Portable metal structures with flexible covers for agricultural, commercial or industrial storage; Portable mobile metal office buildings; Portable skating rink structures, of metal; Portable trade show display booth made primarily of metal; Posts of metal; Pouch for holding water or nutritional liquids made of flexible foil; Poultry cages of metal; Pre-fabricated metal architectural columns; Pre-fabricated metal building assembly kits; Pre-fabricated metal pigsties; Pre-packaged kits containing metal hardware in the nature of suspension clamps, yoke plates and connecting links and electrical protection devices in the nature of insulators, corona rings, armor-rods and surge arresters, all of which attach or connect transmission conductors to high voltage electric transmission towers; Prefabricated aluminum ventilating ducts for installation in residential and commercial garage doors; Prefabricated buildings made substantially of metal; Prefabricated fabric covered buildings made substantially of metal; Prefabricated garages of metal; Prefabricated metal buildings; Pyrophoric metals; Railway points; Railway sleepers of metal; Razor wire; Recreational vehicle stabilization system comprised of a pair of adjustable metal tubing braces that are placed against each side of the vehicle frame and are connected with a chain and are tensioned with a chain tensioner; Refractory blocks of metal; Refractory bricks of metal; Refractory castable mixes of metal; Refractory shapes of metal; Registration plates of metal; Reinforcing materials of metal for building; Reinforcing materials of metal for buildings; Reinforcing materials of metal for machine belts; Reinforcing materials of metal for pipes; Reinforcing pins of metal for formwork; Removable metal safety swimming pool fencing and fencing gates; Rerolled steels; Reservoirs of metal; Rivets, cramps and nails of metal; Road signs of metal; Road signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; Rocket launching platforms of metal; Rockslide retention wire nets; Rods of metal for brazing and welding; Rods of metal for brazing and welding including those from alloy steel and titanium; Rods of metal for welding; Roof coverings of metal; Roof flashing of metal; Roofing of metal; Roofing of metal, incorporating solar cells; Roofing tiles of metal; Rope thimbles of metal; Rotating junctions of metal for pipes; Runners of metal for sliding doors; Safe deposit boxes; Safety deposit boxes; Sash fasteners of metal for windows; Scythe handles of metal; Sealing caps of metal; Sealing caps of metal for bottles; Secure metal storage sheds for tools, namely, a shed featuring an electronic configuration to monitor the movement of tools in and out of storage; Shaped metal manhole security barrier; Sheet metal; Sheet metal linings; Shutters of metal; Signboards of metal; Signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; Silicon iron; Silver solder; Silver-plated tin alloys; Single crystal source materials, namely, refractory metals; Slabs of metal including those from alloy steel and titanium; Slings of metal for handling loads; Small items of metal hardware, namely, high security locks and sheet metal plates primarily for the casino and gaming industry; Solar panel mounts made of metal; Solder balls; Soldering wire of metal; Spacer brackets of metal; Specially designed metal alloy discs, pendants and stickers for reduction of electromagnetic radiation from wired and wireless devices; Spring locks of metal, other than electric; Spurs; Stages for disc jockeys composed of primarily metal materials; Stainless steel strainers used in the commercial preparation of foods, beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and drugs; Stainless steels; Stair nosing of metal; Staircases of metal; Stairs of metal; Statues of common metal; Steel balls; Steel drums; Steel forgings; Steel frames for building; Steel in the form of sheets, plates, foils and coils; Steel masts; Steel pipes and tubes; Steel plates and sheets; Steel rails; Steel rebars, rods, and mesh used for strengthening and reinforcing concrete structures; Steel sheets; Steel wire sand-line cable used for bailing and swabbing wells, checking the depth of wells, cleaning out wells, and cutting paraffin buildup inside the wells; Steels in the form of sheets, plates, foils and reels; Storage pallets of metal; Straps of metal for handling loads; Street gutters of metal; Structural joint connectors of metal; Structure joint connectors of metal; Support bracket made of metal for attachment to furniture to support items to be kept in hands' reach, such as a pistol, remote control, flashlight, cell phone, or eyeglasses; Surveying equipment, namely, metal boundary markers for topographical use; Telegraph posts of metal; Telephone booths of metal; Tent pegs of metal; Tent poles of metal; Tile floorings of metal; Tin alloy ingots; Tin and its alloys; Tin bars; Tin cans, sold empty; Tin ingots; Tinfoil; Tinplate; Tins of metal; Tissue box covers of metal; Titanium alloy ingots; Titanium and its alloys; Titanium unwrought or semi-wrought; Tool and tool accessory trays made of metal sold empty and parts and fittings therefor; Tool boxes of metal; Tool boxes of metal, empty; Tool handles of metal; Towel hooks of metal; Transport pallets of metal; Transportable buildings of metal; Transportable greenhouses of metal for household use; Tree protectors of metal; Trellis of metal; Trophies made of imitation gold; Trophies of common metal for use as awards; Trophy columns of common metal; Tubes of nickel alloys; Tubes of stainless steel; Turnstiles of metal; Ultrafying inorganic metallic compound in liquid form for environmental remediation purposes; Underground tornado shelters made of metal; Uninsulated, non-electric wire; Unwrought steel; Upright signboards of common metal; Vehicle rescue apparatus, namely, metal cables used to affix between vehicles to pull a jammed or stuck door of one of the vehicles; Vendor booths made primarily of metal; Victorian iron gates; Wainscotting of metal; Wall linings of metal for building; Wall panels of metal; Wall tiles of metal for building; Water hose accessory in the nature of a plastic-coated steel cable having loops at each end that keeps a hose end straight when coupled to a spigot so as not to be damaged when the hose is stretched at a sharp angle; Water-pipes of metal; Weather vanes of metal; Wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal; Window casings of metal; Window fasteners of metal; Window sash replacement systems comprised of metal window sashes and jamb liners; Window sashes of metal; Wire; Wire cloth; Wire fences; Wire gauze; Wire of common metal; Wire rope; Works of art of common metal; Works of art of non-precious metal; Wrapping or binding bands of metal; Wrought iron decorative artwork; Zinc ingots; Zinc ores; Zirconium; Zirconium ores
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006 - Common metals and their alloys; metal building materials; transportable buildings of metal; materials of metal for railway tracks; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes; goods of common metal not included in other classes; ores. - Common metals and their alloys; metal building materials; transportable buildings of metal; materials of metal for railway tracks; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes; goods of common metal not included in other classes; ores.
US Class Codes
002, 012, 013, 014, 023, 025, 050
Class Status Code
6 - Active
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