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Status: 602 - Abandoned-Failure To Respond Or Late Response
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Serial Number
Word Mark
602 - Abandoned-Failure To Respond Or Late Response
Status Date
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Mark Drawing
3000 - Illustration: Drawing or design which also includes word(s)/ letter(s)/number(s) Typeset
Design Searches
010905 - Atoms or molecular models.
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Indication of Colors claimed
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
Description of Mark
The mark consists of The mark includes an image of molecules and the word ''ALCOGRAN''.
Goods and Services
Apparatus and instruments for weighing;Floating fish weighing scales;Weighing apparatus and instruments;Weighing equipment, namely, scales and balances;Weighing machines;Weighing platters sold as a component of scanner scales;Weighing scales;Automotive measuring instruments, namely, water temperature gauges, air fuel/ratio gauges, boost gauges, vacuum gauges and exhaust gas temperature gauges;Computer-controlled apparatus for testing and measuring specify, e.g., radio frequency signals, concentrations of gas and liquids, audio signals;Coordinate measuring machines;Derived-unit measuring machines and apparatus;Distance measuring apparatus;Electronic detectors for observing and measuring the infrared spectrum, namely, infrared detectors;Electronic measuring device that displays a manual wheelchair user's propulsion activity, namely, number of pushes, distance traveled, speed, and cadence;Electronic-based instruments for measuring environmental parameters including humidity, mold, bacteria, air quality and water quality;Gas sensors for measuring gas concentration;Gasometers;Hourglasses;Instruments for detecting and measuring two-dimensional distribution of force and pressure;Instruments for measuring length ;Laser doppler for measuring purposes;Laser measuring systems;Lasers for measuring purposes;Length measuring gauges ;Level measuring machines;Measuring and control devices for air conditioning technology;Measuring apparatus for temperature and humidity levels in gases and solid substances;Measuring apparatus, namely, bevels;Measuring apparatus, namely, rain gauges;Measuring apparatus, namely, laser distance meters ;Measuring apparatus, namely, angle finders ;Measuring apparatus, namely, clamp meters for measuring electricity;Measuring apparatus, namely, sizers for indicate specific items being sized, e.g., rings, mouth guards, etc.;Measuring buckets ;Measuring couplings for measuring temperature, pressure, quantity and concentration of fluids in hydraulic or pneumatic systems;Measuring cups;Measuring devices, namely, fluorometers ;Measuring glassware;Measuring hoses for measuring temperature, pressure, quantity and concentration of fluids in hydraulic or pneumatic systems;Measuring instrumentation and apparatus, namely, digitizers;Measuring rulers;Measuring rules;Measuring spoons;Measuring tapes;Optoelectronic measuring devices for creating touch or gesture-sensitive surfaces that interact with computer and other technology systems;Pocket calipers for measuring;Pressure measuring apparatus;Research laboratory analyzers for measuring, testing and analyzing blood and other bodily fluids;Resistance measuring instruments ;Rheometers for measuring the viscosity and viscoelasticity of fluids;Scientific apparatus for use with membrane filtration, namely, water filter controllers and computer software for detecting and measuring water quality;Scientific apparatus and instruments for measuring relative DNA, RNA and protein and parts and fittings therefor;Scientific apparatus, namely, spectrophotometer for measuring relative DNA, RNA and protein;Scientific instruments, namely, electronic analyzers for measuring, testing and detecting contaminants and environmental pollutants;Scientific instrumentation for measuring indicate quality or attribute measured, e.g., weight, chemical levels in water, etc.not for medical use;Scientific instrumentation for measuring concentrations of chemicals in water;Scientific measuring instruments, namely, conductivity meters;Screw-thread measuring machines and instruments;Sensors for measuring indicate quality or attribute measured, e.g., distance, chemical levels in aqueous solutions, etc., not for medical use;Sensors for measuring concentrations of chemicals in water;Technical measuring, testing and checking apparatus and instruments for measuring, testing and checking the temperature, pressure, quantity and concentration of gas and liquids;Testing and measuring equipment for use in testing the performance and efficiency of power plant equipment;Testing equipment for measuring the temperature, pressure, position or form of workpieces in a machine tool ;Tire and tire/wheel uniformity machines for the purpose of measuring and correcting the uniformity of tires and tire/wheels;Tool measuring instruments;Wall-mounted rulers for measuring a person's height;Wheel alignment measuring apparatus, namely, roll test stands;Wheel alignment measuring apparatus, namely, rolling roads;Wire diameter measuring devices; Surveying machines and instruments;Abacuses; Accounting machines ;Accumulator boxes; Accumulator jars; Accumulators, electric ;Accumulators, electric, for vehicles ;Acid hydrometers; Acidimeters for batteries; Acoustic conduits; Acoustic couplers; Acoustic alarms ;Actinometers; Adding machines ;Aerials ;Aerometers;Electronic Agendas ; Air analysis apparatus; electric ;Alarm bells, ;Alarms *;Fire Alarms ; Alidades ;Altimeters; Ammeters; Anemometers; Animated cartoons;Anode batteries; Anodes;Answering machines; Antennas; Anticathodes;Anti-glare glasses ;Anti-theft warning apparatus;Armatures;Asbestos clothing for protection against fire;Gloves for protection against accidents;Asbestos screens for firemen;Automated teller machines ; Protective suits for -Aviators; Precision Balances; Balances; Apparatus and instruments for conveying, distributing, transforming, storing, regulating or controlling electric current;Apparatus and instruments for electrophoresis and mass spectrometry;Apparatus and instruments for weighing;Apparatus for adjusting headlights;Apparatus for analysing gases;Apparatus for automatic chromatography for laboratory use;Apparatus for broadcasting, recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images;Apparatus for checking flight parameters;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic cladding panels;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic roofing members;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic solar hybrid modules;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic solar modules;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, PVT (photovoltaic thermal) module;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic thermal hybrid module;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic thermal module;Apparatus for converting thermal energy to electrical energy, namely, thermoelectric converters;Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound and images;Apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of images;Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound;Apparatus for recording, transmission, processing and reproduction of sound, images or data;Apparatus for recording, transmitting and reproducing sound and images;Apparatus for recording and reproduction of sound, images or data;Apparatus for speech recording and replaying ;Apparatus for testing gas, liquids and solids;Apparatus for the recording, transmission and reproduction of sound and images;Apparatus for transmission of communication ;Apparatus for transmitting and reproducing sound or images;Apparatus for transmitting radio programmes and radio relay messages;Apparatus for wireless transmission of acoustic information;Apparatus that employs light concentrating optics to concentrate sunlight and to aid in the conversion of sunlight into electric and thermal energy; Balloons;Meteorological Balloons ;Bar code readers; Barometers; Batteries, electric;Batteries, electric, for vehicles; BLUEPRINTs; batteries for lighting; Battery boxes; Battery chargers; Accumulator jars;Beacons, luminous; Alarm Bells ; Signal Bells;Bells; Betatrons; Binoculars;Blinkers ; Blueprints; Fire Boats; Boiler control instruments; Encoded identification Bracelets, magnetic;Breathing apparatus for divers, namely, buoyancy bladders;Breathing apparatus for divers, namely, compressed air bailout units;Breathing apparatus for divers, namely, rebreathers;Breathing apparatus for divers, namely, soda lime cartridges;Breathing apparatus for underwater swimming;Self-rescue apparatus, namely, oxygen breathing units;Underwater breathing apparatus Breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; Bullet-proof waistcoats;Marking Buoys; Signalling Buoys ;Buzzers; Cabinets for loudspeakers ; Coaxial Cables ;Cables, electric; Fibre Cables;Junction sleeves for electric Cables; Calculators and calculating machines; Calibrating and quality control fluids for blood analyzers; Calipers;Camcorders;Cinematographic Cameras ;Cameras; Capacitors;Capillary tubes; Encoded magnetic Cards ;Carpenters' rules; Animated Cartoons; Cases adapted for photographic equipment; Eyeglass Cases;Cases fitted with dissecting instruments; Pince-nez Cases; Cash registers; Cassette players ;Cathodes;Cell phone straps;Central processing units;Eyeglass Chains ;Chargers for electric batteries; DNA Chips; Chips; Choking coils; Chromatography apparatus for laboratory use; Chronographs; Cinematographic cameras;Cinematographic film, exposed ;Circuit breakers; Circuit closers;Clinometers;Nose Clips for divers and swimmers;Time Clocks;Clothing especially made for laboratories;Clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire;Clothing for protection against fire; Coaxial cables;Choking Coils; Coils, electric; Electromagnetic Coils ; Holders for electric Coils;Mechanisms for Coin-operated apparatus;Coin-operated mechanisms for television sets; Commutators; Compact disc players; Compact discs ;Compact discs ;Comparators;Directional Compasses; Compasses;Computer game programs; Computer keyboards; Computer memory hardware; Computer operating programs,Recorded;Computer peripheral devices; Computer programmes,recorded;Computer programs; Computer software, recorded; Computers;Printers for use with Computers ;Condensers ; Condensers;Microscope condensers; Conductors, electric; Lightning Conductors ; Acoustic Conduits ; Electricity Conduits ; Connections, electric ;Connections for electric lines; Connectors; Contact lenses; Containers for Contact lenses; Contacts, electric;Containers for contact lenses ; Control panels ;Converters, electric;Copper wire, insulated; Counters;Acoustic Couplers ;Couplers;Couplings, electric ;Covers for electric outlets; Crash test dummies ;Crucibles ;Cupels;Current rectifiers; Cyclotrons;Darkroom lamps; Darkrooms;Magnetic Data media; Optical Data media;Data processing apparatus; Decompression chambers;Demagnetizers for demagnetizing ferrous metal objects;Densimeters; Densitometers; Detectors;Metal Detectors ;Smoke Detectors;Diagnostic apparatus for identifying refrigerant type and purity in automobile air conditioning systems ;Diagnostic apparatus for testing food;Diagnostic apparatus for the detection of pathogens for laboratory or research use;Medical diagnostic simulators for use as teaching aids for specify nature of procedures, e.g. endoscopy, laparoscopy, angioplasty, etc.;Testing sample collection equipment, namely, wipes and swabs for use in diagnostic testing, not for medical purposes;Diaphragms ; Diaphragms ;Dictating machines;Light Dimmers, Electric;Discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting;Compact Discs;Compact Discs ;Optical Discs;Disk drives for computers ;Disks, magnetic; Distance measuring apparatus;Electronic measuring device that displays a manual wheelchair user's propulsion activity, namely, number of pushes, distance traveled, speed, and cadence;Measuring apparatus, namely, laser distance meters;Sensors for measuring indicate quality or attribute measured, e.g., distance, chemical levels in aqueous solutions, etc., not for medical use;Sensors for the determination of temperatures, positions and distances;Distillation apparatus for scientific purposes;Distribution boxes; Distribution consoles; Divers' masks; Diving suits; DNA chips; Dog whistles;Dosimeters; Downloadable image files; Downloadable music files;Downloadable ring tones for mobile phones;Disk Drives for computers ;Drying apparatus for photographic Prints;Drying racks ;Ducts;DVD players; Dynamometers;Ear plugs for divers; Editing appliances for;cinematographic films; Egg timers ;Egg-candlers;Electric door bells;Electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; Electricity conduits;Electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; Electrolysers; Electromagnetic coils; Electronic notice boards;Electronic pens;Electronic pocket translators; Electronic publications, Downloadable;Electronic tags for goods; Encoded identification bracelets, Magnetic;Encoded magnetic cards; Magnetic Encoders ; Photographic enlarging;Epidiascopes;Ergometers;Exposure meters; Extinguishers; Eyeglass cases; Eyeglass chains; Eyeglass cords; Eyeglass frames; Eyeglasses; Facsimile machines ; Fibre optic cables;Cinematographic Film, exposed; Editing appliances for cinematographic Films ;Films, exposed;X-ray Films, exposed; Filters for respiratory masks;Filters ;Fire alarms;Fire blankets ;Fire boats;Clothing for protection against Fire;Fire engines; Fire escapes;Fire extinguishing apparatus ;Fire hose;Fire hose nozzles;Asbestos safety screens for firemen; Flashing lights; Flashlights;Floppy disks; Fluorescent screens; Diagnostic apparatus for testing food;Food safety monitoring devices, namely, specify the type of device, e.g., thermometers, alarms, etc.;Food timers;Frames for photographic;Transparencies;Frequency meters;Furnaces for laboratory use; Laboratory furniture; Fuse wire ;Fuses;Galena crystals; Galvanic batteries ;Galvanic cells; Galvanometers; Garments for protection against fire; Gas testing instruments;Fuel gauges; Gasometers measuring instruments;Gauges;Glass covered with an electrical conductor; Graduated Glassware ;Global Positioning System apparatus;Gloves for protection against accidents;Disposable latex gloves for laboratory use;Disposable plastic gloves for laboratory use;Diving gloves;Fire resistant gloves;Gloves for protection against accidents;Protective electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding gloves;Protective gloves for industrial use;Protective metal gloves for meat cutting;Protective work gloves;Goggles for sports;Grids for batteries;Hands free kits for phones; Head cleaning tapes ;Headphones;Heliographic apparatus; Protective Helmets ;Protective Helmets for sports; Riding Helmets ;High tension batteries;Holders for electric coils; Holograms; Horns for loudspeakers; Fire Hose ; Hourglasses; Hydrometers ;Inclinometers; Speed Indicators ; Water level Indicators ; Inductors;Integrated circuit cards; Integrated circuits; Interfaces for computers; Inverters;Ionization apparatus for scientific or laboratory use;Accumulator Jars ;Jigs ;Juke boxes for computers; Juke boxes, musical ;Junction boxes;Junction sleeves for electric cables; Hands free Kits for phones; Knee pads for workers;Clothing especially made for Laboratories ;Laboratory centrifuges; Lactodensimeters; Lactometers;Darkroom Lamps ; Magic Lanterns ; Optical ---); Laptop computers;Laser equipment for non-medical purposes; Leather protective covers specially adapted for personal electronic devices, namely, indicate specific device, e.g., cell phones, MP3 players, personal digital assistants, etc.;Lens hoods; Lenses for astrophotography; Optical Lenses ;Letter scales; Levelling rods;Levels; Life belts; Life buoys; Life jackets; Life nets;Life-saving rafts; Life-saving rafts;Light conducting filaments; Light dimmers, electric ; Traffic Light apparatus;Light-emitting diodes; Lighting ballasts;Batteries for Lighting ; Lightning arresters; Lightning conductors ;Limiters;Locks, electric; Logs ; Loudspeakers;Magic lanterns ;Magnetic data media;Magnetic encoders; Magnetic tape units for computers ;Magnetic tapes;Magnetic wires; Magnets; Decorative Magnets ; Magnifying glasses; Resuscitation Mannequins ;Manometers ;Marine compasses;Marine depth finders; Marking buoys; Marking gauges ; Divers' Masks ; Protective Masks ;Masts for wireless aerials; Measures;Measuring apparatus;Measuring devices, electric; Measuring glassware; Measuring instruments; Measuring spoons ;Mechanical signs; Megaphones;Meteorological balloons; Meteorological instruments; Meters;Metronomes; Micrometer gauges;Micrometers; Microphones; Microprocessors;Microscopes ;Microtomes; Mirrors;Modems;Money counting and sorting machines; Monitoring apparatus, electric ;Monitors; Monitors; Motor fire engines;Mouse ;Mouse pads; Juke boxes; Nautical apparatus and instruments; Navigation apparatus for vehicles;Navigational instruments;Needles for record players ;Neon signs; Nets for protection against accidents;Safety Nets ;Nose clips for divers and swimmers; Notebook computers;Electronic Notice boards ; Fire hose Nozzles ;Objectives; Downloadable mobile applications for recording field and crop observations related to pest pressure, tracking field conditions with GPS-enabled maps, and generating crop scouting reports ;Octants;Ohmmeters;Optical apparatus and instruments; Optical character readers; Condensers;Optical data media ;Optical discs;Optical fibers; Optical glass; Optical lamps; Optical lanterns; Optical lenses; Oscillographs;Ovens for laboratory use; Oxygen regulators; Ozonisers;Mouse Pads ; Parking meters; Particle accelerators; Pedometers;Peepholes for doors;Electronic Pens ;Computer Peripheral devices ;Periscopes;Personal stereos; Phonograph records;Photocopiers;Drying apparatus for Photographic prints ;Frames for Photographic transparencies ;Photometers ;Phototelegraphy apparatus; Photovoltaic cells;Apparatus and instruments for Physics ;Pince-nez; Pince-nez cases;Pince-nez chains ;Pince-nez cords; Pince-nez mountings; Pipettes; surveying instruments;Planimeters;Plates for batteries; DVD Players ; Plotters;Plugs;Plumb bobs; Plumb lines; Pocket calculators; Laser pointers;Luminous pointers;Polarimeters;Portable media players; portable telephones; Precision balances;Precision balances;Precision instruments for manipulation and positioning of microscopic objects;Precision theodolites;Pressure gauges; Automatic indicators of low pressure in tires; Pressure indicators;Pressure measuring apparatus; Technical measuring, testing and checking apparatus and instruments for measuring, testing and checking the temperature, pressure, quantity and concentration of gas and liquids; pressure indicating plugs for valves;Pressure indicators; Pressure measuring apparatus ;Printed circuit boards;Printed circuits;Printers for use with computers ;Prisms; Probes for testing integrated circuits ;Probes for testing semiconductors; Computer Programs ; Programs (Computer game ---) ; Computer operating Programs ;Recorded;Projection apparatus ;Projection screens; Protective helmets; Protective helmets for sports; Protective masks *; Protractors; Electronic Publications, downloadable;Pyrometers ; Radar apparatus;Radio pagers; Radios;Vehicle Radios ; Radiotelegraphy sets; Radiotelephony sets;Range finders;Bar code Readers ;Readers; Optical character Readers ;Audio-- and video Receivers ; Telephone Receivers ; Record players;Distance measuring apparatus;Reducers; Articles of protective clothing for wear by motorcyclists for protection against accident or injury;Articles of protective clothing with built in armor for protection against accident or injury for use in specify use, e.g., motorcycling, etc.;Boots for protection of medical worker's feet against injury caused by spills and accidents;Clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire ;Clothing for protection against accidents;Gloves for protection against accidents;Insulated clothing for protection against accident or injury;Nets for protection against accidents;Reflective mirrors to prevent accidents;Shoes for protection against accidents and fire;Refractometers; Refractors; Cash Registers ; Regulating apparatus, electric ; Illumination regulators;Relays, electric;Shutter Releases ;Remote control apparatus;Electric installations for the Remote control of industrial operations ; Electro- dynamic apparatus for the Remote control of signals (;Resistances, electric; Respirators other than for artificial respiration;Respiratory masks; Safety Restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment;Resuscitation mannequins;Retorts ; Rheostats;Riding helmets;Road signs, luminous or mechanical;Rods;Rulers ;Rules ;Saccharometers; Safety nets;Safety restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment;Safety tarpaulins ;Salinometers;Scales;Lever Scales ;Scanners;Asbestos Screens for firemen ; Screens;Screw-tapping gauges; Semi-conductors ;Sextants;Sheaths for electric cables ;Shoes for protection against accidents;Shutter releases ;Shutters;Sighting telescopes for firearms ;Signal bells;Optical lanterns; Signalling buoys;Scientific apparatus, namely, sensing and signaling devices for measurement and quality control of materials processing by laser;Signalling whistles;Signal conditioning and communication devices for industrial process control;Signal processors;Signal splitters for electronic apparatus;Signs, luminous; Simulators for the steering and control of vehicles;Sirens;Junction Sleeves for electric cables; Slide calipers ;Slide projectors ;Slide-rules;Slides ;Blank smart cards; Smart card readers;Smoke detectors;Sockets, plugs;Electrical plugs and sockets;Computer Software, recorded ;Solar batteries;Solderers' helmets;Solenoid valves;Sonars ;Sound alarms; Sound recording apparatus; Sound recording carriers ; Sound reproduction apparatus ;Sound transmitting apparatus ; Sound recording apparatus ;Sound reproducing apparatus;Sound reproduction apparatus; Sound and picture recording apparatus;Sound transmitting apparatus ; Spectacle cases ;Spectacle frames ; Spectacles; Spectacles;Spectacles and sunglasses;Spectacles, frames and cases;Sunglasses and spectacles; Spectacles;Spectrograph apparatus; Spectroscopes; Speed checking apparatus for vehicles;Speed indicators;Electronic measuring device that displays a manual wheelchair user's propulsion activity, namely, number of pushes, distance traveled, speed, and cadence; Electronic speed controllers;Speed regulators for record players ;Spherometers; Spirit levels;Spools ; Goggles for Sports ;Protective helmets for Sports ;Sprinkler systems for fire protection; Stands for photographic apparatus; Steelyards;Personal Stereos ; Stereoscopes; Stills for laboratory experiments; Sunglasses;Surveying equipment, namely, non-metal boundary markers for topographical use;Surveying chains; Surveying instruments ;Surveyors' levels; Switchboards ; Switches, electric ;Tachometers; Tape recorders;Magnetic Tape units for computers;Demagnetizers for demagnetizing ferrous metal objects;Electronic control circuits for use in demagnetizing magnetic chucks;Taximeters; Teaching apparatus ; Telegraph wires;Telegraphs ;Telemeters; Telephone apparatus ;Telephone receivers;Telephone transmitters; Telephone wires; Portable Telephones ;Teleprinters ;Teleprompters ; Telescopes;Sighting Telescopes for firearms ;Teletypewriters;Television apparatus;Automated Teller machines ;Temperature indicators ;Terminals ;Test tubes;Testing apparatus not for medical purposes;Anti-theft installations;Theodolites; Thermionic tubes; Thermionic valves;Thermometers, not for medical purposes;Thermostats ;Ticket dispensers;Time clocks;Time recording apparatus ;Tone arms for record players; Traffic-light apparatus; Transformers; Transistors ;Transmitters of electronic signals; Transmitters;Transparencies ;Transparency projection apparatus; Transponders; Triodes; Tripods for cameras;Electric discharge Tubes, other than for lighting;USB flash drives; Vacuum gauges;Vacuum tubes; Solenoid Valves ;Variometers;Vehicle breakdown warning triangles;Vehicle radios; Navigation apparatus for Vehicles ;Video cassettes;Video game cartridges; Video recorders;Video screens ;Video telephones; Videotapes;Voltage regulators for vehicles ;Voltage surge protectors; Voltmeters;Voting machines; Wafers; Bullet-proof Waistcoats ; Walkie-talkies;Vehicle breakdown; Warning triangles ;Water level indicators; Wavemeters;Weighbridges;Weighing apparatus and instruments;Weighing machines; Weights;Signal whistles;Wire connectors; Masts for Wireless aerials ;Wires, electric; Telephone Wires ;Word processors; Workmen's protective face shields; Wrist rests for use with computers ;X-ray apparatus not for medical Purposes;X-ray films, exposed;X-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes;X-ray apparatus not for medical purposes;X-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes;X-ray tubes, other than for medical purposes
Goods and Services
Abdominal belts; Abdominal corsets; Abdominal pads; Acupuncture needles; Aerosol dispensers for medical use; Aerosol dispensers not for medical use; Air cushions for medical purposes; Air mattresses, for medical purposes;Air pillows for medical purposes; Ambulance stretchers ; Anaesthetic inhalers;Cannulae for anaesthetics with receptacles;Apparatus for use in medical ; Analysis; Arch supports for boots or shoes; Armchairs for medical or dental purposes;Arterial blood pressure measuring apparatus; Medical device, namely, a device for measuring arterial blood flow in the eye;Artificial breasts ;Artificial eyes ;Artificial jaws ;Artificial limbs;Apparatus for Artificial respiration;Artificial skin for surgical purposes; Artificial teeth;Sets of Artificial teeth ;Babies' bottles;Babies' pacifiers ; Bandages, elastic; Bandages for anatomical joints; Orthopaedic Knee Bandages; Supportive Bandages ; Basins for medical purposes; Bed pans;Bed vibrators;Hydrostatic Beds for medical purposes;Beds, specially made for medical purposes;Belts for medical purposes ;Belts for medical purposes;Orthopedic belts;Electric blankets for medical purposes;Blood testing apparatus; Appliances for washing Body cavities ;Boots for medical purposes; Bougies;Breast pumps; Artificial Breasts ;Brushes for cleaning body cavities;Cannulae;Cases fitted for medical instruments ; Cases fitted for medical instruments and/or for use by doctors;Castrating pincers ;Catgut;Catheters;Obstetric apparatus for Cattle ; Commode; Chairs ; Air mattresses for medical purposes;Medical products, namely, therapeutic mattress support;Medical products, namely, therapeutic mattresses, beds, seats and cushions;Support mattresses for medical use;Clips, surgical;Clothing extension support devices for use during pregnancy for medical purposes;Commode chairs;Thermo-electric Compresses ;Compressors ;Condoms;Containers especially made for medical waste;Abdominal Corsets ; Abdominal corsets;Corsets for therapeutic use;Crutches;Tips for Crutches for invalids ;Cupping glasses;Cushions for medical purposes ; Heating Cushions, electric, for medical purposes;Cutlery;Defibrillators ;Dental apparatus;Dental apparatus, namely, intra-oral light systems;Dental apparatus, namely, apex locator;Dentists' armchairs; Dentures;Diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes; Douche bags;Drainage tubes for medical purposes;Draw-sheets for sick beds; Dropper bottles for administering medication, sold empty;Droppers for administering medication, sold empty;Eye droppers;Droppers for medical purposes; Ear picks; Ear plugs; Compression garments, namely, indicate specific items, e.g., compression socks, stockings, leggings, jerseys, vests, trousers, etc.;Elastic stockings;Elastic stockings for surgical use;Medical compression stockings and tights;Electric acupuncture instruments; Electrocardiographs;Electrodes for medical use; Enema apparatus;Electric massage apparatus for household use;Electric massage appliances, namely, electric vibrating massager;Foam massage rollers;Foot massage apparatus;Gloves for massage;Lactation massage bars;Massage apparatus;Massage apparatus;Massage apparatus;Massage apparatus and instruments;Massage apparatus for massaging indicate, e.g., necks and backs, feet, etc.;Massage beds for medical purposes;Massage chairs;Massage chairs with built-in massage apparatus;Massage mitts;Massagers in the nature of electromechanical massage mechanism for chairs;Vibrating massage mitts for pets;Artificial Eyes ;Feeding bottles; Feeding bottle valves; Feeding bottles; Medical devices, namely, radiation devices in the nature of ultraviolet, visible, or infra-red light boxes for counteracting the effects of viruses, bacteria and pathogens in the blood and blood components;Ultraviolet lamps for medical purposes;Ultraviolet radiator units for therapeutic purposes;Finger guards for medical purposes; Support mattresses for medical use ;Supports for indicate specific body part, e.g., ankle, wrist for medical use;Supports for indicate specific parts of the body for medical use;Supports for general medical use Fleams;Arch supports for Footwear ;Orthopaedic Footwear ;Forceps;Fumigation preparations for medical purposes;Furniture especially made for medical purposes; Gastroscopes;Gloves for massage;Gloves for medical purposes ; Medical Guidewires ;Hair prostheses;Hearing aids for the deaf ; Medical hearing instruments and parts of such devices; Heart pacemakers; Heating cushions, electric, for medical purposes;Hematimeters; Abdominal hernia belts;Medical devices and apparatus, namely, hernia mesh and components of hernia mesh comprised primarily of artificial materials, and parts and fittings for all of the aforesaid goods;Medical devices and apparatus, namely, hernia mesh comprised primarily of artificial materials, memory coil, a memory coil as a component of hernia mesh, and parts and fittings there for;Hot air therapeutic apparatus; Hot air vibrators for medical Purposes; Bed vibrators;Hydrostatic beds for medical purposes; Basins for medical purposes; Hypodermic syringes; Belts for medical purposesIce bags for medical purposes; Incontinence sheets; Incubators for babies;Incubators for medical purposes; Inhalers;Medical fluid injectors;Insufflators ;Invalids' hoists ; Artificial Jaws ; Orthopaedic knee bandages; Knives for surgical purposes;Lamps for medical purposes; Lancets;Lasers for medical purposes; Lenses for surgical implantation;Artificial Limbs ; Love dolls;Masks for use by medical personnel;Massage apparatus; Gloves for Massage ; Maternity belts ; Medical apparatus and instruments; Medical guidewires;Spoons for administering Medicine ;Microdermabrasion apparatus; Mirrors for dentists;Surgical mirrors;Needles for medical purposes; Nursing appliances;Obstetric apparatus; Operating tables; Ophthalmometers; Orthodontic appliances ; Orthopaedic soles;Orthopaedic belts;Orthopaedic footwear; Orthopaedic soles; Orthopedic articles; Orthopedic belts;Orthopedic footwear ;Orthopedic soles;Pacifiers for babies; Abdominal Pads ;Heating Pads, electric, for medical purposes;Pessaries;Physical exercise apparatus, for medical purposes;Physiotherapy apparatus; Ear Picks ;Soporific Pillows for insomnia; Castrating Pincers ;Pins for artificial teeth;Plaster casts for orthopedic purposes; Ear Plugs ;Probes for medical purposes ; Hair Prostheses ; Intraocular Prostheses for surgical implantation;X-rays, for medical purposes;Pulse meters;Pumps for medical purposes ;Quartz lamps for medical purposes; Radiological apparatus for medical purposes;Radiology screens for medical purposes;Radiotherapy apparatus;Body Rehabilitation apparatus for medical purposes;Respirators for artificial respiration; Resuscitation apparatus;Teething Rings ; Surgical saws; Scalpels;Scissors for surgery; Tongue Scrapers ; Incontinence Sheets ; Orthopaedic footwear;Slings;Orthopaedic Soles ;Soporific pillows for insomnia Sphygmomanometers ; Spirometers ; Medical spittoons; Finger splints;Splints;Splints;Splints for indicate use, e.g., arms, legs, fingers;Surgical Sponges ; Spoons for administering medicine; Sprayers for cleaning gums and teeth used in dentists' offices during dental procedures ;Stents;Sterile sheets, surgical; Stethoscopes;Elastic Stockings ; Medical compression stockings and tights;Strait jackets;Ambulance Stretchers ; Stretchers; Supportive bandages ;Supports for flat feet;Surgical apparatus and instruments; Surgical drapes;Surgical implants; bandages ;Suture materials ;Suture needles ;Syringes for injectionsSyringes for medical purposes ; Operating Tables ; Teats;Feeding bottles;Artificial Teeth ;Teething rings;Testing apparatus for medical purposes;Thermal packs for first aid purposes; Thermo-electric compressessurgery;Thermometers for medical purposes;Thread, surgical;Tips for crutches for invalids; Tongue scrapers;Traction apparatus for medical use;Trocars ;Trusses;Drainage Tubes for medical purposes;Ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes;Filters for Ultraviolet rays for medical purposes ;Umbilical belts ;Urethral probes; Urethral syringes ;Urinals;Urological imaging systems;Uterine syringes; Vaginal syringes;Feeding bottle Valves ; Vaporizers for medical purposes; Veterinary apparatus and Instruments;Vibromassage devices;Containers especially made for medical Waste ;Ice bags for medical purposes; Water beds for medical purposes ;X-ray apparatus for medical use;X-ray apparatus for veterinary use;X-ray apparatus for dental imaging;X-ray appliances for dental and medical use;X-ray CT scanners;X-ray diagnostic apparatus;X-ray photographs for medical purposes;X-ray tubes for medical purposes; Alcohol breath testing units, Health monitoring devices consisting of blood pressure monitors, thermometers and pedometers
Classification Information
International Class
009 - Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus. - Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus.
US Class Codes
021, 023, 026, 036, 038
Class Status Code
6 - Active
Class Status Date
Primary Code
International Class
010 - Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles; suture materials. - Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles; suture materials.
US Class Codes
026, 039, 044
Class Status Code
6 - Active
Class Status Date
Primary Code
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