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Status: 602 - Abandoned-Failure To Respond Or Late Response
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Serial Number
Word Mark
602 - Abandoned-Failure To Respond Or Late Response
Status Date
Filing Date
Mark Drawing
3000 - Illustration: Drawing or design which also includes word(s)/ letter(s)/number(s) Typeset
Design Searches
030109 - Wolves, coyotes.
Law Office Assigned Location Code
Employee Name
Indication of Colors claimed
The color(s) Blue,red,grey. is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
Description of Mark
The mark consists of The word ''Dingo'' is made in blue, the letter ''i'' is in red. The animal is in grey.
Goods and Services
Apparatus and instruments for weighing;Floating fish weighing scales;Weighing apparatus and instruments;Weighing equipment, namely, scales and balances;Weighing machines;Weighing platters sold as a component of scanner scales;Weighing scales;Automotive measuring instruments, namely, water temperature gauges, air fuel/ratio gauges, boost gauges, vacuum gauges and exhaust gas temperature gauges;Computer-controlled apparatus for testing and measuring specify, e.g., radio frequency signals, concentrations of gas and liquids, audio signals;Coordinate measuring machines;Derived-unit measuring machines and apparatus;Distance measuring apparatus;Electronic detectors for observing and measuring the infrared spectrum, namely, infrared detectors;Electronic measuring device that displays a manual wheelchair user's propulsion activity, namely, number of pushes, distance traveled, speed, and cadence;Electronic-based instruments for measuring environmental parameters including humidity, mold, bacteria, air quality and water quality;Gas sensors for measuring gas concentration;Gasometers;Hourglasses;Instruments for detecting and measuring two-dimensional distribution of force and pressure;Instruments for measuring length ;Laser doppler for measuring purposes;Laser measuring systems;Lasers for measuring purposes;Length measuring gauges ;Level measuring machines;Measuring and control devices for air conditioning technology;Measuring apparatus for temperature and humidity levels in gases and solid substances;Measuring apparatus, namely, bevels;Measuring apparatus, namely, rain gauges;Measuring apparatus, namely, laser distance meters ;Measuring apparatus, namely, angle finders ;Measuring apparatus, namely, clamp meters for measuring electricity;Measuring apparatus, namely, sizers for indicate specific items being sized, e.g., rings, mouth guards, etc.;Measuring buckets ;Measuring couplings for measuring temperature, pressure, quantity and concentration of fluids in hydraulic or pneumatic systems;Measuring cups;Measuring devices, namely, fluorometers ;Measuring glassware;Measuring hoses for measuring temperature, pressure, quantity and concentration of fluids in hydraulic or pneumatic systems;Measuring instrumentation and apparatus, namely, digitizers;Measuring rulers;Measuring rules;Measuring spoons;Measuring tapes;Optoelectronic measuring devices for creating touch or gesture-sensitive surfaces that interact with computer and other technology systems;Pocket calipers for measuring;Pressure measuring apparatus;Research laboratory analyzers for measuring, testing and analyzing blood and other bodily fluids;Resistance measuring instruments ;Rheometers for measuring the viscosity and viscoelasticity of fluids;Scientific apparatus for use with membrane filtration, namely, water filter controllers and computer software for detecting and measuring water quality;Scientific apparatus and instruments for measuring relative DNA, RNA and protein and parts and fittings therefor;Scientific apparatus, namely, spectrophotometer for measuring relative DNA, RNA and protein;Scientific instruments, namely, electronic analyzers for measuring, testing and detecting contaminants and environmental pollutants;Scientific instrumentation for measuring indicate quality or attribute measured, e.g., weight, chemical levels in water, etc.not for medical use;Scientific instrumentation for measuring concentrations of chemicals in water;Scientific measuring instruments, namely, conductivity meters;Screw-thread measuring machines and instruments;Sensors for measuring indicate quality or attribute measured, e.g., distance, chemical levels in aqueous solutions, etc., not for medical use;Sensors for measuring concentrations of chemicals in water;Technical measuring, testing and checking apparatus and instruments for measuring, testing and checking the temperature, pressure, quantity and concentration of gas and liquids;Testing and measuring equipment for use in testing the performance and efficiency of power plant equipment;Testing equipment for measuring the temperature, pressure, position or form of workpieces in a machine tool ;Tire and tire/wheel uniformity machines for the purpose of measuring and correcting the uniformity of tires and tire/wheels;Tool measuring instruments;Wall-mounted rulers for measuring a person's height;Wheel alignment measuring apparatus, namely, roll test stands;Wheel alignment measuring apparatus, namely, rolling roads;Wire diameter measuring devices; Surveying machines and instruments;Abacuses; Accounting machines ;Accumulator boxes; Accumulator jars; Accumulators, electric ;Accumulators, electric, for vehicles ;Acid hydrometers; Acidimeters for batteries; Acoustic conduits; Acoustic couplers; Acoustic alarms ;Actinometers; Adding machines ;Aerials ;Aerometers;Electronic Agendas ; Air analysis apparatus; electric ;Alarm bells, ;Alarms *;Fire Alarms ; Alidades ;Altimeters; Ammeters; Anemometers; Animated cartoons;Anode batteries; Anodes;Answering machines; Antennas; Anticathodes;Anti-glare glasses ;Anti-theft warning apparatus;Armatures;Asbestos clothing for protection against fire;Gloves for protection against accidents;Asbestos screens for firemen;Automated teller machines ; Protective suits for -Aviators; Precision Balances; Balances; Apparatus and instruments for conveying, distributing, transforming, storing, regulating or controlling electric current;Apparatus and instruments for electrophoresis and mass spectrometry;Apparatus and instruments for weighing;Apparatus for adjusting headlights;Apparatus for analysing gases;Apparatus for automatic chromatography for laboratory use;Apparatus for broadcasting, recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images;Apparatus for checking flight parameters;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic cladding panels;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic roofing members;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic solar hybrid modules;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic solar modules;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, PVT (photovoltaic thermal) module;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic thermal hybrid module;Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic thermal module;Apparatus for converting thermal energy to electrical energy, namely, thermoelectric converters;Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound and images;Apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of images;Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound;Apparatus for recording, transmission, processing and reproduction of sound, images or data;Apparatus for recording, transmitting and reproducing sound and images;Apparatus for recording and reproduction of sound, images or data;Apparatus for speech recording and replaying ;Apparatus for testing gas, liquids and solids;Apparatus for the recording, transmission and reproduction of sound and images;Apparatus for transmission of communication ;Apparatus for transmitting and reproducing sound or images;Apparatus for transmitting radio programmes and radio relay messages;Apparatus for wireless transmission of acoustic information;Apparatus that employs light concentrating optics to concentrate sunlight and to aid in the conversion of sunlight into electric and thermal energy; Balloons;Meteorological Balloons ;Bar code readers; Barometers; Batteries, electric;Batteries, electric, for vehicles; BLUEPRINTs; batteries for lighting; Battery boxes; Battery chargers; Accumulator jars;Beacons, luminous; Alarm Bells ; Signal Bells;Bells; Betatrons; Binoculars;Blinkers ; Blueprints; Fire Boats; Boiler control instruments; Encoded identification Bracelets, magnetic;Breathing apparatus for divers, namely, buoyancy bladders;Breathing apparatus for divers, namely, compressed air bailout units;Breathing apparatus for divers, namely, rebreathers;Breathing apparatus for divers, namely, soda lime cartridges;Breathing apparatus for underwater swimming;Self-rescue apparatus, namely, oxygen breathing units;Underwater breathing apparatus Breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; Bullet-proof waistcoats;Marking Buoys; Signalling Buoys ;Buzzers; Cabinets for loudspeakers ; Coaxial Cables ;Cables, electric; Fibre Cables;Junction sleeves for electric Cables; Calculators and calculating machines; Calibrating and quality control fluids for blood analyzers; Calipers;Camcorders;Cinematographic Cameras ;Cameras; Capacitors;Capillary tubes; Encoded magnetic Cards ;Carpenters' rules; Animated Cartoons; Cases adapted for photographic equipment; Eyeglass Cases;Cases fitted with dissecting instruments; Pince-nez Cases; Cash registers; Cassette players ;Cathodes;Cell phone straps;Central processing units;Eyeglass Chains ;Chargers for electric batteries; DNA Chips; Chips; Choking coils; Chromatography apparatus for laboratory use; Chronographs; Cinematographic cameras;Cinematographic film, exposed ;Circuit breakers; Circuit closers;Clinometers;Nose Clips for divers and swimmers;Time Clocks;Clothing especially made for laboratories;Clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire;Clothing for protection against fire; Coaxial cables;Choking Coils; Coils, electric; Electromagnetic Coils ; Holders for electric Coils;Mechanisms for Coin-operated apparatus;Coin-operated mechanisms for television sets; Commutators; Compact disc players; Compact discs ;Compact discs ;Comparators;Directional Compasses; Compasses;Computer game programs; Computer keyboards; Computer memory hardware; Computer operating programs,Recorded;Computer peripheral devices; Computer programmes,recorded;Computer programs; Computer software, recorded; Computers;Printers for use with Computers ;Condensers ; Condensers;Microscope condensers; Conductors, electric; Lightning Conductors ; Acoustic Conduits ; Electricity Conduits ; Connections, electric ;Connections for electric lines; Connectors; Contact lenses; Containers for Contact lenses; Contacts, electric;Containers for contact lenses ; Control panels ;Converters, electric;Copper wire, insulated; Counters;Acoustic Couplers ;Couplers;Couplings, electric ;Covers for electric outlets; Crash test dummies ;Crucibles ;Cupels;Current rectifiers; Cyclotrons;Darkroom lamps; Darkrooms;Magnetic Data media; Optical Data media;Data processing apparatus; Decompression chambers;Demagnetizers for demagnetizing ferrous metal objects;Densimeters; Densitometers; Detectors;Metal Detectors ;Smoke Detectors;Diagnostic apparatus for identifying refrigerant type and purity in automobile air conditioning systems ;Diagnostic apparatus for testing food;Diagnostic apparatus for the detection of pathogens for laboratory or research use;Medical diagnostic simulators for use as teaching aids for specify nature of procedures, e.g. endoscopy, laparoscopy, angioplasty, etc.;Testing sample collection equipment, namely, wipes and swabs for use in diagnostic testing, not for medical purposes;Diaphragms ; Diaphragms ;Dictating machines;Light Dimmers, Electric;Discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting;Compact Discs;Compact Discs ;Optical Discs;Disk drives for computers ;Disks, magnetic; Distance measuring apparatus;Electronic measuring device that displays a manual wheelchair user's propulsion activity, namely, number of pushes, distance traveled, speed, and cadence;Measuring apparatus, namely, laser distance meters;Sensors for measuring indicate quality or attribute measured, e.g., distance, chemical levels in aqueous solutions, etc., not for medical use;Sensors for the determination of temperatures, positions and distances;Distillation apparatus for scientific purposes;Distribution boxes; Distribution consoles; Divers' masks; Diving suits; DNA chips; Dog whistles;Dosimeters; Downloadable image files; Downloadable music files;Downloadable ring tones for mobile phones;Disk Drives for computers ;Drying apparatus for photographic Prints;Drying racks ;Ducts;DVD players; Dynamometers;Ear plugs for divers; Editing appliances for;cinematographic films; Egg timers ;Egg-candlers;Electric door bells;Electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; Electricity conduits;Electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; Electrolysers; Electromagnetic coils; Electronic notice boards;Electronic pens;Electronic pocket translators; Electronic publications, Downloadable;Electronic tags for goods; Encoded identification bracelets, Magnetic;Encoded magnetic cards; Magnetic Encoders ; Photographic enlarging;Epidiascopes;Ergometers;Exposure meters; Extinguishers; Eyeglass cases; Eyeglass chains; Eyeglass cords; Eyeglass frames; Eyeglasses; Facsimile machines ; Fibre optic cables;Cinematographic Film, exposed; Editing appliances for cinematographic Films ;Films, exposed;X-ray Films, exposed; Filters for respiratory masks;Filters ;Fire alarms;Fire blankets ;Fire boats;Clothing for protection against Fire;Fire engines; Fire escapes;Fire extinguishing apparatus ;Fire hose;Fire hose nozzles;Asbestos safety screens for firemen; Flashing lights; Flashlights;Floppy disks; Fluorescent screens; Diagnostic apparatus for testing food;Food safety monitoring devices, namely, specify the type of device, e.g., thermometers, alarms, etc.;Food timers;Frames for photographic;Transparencies;Frequency meters;Furnaces for laboratory use; Laboratory furniture; Fuse wire ;Fuses;Galena crystals; Galvanic batteries ;Galvanic cells; Galvanometers; Garments for protection against fire; Gas testing instruments;Fuel gauges; Gasometers measuring instruments;Gauges;Glass covered with an electrical conductor; Graduated Glassware ;Global Positioning System apparatus;Gloves for protection against accidents;Disposable latex gloves for laboratory use;Disposable plastic gloves for laboratory use;Diving gloves;Fire resistant gloves;Gloves for protection against accidents;Protective electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding gloves;Protective gloves for industrial use;Protective metal gloves for meat cutting;Protective work gloves;Goggles for sports;Grids for batteries;Hands free kits for phones; Head cleaning tapes ;Headphones;Heliographic apparatus; Protective Helmets ;Protective Helmets for sports; Riding Helmets ;High tension batteries;Holders for electric coils; Holograms; Horns for loudspeakers; Fire Hose ; Hourglasses; Hydrometers ;Inclinometers; Speed Indicators ; Water level Indicators ; Inductors;Integrated circuit cards; Integrated circuits; Interfaces for computers; Inverters;Ionization apparatus for scientific or laboratory use;Accumulator Jars ;Jigs ;Juke boxes for computers; Juke boxes, musical ;Junction boxes;Junction sleeves for electric cables; Hands free Kits for phones; Knee pads for workers;Clothing especially made for Laboratories ;Laboratory centrifuges; Lactodensimeters; Lactometers;Darkroom Lamps ; Magic Lanterns ; Optical ---); Laptop computers;Laser equipment for non-medical purposes; Leather protective covers specially adapted for personal electronic devices, namely, indicate specific device, e.g., cell phones, MP3 players, personal digital assistants, etc.;Lens hoods; Lenses for astrophotography; Optical Lenses ;Letter scales; Levelling rods;Levels; Life belts; Life buoys; Life jackets; Life nets;Life-saving rafts; Life-saving rafts;Light conducting filaments; Light dimmers, electric ; Traffic Light apparatus;Light-emitting diodes; Lighting ballasts;Batteries for Lighting ; Lightning arresters; Lightning conductors ;Limiters;Locks, electric; Logs ; Loudspeakers;Magic lanterns ;Magnetic data media;Magnetic encoders; Magnetic tape units for computers ;Magnetic tapes;Magnetic wires; Magnets; Decorative Magnets ; Magnifying glasses; Resuscitation Mannequins ;Manometers ;Marine compasses;Marine depth finders; Marking buoys; Marking gauges ; Divers' Masks ; Protective Masks ;Masts for wireless aerials; Measures;Measuring apparatus;Measuring devices, electric; Measuring glassware; Measuring instruments; Measuring spoons ;Mechanical signs; Megaphones;Meteorological balloons; Meteorological instruments; Meters;Metronomes; Micrometer gauges;Micrometers; Microphones; Microprocessors;Microscopes ;Microtomes; Mirrors;Modems;Money counting and sorting machines; Monitoring apparatus, electric ;Monitors; Monitors; Motor fire engines;Mouse ;Mouse pads; Juke boxes; Nautical apparatus and instruments; Navigation apparatus for vehicles;Navigational instruments;Needles for record players ;Neon signs; Nets for protection against accidents;Safety Nets ;Nose clips for divers and swimmers; Notebook computers;Electronic Notice boards ; Fire hose Nozzles ;Objectives; Downloadable mobile applications for recording field and crop observations related to pest pressure, tracking field conditions with GPS-enabled maps, and generating crop scouting reports ;Octants;Ohmmeters;Optical apparatus and instruments; Optical character readers; Condensers;Optical data media ;Optical discs;Optical fibers; Optical glass; Optical lamps; Optical lanterns; Optical lenses; Oscillographs;Ovens for laboratory use; Oxygen regulators; Ozonisers;Mouse Pads ; Parking meters; Particle accelerators; Pedometers;Peepholes for doors;Electronic Pens ;Computer Peripheral devices ;Periscopes;Personal stereos; Phonograph records;Photocopiers;Drying apparatus for Photographic prints ;Frames for Photographic transparencies ;Photometers ;Phototelegraphy apparatus; Photovoltaic cells;Apparatus and instruments for Physics ;Pince-nez; Pince-nez cases;Pince-nez chains ;Pince-nez cords; Pince-nez mountings; Pipettes; surveying instruments;Planimeters;Plates for batteries; DVD Players ; Plotters;Plugs;Plumb bobs; Plumb lines; Pocket calculators; Laser pointers;Luminous pointers;Polarimeters;Portable media players; portable telephones; Precision balances;Precision balances;Precision instruments for manipulation and positioning of microscopic objects;Precision theodolites;Pressure gauges; Automatic indicators of low pressure in tires; Pressure indicators;Pressure measuring apparatus; Technical measuring, testing and checking apparatus and instruments for measuring, testing and checking the temperature, pressure, quantity and concentration of gas and liquids; pressure indicating plugs for valves;Pressure indicators; Pressure measuring apparatus ;Printed circuit boards;Printed circuits;Printers for use with computers ;Prisms; Probes for testing integrated circuits ;Probes for testing semiconductors; Computer Programs ; Programs (Computer game ---) ; Computer operating Programs ;Recorded;Projection apparatus ;Projection screens; Protective helmets; Protective helmets for sports; Protective masks *; Protractors; Electronic Publications, downloadable;Pyrometers ; Radar apparatus;Radio pagers; Radios;Vehicle Radios ; Radiotelegraphy sets; Radiotelephony sets;Range finders;Bar code Readers ;Readers; Optical character Readers ;Audio-- and video Receivers ; Telephone Receivers ; Record players;Distance measuring apparatus;Reducers; Articles of protective clothing for wear by motorcyclists for protection against accident or injury;Articles of protective clothing with built in armor for protection against accident or injury for use in specify use, e.g., motorcycling, etc.;Boots for protection of medical worker's feet against injury caused by spills and accidents;Clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire ;Clothing for protection against accidents;Gloves for protection against accidents;Insulated clothing for protection against accident or injury;Nets for protection against accidents;Reflective mirrors to prevent accidents;Shoes for protection against accidents and fire;Refractometers; Refractors; Cash Registers ; Regulating apparatus, electric ; Illumination regulators;Relays, electric;Shutter Releases ;Remote control apparatus;Electric installations for the Remote control of industrial operations ; Electro- dynamic apparatus for the Remote control of signals (;Resistances, electric; Respirators other than for artificial respiration;Respiratory masks; Safety Restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment;Resuscitation mannequins;Retorts ; Rheostats;Riding helmets;Road signs, luminous or mechanical;Rods;Rulers ;Rules ;Saccharometers; Safety nets;Safety restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment;Safety tarpaulins ;Salinometers;Scales;Lever Scales ;Scanners;Asbestos Screens for firemen ; Screens;Screw-tapping gauges; Semi-conductors ;Sextants;Sheaths for electric cables ;Shoes for protection against accidents;Shutter releases ;Shutters;Sighting telescopes for firearms ;Signal bells;Optical lanterns; Signalling buoys;Scientific apparatus, namely, sensing and signaling devices for measurement and quality control of materials processing by laser;Signalling whistles;Signal conditioning and communication devices for industrial process control;Signal processors;Signal splitters for electronic apparatus;Signs, luminous; Simulators for the steering and control of vehicles;Sirens;Junction Sleeves for electric cables; Slide calipers ;Slide projectors ;Slide-rules;Slides ;Blank smart cards; Smart card readers;Smoke detectors;Sockets, plugs;Electrical plugs and sockets;Computer Software, recorded ;Solar batteries;Solderers' helmets;Solenoid valves;Sonars ;Sound alarms; Sound recording apparatus; Sound recording carriers ; Sound reproduction apparatus ;Sound transmitting apparatus ; Sound recording apparatus ;Sound reproducing apparatus;Sound reproduction apparatus; Sound and picture recording apparatus;Sound transmitting apparatus ; Spectacle cases ;Spectacle frames ; Spectacles; Spectacles;Spectacles and sunglasses;Spectacles, frames and cases;Sunglasses and spectacles; Spectacles;Spectrograph apparatus; Spectroscopes; Speed checking apparatus for vehicles;Speed indicators;Electronic measuring device that displays a manual wheelchair user's propulsion activity, namely, number of pushes, distance traveled, speed, and cadence; Electronic speed controllers;Speed regulators for record players ;Spherometers; Spirit levels;Spools ; Goggles for Sports ;Protective helmets for Sports ;Sprinkler systems for fire protection; Stands for photographic apparatus; Steelyards;Personal Stereos ; Stereoscopes; Stills for laboratory experiments; Sunglasses;Surveying equipment, namely, non-metal boundary markers for topographical use;Surveying chains; Surveying instruments ;Surveyors' levels; Switchboards ; Switches, electric ;Tachometers; Tape recorders;Magnetic Tape units for computers;Demagnetizers for demagnetizing ferrous metal objects;Electronic control circuits for use in demagnetizing magnetic chucks;Taximeters; Teaching apparatus ; Telegraph wires;Telegraphs ;Telemeters; Telephone apparatus ;Telephone receivers;Telephone transmitters; Telephone wires; Portable Telephones ;Teleprinters ;Teleprompters ; Telescopes;Sighting Telescopes for firearms ;Teletypewriters;Television apparatus;Automated Teller machines ;Temperature indicators ;Terminals ;Test tubes;Testing apparatus not for medical purposes;Anti-theft installations;Theodolites; Thermionic tubes; Thermionic valves;Thermometers, not for medical purposes;Thermostats ;Ticket dispensers;Time clocks;Time recording apparatus ;Tone arms for record players; Traffic-light apparatus; Transformers; Transistors ;Transmitters of electronic signals; Transmitters;Transparencies ;Transparency projection apparatus; Transponders; Triodes; Tripods for cameras;Electric discharge Tubes, other than for lighting;USB flash drives; Vacuum gauges;Vacuum tubes; Solenoid Valves ;Variometers;Vehicle breakdown warning triangles;Vehicle radios; Navigation apparatus for Vehicles ;Video cassettes;Video game cartridges; Video recorders;Video screens ;Video telephones; Videotapes;Voltage regulators for vehicles ;Voltage surge protectors; Voltmeters;Voting machines; Wafers; Bullet-proof Waistcoats ; Walkie-talkies;Vehicle breakdown; Warning triangles ;Water level indicators; Wavemeters;Weighbridges;Weighing apparatus and instruments;Weighing machines; Weights;Signal whistles;Wire connectors; Masts for Wireless aerials ;Wires, electric; Telephone Wires ;Word processors; Workmen's protective face shields; Wrist rests for use with computers ;X-ray apparatus not for medical Purposes;X-ray films, exposed;X-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes;X-ray apparatus not for medical purposes;X-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes;X-ray tubes, other than for medical purposes
Goods and Services
Abdominal belts; Abdominal corsets; Abdominal pads; Acupuncture needles; Aerosol dispensers for medical use; Aerosol dispensers not for medical use; Air cushions for medical purposes; Air mattresses, for medical purposes;Air pillows for medical purposes; Ambulance stretchers ; Anaesthetic inhalers;Cannulae for anaesthetics with receptacles;Apparatus for use in medical ; Analysis; Arch supports for boots or shoes; Armchairs for medical or dental purposes;Arterial blood pressure measuring apparatus; Medical device, namely, a device for measuring arterial blood flow in the eye;Artificial breasts ;Artificial eyes ;Artificial jaws ;Artificial limbs;Apparatus for Artificial respiration;Artificial skin for surgical purposes; Artificial teeth;Sets of Artificial teeth ;Babies' bottles;Babies' pacifiers ; Bandages, elastic; Bandages for anatomical joints; Orthopaedic Knee Bandages; Supportive Bandages ; Basins for medical purposes; Bed pans;Bed vibrators;Hydrostatic Beds for medical purposes;Beds, specially made for medical purposes;Belts for medical purposes ;Belts for medical purposes;Orthopedic belts;Electric blankets for medical purposes;Blood testing apparatus; Appliances for washing Body cavities ;Boots for medical purposes; Bougies;Breast pumps; Artificial Breasts ;Brushes for cleaning body cavities;Cannulae;Cases fitted for medical instruments ; Cases fitted for medical instruments and/or for use by doctors;Castrating pincers ;Catgut;Catheters;Obstetric apparatus for Cattle ; Commode; Chairs ; Air mattresses for medical purposes;Medical products, namely, therapeutic mattress support;Medical products, namely, therapeutic mattresses, beds, seats and cushions;Support mattresses for medical use;Clips, surgical;Clothing extension support devices for use during pregnancy for medical purposes;Commode chairs;Thermo-electric Compresses ;Compressors ;Condoms;Containers especially made for medical waste;Abdominal Corsets ; Abdominal corsets;Corsets for therapeutic use;Crutches;Tips for Crutches for invalids ;Cupping glasses;Cushions for medical purposes ; Heating Cushions, electric, for medical purposes;Cutlery;Defibrillators ;Dental apparatus;Dental apparatus, namely, intra-oral light systems;Dental apparatus, namely, apex locator;Dentists' armchairs; Dentures;Diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes; Douche bags;Drainage tubes for medical purposes;Draw-sheets for sick beds; Dropper bottles for administering medication, sold empty;Droppers for administering medication, sold empty;Eye droppers;Droppers for medical purposes; Ear picks; Ear plugs; Compression garments, namely, indicate specific items, e.g., compression socks, stockings, leggings, jerseys, vests, trousers, etc.;Elastic stockings;Elastic stockings for surgical use;Medical compression stockings and tights;Electric acupuncture instruments; Electrocardiographs;Electrodes for medical use; Enema apparatus;Electric massage apparatus for household use;Electric massage appliances, namely, electric vibrating massager;Foam massage rollers;Foot massage apparatus;Gloves for massage;Lactation massage bars;Massage apparatus;Massage apparatus;Massage apparatus;Massage apparatus and instruments;Massage apparatus for massaging indicate, e.g., necks and backs, feet, etc.;Massage beds for medical purposes;Massage chairs;Massage chairs with built-in massage apparatus;Massage mitts;Massagers in the nature of electromechanical massage mechanism for chairs;Vibrating massage mitts for pets;Artificial Eyes ;Feeding bottles; Feeding bottle valves; Feeding bottles; Medical devices, namely, radiation devices in the nature of ultraviolet, visible, or infra-red light boxes for counteracting the effects of viruses, bacteria and pathogens in the blood and blood components;Ultraviolet lamps for medical purposes;Ultraviolet radiator units for therapeutic purposes;Finger guards for medical purposes; Support mattresses for medical use ;Supports for indicate specific body part, e.g., ankle, wrist for medical use;Supports for indicate specific parts of the body for medical use;Supports for general medical use Fleams;Arch supports for Footwear ;Orthopaedic Footwear ;Forceps;Fumigation preparations for medical purposes;Furniture especially made for medical purposes; Gastroscopes;Gloves for massage;Gloves for medical purposes ; Medical Guidewires ;Hair prostheses;Hearing aids for the deaf ; Medical hearing instruments and parts of such devices; Heart pacemakers; Heating cushions, electric, for medical purposes;Hematimeters; Abdominal hernia belts;Medical devices and apparatus, namely, hernia mesh and components of hernia mesh comprised primarily of artificial materials, and parts and fittings for all of the aforesaid goods;Medical devices and apparatus, namely, hernia mesh comprised primarily of artificial materials, memory coil, a memory coil as a component of hernia mesh, and parts and fittings there for;Hot air therapeutic apparatus; Hot air vibrators for medical Purposes; Bed vibrators;Hydrostatic beds for medical purposes; Basins for medical purposes; Hypodermic syringes; Belts for medical purposesIce bags for medical purposes; Incontinence sheets; Incubators for babies;Incubators for medical purposes; Inhalers;Medical fluid injectors;Insufflators ;Invalids' hoists ; Artificial Jaws ; Orthopaedic knee bandages; Knives for surgical purposes;Lamps for medical purposes; Lancets;Lasers for medical purposes; Lenses for surgical implantation;Artificial Limbs ; Love dolls;Masks for use by medical personnel;Massage apparatus; Gloves for Massage ; Maternity belts ; Medical apparatus and instruments; Medical guidewires;Spoons for administering Medicine ;Microdermabrasion apparatus; Mirrors for dentists;Surgical mirrors;Needles for medical purposes; Nursing appliances;Obstetric apparatus; Operating tables; Ophthalmometers; Orthodontic appliances ; Orthopaedic soles;Orthopaedic belts;Orthopaedic footwear; Orthopaedic soles; Orthopedic articles; Orthopedic belts;Orthopedic footwear ;Orthopedic soles;Pacifiers for babies; Abdominal Pads ;Heating Pads, electric, for medical purposes;Pessaries;Physical exercise apparatus, for medical purposes;Physiotherapy apparatus; Ear Picks ;Soporific Pillows for insomnia; Castrating Pincers ;Pins for artificial teeth;Plaster casts for orthopedic purposes; Ear Plugs ;Probes for medical purposes ; Hair Prostheses ; Intraocular Prostheses for surgical implantation;X-rays, for medical purposes;Pulse meters;Pumps for medical purposes ;Quartz lamps for medical purposes; Radiological apparatus for medical purposes;Radiology screens for medical purposes;Radiotherapy apparatus;Body Rehabilitation apparatus for medical purposes;Respirators for artificial respiration; Resuscitation apparatus;Teething Rings ; Surgical saws; Scalpels;Scissors for surgery; Tongue Scrapers ; Incontinence Sheets ; Orthopaedic footwear;Slings;Orthopaedic Soles ;Soporific pillows for insomnia Sphygmomanometers ; Spirometers ; Medical spittoons; Finger splints;Splints;Splints;Splints for indicate use, e.g., arms, legs, fingers;Surgical Sponges ; Spoons for administering medicine; Sprayers for cleaning gums and teeth used in dentists' offices during dental procedures ;Stents;Sterile sheets, surgical; Stethoscopes;Elastic Stockings ; Medical compression stockings and tights;Strait jackets;Ambulance Stretchers ; Stretchers; Supportive bandages ;Supports for flat feet;Surgical apparatus and instruments; Surgical drapes;Surgical implants; bandages ;Suture materials ;Suture needles ;Syringes for injectionsSyringes for medical purposes ; Operating Tables ; Teats;Feeding bottles;Artificial Teeth ;Teething rings;Testing apparatus for medical purposes;Thermal packs for first aid purposes; Thermo-electric compressessurgery;Thermometers for medical purposes;Thread, surgical;Tips for crutches for invalids; Tongue scrapers;Traction apparatus for medical use;Trocars ;Trusses;Drainage Tubes for medical purposes;Ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes;Filters for Ultraviolet rays for medical purposes ;Umbilical belts ;Urethral probes; Urethral syringes ;Urinals;Urological imaging systems;Uterine syringes; Vaginal syringes;Feeding bottle Valves ; Vaporizers for medical purposes; Veterinary apparatus and Instruments;Vibromassage devices;Containers especially made for medical Waste ;Ice bags for medical purposes; Water beds for medical purposes ;X-ray apparatus for medical use;X-ray apparatus for veterinary use;X-ray apparatus for dental imaging;X-ray appliances for dental and medical use;X-ray CT scanners;X-ray diagnostic apparatus;X-ray photographs for medical purposes;X-ray tubes for medical purposes; Alcohol breath testing units, Health monitoring devices consisting of blood pressure monitors, thermometers and pedometers
Classification Information
International Class
009 - Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus. - Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus.
US Class Codes
021, 023, 026, 036, 038
Class Status Code
6 - Active
Class Status Date
Primary Code
International Class
010 - Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles; suture materials. - Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles; suture materials.
US Class Codes
026, 039, 044
Class Status Code
6 - Active
Class Status Date
Primary Code
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