Status: 686 - Published For Opposition
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Serial Number
Word Mark
686 - Published For Opposition
Status Date
Filing Date
Mark Drawing
3000 - Illustration: Drawing or design which also includes word(s)/ letter(s)/number(s) Typeset
Design Searches
261110, 261121, 261701, 261705 - Rectangles divided once into two sections. Rectangles that are completely or partially shaded. Straight line(s), band(s) or bar(s). Horizontal line(s), band(s) or bar(s).
Published for Opposition Date
Attorney Name
Law Office Assigned Location Code
Employee Name
Indication of Colors claimed
The color(s) blue, red and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
Desription of the Colors Claimed
Stylized letters "RC" in red and blue, the word "AUTO SPARES" in blue, the word "REFACCIONARIA" in white on a blue background; the word "CALIFORNIA" in white on a red background
Disclaimer with Predetermined Text
Description of Mark
The mark consists of the words "AUTO PARTES" in blue next to the stylized letters "RC" in red and blue, above the word "REFACCIONARIA" in white on a blue background above the word "CALIFORNIA" in white on a red background.
Goods and Services
Marketing services for automotive spare parts for others, namely, sway bar clamp, bar clamp fork, coil clamp, rack clamp, cross clamp, exhaust clamp, worm clamp, suspension clamp, actuator lever, two stroke oil, four stroke oil, hydraulic steering oil, diesel engine oil, mag motor oil, single grade engine oil, multigrade engine oil, synthetic engine oil, automatic transmission oil, standard oil transmission, coupler CR-FO, coupler game, actuator cylinder, safe electric actuator, actuator top fuel, accumulator, adapter 3/4 to 1/2, adapter transmission, adhesive, special adhesive seal, instant adhesive, motor oil additive, gasoline additive, additive increase octane, additive injector cleaner, restore additive, supercar additive, automatic transmission additive, standard transmission additive, insulating core shock, insulating gear lever, headlight adjuster, shoe fitter, bleeding brake adjuster game, wing cleaners, alternator, valve push rod, shock absorber, door shock, shock throttle, air shock, seat cushion, cushion trunk, chest cushion, steering damper, electronic door shock, extreme shock, gas shock, load adjusting rear shock absorbers, shock absorber, shock magnum, automatic shock pins, damper motor, shock reflex, shock suspension systems, window cushion, shoe anchor, distributor ring, cylinder rings, antifreeze, anti-sulphatizing agent, camshaft, generator armor, fuel pump harness, distributor harness, electric power harness, harness injectors, motor fan harness, bra harness, starter battery, starter motor, settler valve, hood handle, needle seat, spark plugs, springs, valve springs, rockers, rocker arm, car ballasts, bearing, bearing base shocks, ball bearings, double ball bearings, bearing box, bearing control box, bearing gearbox, bearing gimbal, bearing encased in a shell, differential bearing, bearing steering, steering bearing play, bearing arrows, bearing sets, bearing bolt direction, pilot bearings, bearing bridges, bands, distribution rings, band balanced arrows, micro bands micro stretch bands, motor fan bands, alternator pulley bands, distributor pulley bands, joint bars, rocker bars, defense bars, stabilizer bars, bar forks, torsion bars, anti-roll bars, base shocks, base pump clutches, carburetor base, base oil filters, lever bases, base spring suspension, support base cases, motor support bases, base T.B.I., wheel base, oil bayonet, motor oil bayonet, automatic teller bayonet, bayonet standard box, electric motor, stud rocker, wheel stud, stud cover carter, hood hinge, gasoline door hinge, bevel, trunk bevel plate, bevel cylinder ignition, bevel cylinder door, auxiliary light bezel, bevel unit, coil, ignition coil, ignition coil standard, neon light coil, horns and horn parts, clutch ball, tow ball, oil pump, oil pump distributor cap, water pump, complete water pump, water pump distributor kit game, pump clutch, pump clutch complete, diesel pump, power steering pump, oil extraction pump, brake pump, electric fuel pump, med electric fuel pump, fuel pump electric transfer, fuel pump, boat float of gasoline, fascia, auxiliary arm, arm cleaner, pitman arm, arm bridge, suspension arm, fuel pump flange, carb flange, flange oil filter, jumper plug, bronze synchronizer, honing engine cylinder, rocker hub, sway bar bushing, bar hub tension, rod bushing, pump clutch hub, auxiliary arm bushing, suspension arm bushing, arrow bronze bushing, hub for steering box, bush gearbox, collar bushing, rack hub, steering hub, distributor hub, axle hub, hub of entry, arrow hub oil pump, hub motor arrow, bush fork, bush fork clutch, bush fork game, hub gears, spring hub, lever bushing box, speed lever bushing, clutch pedal bushing, hub brake pedal, hub bolt of changes, bush pilot, collar holder hub, hub bridge motor, bushing steering sector, auger bearing steering, box support bushing, suspension bushing, tight hub, caliper bolt hub game, hub bolt caliper, rod bushing, rod bushing gearbox, rod bushing cleaners, game speed rod bushing, four electric plug, four electric plug game, spark two electrodes, plug standard, iridium spark, iridium platinum spark, moto plug, moto iridium spark, plug black, platinum spark, platinum spark four, double platinum spark, spark preheater, three electric plug JGO, spark three electrodes, v power plug, oil bulb, bulb antifreeze container, bulb brake, air conditioning pressure bulb, bulb temperature, fan bulb, motor head, remanufactured motor head, battery wire, spark plug wire, spark plug wire piece, wire distributor, automatic wire gear selector, standard wire gear selector, spark plug wires, CPE copper cables, EPDM cables, EPDM cable set, installation cable set, jumper cables, PVC copper cables, PVC cable set, silk PVC cables, silicon cables, silicon cables reel, kev silicon cables reel, silicon cables game, oil pump chain, timing chain, chain game gear distributor, balancer chain arrow, chain game guide distributor, steering box, hydraulic steering box, hydraulic steering box remanufactured, steering box standard, electronic safe, fuse box, satellite box, automatic transmission solenoid box, trunk, skull, skull sport game, plug gauge, king pie gauge, calipers remanufactured, changing light lever, changing light foot, diesel engines, gasoline engines, start campaign, field generator, field of progress, candlestick, canister, corner wheel, wheel game corner, capacitor dealer, plug cap, carbon alternator, carbon for generator, carbon for progress, carbon for up game, carburetor, carb remanufactured, side mirror housing, faro housing, switch on housing, holder housing switch, battery charger, carter automatic teller, carter of standard box, carter motor, gas cartridge, hydraulic cartridge, cartridge sensatrac, bush bush fork, valve cap, shoe cap, catalyst, flowmeter, onion lever speed, lock plate, hood lock, cap lock glove, banking sheet for alarm, trunk plate, chest plate, glove sheet, door panel, safety plate, cover sheet box, motor cover plate, throttle end, end of choke, seat end, trunk end, clutch end, end of chest, hand brake end, brake drum end, end stop engine, end door, end overdrive, end tachometer, end speedometer, windshield sprayers, crankshaft, ignition cylinder, cylinder door, wheel cylinder, cinch alternator, belt generator, belt tension set, belt tension piece, shoe nails, chest, chest without grid, strainer oil, strainer cover and carter, automatic teller sieve, sieve automatic teller board, colas bearing, collar soquet, collar, full collar, hydraulic collar, swing clutch, clearing altimetric, crush, compressor 5 in 1, valve spring compressor, computer, concentric suspension, clutch shell, condenser, air conditioning condenser, brake pump connector, plug connector, oil filter connector, hose connector, connection, hydraulic clutch assembly, engine, emergency cone, backslash, against sheet, chest plate against, plate against glove, against door, control motor fan, speed control lever, heating coupling, hydraulic coupling collar, steering coupling, steering shaft coupling, trailer coupling, coupling terminal, cork sheet, crown wheel, crown and pinion, automatic rack, standard rack, cross gimbal, cross direction, cross of gear lever, clutch dial, quarter light defense, fourth corner light, quarter light facia, fourth front light, four side light, distributor cover band, cover throttle body, cover handle, door handle cover, brake lever cover, deck fuel tank, rin nut cover, dust cover direction arrow, standard pedal cover, dust covers, dust cover disc brake, brake lever dust cover, gear lever dust cover, basin clutch, basin blades, throttle body, body injection, alignment cradle, crankshaft cradle, crankshaft gear cradle, generator cradle, cradle tools, valve cradle, given input plug ½ joint tools, impact socket game millimeter, impact socket set standard, given multiuse, given oxygen sensor, damper crankshaft pulley, defense, deflector, oil slinger, baffle box, crank pulley deflector, support deflector arrow, accumulator tank, coolant tank, brake pump tank, deposit power steering, tank cleaners, carb adjustment tools, disconnect, flasher, iris injection, clutch disc, disco plate, collar plate wheel drive, collar plate disc, distributor, dealer remanufactured, inlet duct, flexible ducts, product out, shaft clutch pedal, rear axle, glass elevator, lift electric glass, eliminator connector 7, remover type lighter, oil funnel bayonet, top fuel package, 2a gear, 3a gear, gear tree, balancer gear, gear box, crankshaft gear, gear distributor, reverse gear, speedometer gear, differential gear set, sphere of lever, link brake drum, emery valve, brake spatula, mirror caterer, idle jet, idle jet petrol, idle jet fuel, idle jet gas mc, idle jet gasoline, idle jet gasoline roches, idle jet gasoline solex, stethoscope, running board, bracket chrome, strobe, eccentric alignment, eccentric suspension, extension, extension cord, tire valve extension, pilot bushing extractor, exhaust hound's-tooth, caliper piston remover, pulley puller, game pulley puller, exhaust catch, facia, oil filter cartridge, oil filter sealing, air filter, air conditioning filter, washable air filter, purified air filter, filter antismog, filter pump electric gas, carb filter, carb filter brass, diesel filter metal, filter float, LP gas filter, fuel filter cardboard, fuel filter cartridge, fuel filter metal, fuel filter plastic, filter interior injector, filter regulator, oil pump down, sliding down, side arrow, arrow control, semi arrow shaft, vel with arrow, gas pump float, carb float, float tank, focus bayonet, directional focus, focus fuse, halogen bulb, blue halogen bulb, xenon halogen bulb, focus led bayonet, fantasy focus led, focus led bit, focus bit, focus on board, front, throttle cover, clutch cover, cover brake, fuse, fuse plug, fuse plug game, fuse pasta, fuse glass, cookie address, bottle jack, cat skid, generator, rubber alternator, rubber cushion, rubber ring, rubber game stabilizer bar, stabilizer rubber, rubber steering box, rubber cardan, rubber case, rubber check, rubber steering rack, exhaust rubber, air filter rubber, rubber brake, rubber suspension fork, multiple rubber, rubber accelerator pedal, rubber brake pedal, rubber pedal, radiator rubber oil, rebound rubber, rubber radiator support, rubber suspension, rubber cap aims, rubber strap, strap rubber game, rubber stopper, stabilizer rubber screw, valve rubber mastervac, staple, clip chest cushion, dee air duct clamp, staple facia, clip trim, awning rail clamp, staple splatter, overhead clamp, exhaust clamp, game fittings, crank, balanced chain guide, distribution chain guide, end guide, facia guide, faro guide, gear lever guide, valve guide, diesel valve guide, fuel valve guide, hardware installation standard microv, FD game hardware, FT game hardware, hydrometer, fork changes, clutch fork, fork with hubs, fork kit, fork separate game, fork without head, fork brace, bone gear box, drive up, insert fork, insert synchronizer, light boost, switch, switch air conditioning, alarm switch, ignition switch warning, trunk switch, toggle switch, defroster switch, hydraulic steering switch, direction switch, ignition switch, mirror switch, side mirror switch, brake switch, intermittent switch, switch rod, switch up glasses, light switch, neutral switch, door switch, reverse switch, key switch, universal switch, ventilation switch, investor 100 w, carb injector, fuel injection, grease injector, pneumatic grease injector, interior door handle, board of oil pump, pump water board, head board, board of carter, board throttle body, board of differential, distribution board, distribution board game, board of escape, oil filter board, arrow board, side board, multiple board, gasoline door seal, board aims, board of cap carter, board thermostat, tube heating board, TBI unit board, automatic teller meetings, gearbox seals, carb game boards, carter joints, fuel joint injection, full together motor, meetings of motor medium, multiple joints, joints multiple game, tuning kit and oil, kit setting time, automotive kit, oil change kit, purge kit brake pump, shim adjustment, motor head shim, cranks, generator pulley shim, side apartment, brake lever, cam shoe, shoe cam game, up valve, bag door, league base gas pump, fuel pump league, band oil lamp, band plug cap, oil filter league, disc brake league, oil filter holder league, carb cleaner, brakes cleaner, injector cleaner buoy, pressurized nozzle cleaner, tire cleaner, radiator cleaner, battery terminal cleaner, brake fluid, adjustable wrench, Allen key set, key artillery, key water pump, plug wrench, nail key brake, key cross, key, keys, key oil filter, oil filter key game, air impact wrench, key uncomfortable, key modules strut nut key game, mudguards, dielectric lubricant, moon mirror, overview pane, decorative light mirror, directional light, brake light, interior lights, inside trunk light, plate light, light injection test set, light part injector test, strobe light, cleaver boot game, magneto distributor, flexible magnet, magneto telescopic, aluminum mesh, mango articles, steering handle, mango l square, hose, heater hose, hydraulic hose collar, compressor hose, air filter hose, flexible hose, brake hose, fuel hose, dripping hose, hydraulic hose, hose hydro-booster, hose cleaners, molded hose, PVC hose, breather hose, TBI hose, filling hose pipe, vacuum hose valve, vent hose, handle chest, lift handle glass, brake handle, sliding door handle, outside door handle, interior door handle, box handle cover, motor cover handle, oil pressure gauge, gas pressure gauge, oil marker, marker ampere meter, marker gasoline, marker temperature, triple marker, fill up, battery frame, radiator frame, cleaner butterfly, wheel butterfly, clutch rope, mastervac, rattle, noise maker with accessories, noise maker reversible, hub with bearing, single hub, croissant game, memcal, metals tree game, metal rod game, par metal rod, metal rod part, game center metals, metal center piece, mica skull, mica directional, mica plate light, control module air conditioning, brake control module, ignition control module, ventilation control module, abs brake module, module cleaners, module cover fuel, molding, trim grill, door trim, trim splatter, door trim kit, 3/4 remanufactured, motor fin, motor defroster, tank engine cleaners, lift motor glass, motor cleaner, headlamp leveling motor, new motor 1/2, new motor 3/4, motor tool, motor fan, spring brake disc, digital multimeter, intake manifold, multiple exhaust, pipe nipple, knot, node address, o-rings set, oppressor rings, oppressor spring suspension, oppressor valve spring, brake lever adjustment, lever hood, directional lever, hand brake lever, lever cleaners, speed lever, front panel, permanent patch, grille, firelighter, diesel pads, accelerator pedal, clutch pedal, comb sparkplug, knob seat, temperature control knob, gear lever knob, crankshaft bolt base, bolt hinge, transmission bolt, caliper bolt, central bolt, chest plate bolt, bolt wheel cylinder, pin deflector, clutch pedal shaft bolt, bolt clutch rope, bolt lever speed, bolt door, bolt heater, bolt of satellites, bolt switch, shoe bolt, bolt headlamp leveling motor, bolt pump pulley, crankshaft pulley, AA compressor pulley, steering pulley, pulley generator, idler, tension pulley, thermal pulley, polish paste, collar holder, hydraulic collar holder, oil filter holder, air filter holder, skull overhead service, ignition switch holder, alternator carbon bodies, run carbon bodies, diode holder, fuse holder, fuse plug, plate-holder game, plate-holder neon light, contact point holder, potentiometer, VW prisoner, antifreeze tester, plug cable tester, tester battery charge, current tester, cable protector spark, door protector, door takes gasoline, polishing and polisher, pull down, point arrow side box, pint arrow side wheel, aim, aim and swing board, radiator bleed, purger, carb cleaner, oil cooler, heating radiator, metallic radiator, plastic radiator, reflective facia, strengthening facia, electronic regulator alternator, electronic regulator generator, diesel pressure regulator, fuel pressure regulator, grid, grid air conditioning, hood grille, grid facia, air conditioning relay, relay air cushion, relay horn, gas pump relay, relay defroster, flashing relay, lights relay, relay run, motor fan relay, reluctors, oil pump parts, pump parts clutch, replacement steering pump, replacement of fuel pump, replacement steering box auger, parts carburetor, slave cylinder replacement, spare wheel cylinder, spare rack, replacement brake disc, replacement brake, replacement fuel injection, replacement fork clutch, replacement of injectors, spare master vacuums, replacement lever speed, replacement tip, coil resistance, fan motor resistance, board resistance, fan strength, resonator, spring throttle, spring chest plate, clutch spring, gear lever spring, clutch pedal spring, synchronizer spring, spring suspension, valve spring, spring valve repair, spring shoe, shoe spring game, game suspension springs, back, retainers, oil retainers, rail brake disc, injector rail, rings, roller box, torque rod washer, copper washer, steering handle washer, washer pinion, clutch washer flat, planetary washer, washer satellite, spacer washer train, washer train, game thrust washers, rotor distributor, distributor rotor electric, standard rotor distributor, rotor hub, rotor head, ball joint, splatter, bearing lock box, bearing arrows, hub bearings, insurance end clutch, insurance collar, collars, gears, safe brake disc, safe brake disc game, lock brake, helix insurance balata, indoor security hub, bolts, door locks, stud rings, wheel insurance, synchronizers, shoe bras , nut lock handle, rod safe chest, wheel lock antitheft, shoe insurance, shoe insurance type e, insurance type and game, seal packing, sealing monoblock, seal, seal plug, seal body coil, seal monoblock, seal pipe game, seal pipe piece, seal valve, valve seal kit, valve seal piece, sensor, abs sensor, throttle sensor, sensor camshaft, sensor box, sensor automatic teller, sensor carter, knock sensor, sensor steering, airflow sensor, brake sensor, abs brake sensor, governor sensor, front impact sensor, oil level sensor, coolant level sensor, fuel level sensor, oxygen sensor, shaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, tire pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor, multiple pressure sensor, pressure sensor PFE, reverse sensor, tachometer sensor, temperature sensor air freight, temperature sensor, temperature sensor, temperature motor sensor, spare temperature sensor, speed sensor, separator balata f d, separator roller, fan separator, shoe separator, shellac, muffler, muffler, brake, silicon cartridge, grey silicon, silicon black, red silicon, silicon spray, transparent silicon, synchronizer, endless, easy solder, solder plastic, solenoid box, solenoid automatic transmission, solenoid driving, solera alternator, hat box, alternator bracket, rocker bar support, bar support stability, support air pump, support arm, arm support assistant, box support, bracket cardan, clutch support end, mount hood, support compressor, exhaust support, support facia, support air filter, support bracket trim, motor support, fan support, gear lever support, pedal support, pulley support, tension pulley support, radiator support, crankshaft sensor support, speed sensor support, support brace, exhaust support, chest support rod, visor support, soquet for focus, brake hose clamp, glass holder, shoe bra, t plastic, instrument panel, tablet fuel saver, analog tach, digital tachometer, drum, fuel tank, overhead handle cover, bearing cover gimbal, cushion cover base, top fuel pump, timing chain cover, cover steering box, transmission cover, cover carter, distributor cap electric, standard distributor cap, mirror cover, cover oil filter, air filter cover, leak case cover, leak motor cover, leak radiator cover, cover generator p / c, top glove, cover injector, cover plate light, top handle, top gear lever, cap aims, oil cooler cover, cover grille panel, electric rotor cover game, fuel tank cover, hopper cover band distribution, top water supply, steering wheel cover, carpet mouse game, automotive mats piece, mouse game, part mouse, oil plug, diesel oil plug, rubber plug oil, metal plug oil, plastic plug oil, plug camshaft, plug shank, water pump plug, water flange plug, carter plug, plug antifreeze container, fuel filler cap brake pump, cleaners fuel filler cap, key gas cap, keyless gas cap, gas cap, gas cap pressure, fuel cap with thread, plug blender, radiator cap, cap recovery, rin plug, plug rin game, screw cap shank, tempering chain, tempering chain pump, tempering clutch, tensor, tensioner alternator, timing belt tension, chain tension, full tension, battery terminal, big battery terminal, battery terminal game, plug terminal, terminal end, terminal address, terminal installation, thermostat, carb thermostat, tight, chest strap plate, tag-link, hopper band distribution, hopper chain, defense hopper, hopper two outputs, radiator hopper, hopper splatter, a output hopper, water supply, thermostat water takes game, air intake imitation, monoblock air intake, bumper shock, stop dust cover, top of suspension, screw motor game, screw engine parts, motor screw, caliper bolt, screw inlet duct, screw gear, stabilizer screw, screw brake hose, battery frame screw, trim screw, screw crankshaft pulley, screw switch box, abs sensor screw, distributor cap screw, screw bit, belt tension screw, battery terminal screw, exhaust screw, screw and nut, needle torque wrench 1/2, tower 3 ton, tower 6 ton, apartment tower, turret, carrier for battery, front crossbar, gear train, warning triangle, oil intake pipe, tube for water, bayonet tube motor, pump tube clutch, tube booster, heating pipe, heating pipe play, cooling pipe, exhaust pipe, brake hose, gas pipe, neon light tube, protector tube shock, aims tube, tube aims game, breather pipe, fork nut bar, stud nut rocker, stud nut molding, wheel stud nut, stud nut cover of carter, castle nut, clutch nut end, crankshaft nut, spindle nut, nut facia, faro nut, nut arrow, sliding nut arrow, nut generator, caliper guide nut, nut handle, handle nut game, wing nut for clutch, nut fuel pump module, nut knuckle, knuckle nut game, nut pinion, nut support rod, turbine engine, control unit air conditioning, lift control unit, halogen unit, light unit, copper tube union, valve, valve oil, valve air conditioning, AKF valve, valve altimetric, brake pump valve, valve booster, heating valve, valve canister, air control valve, valve-saving, EGR valve, electromagnetic valve, valve air filter, valve mastervac, engine valve, PVC valve, power tube, EGR valve recirculation, distributor valve, delay valve, check valve, EGR solenoid valve, valve fan gas tank, rod box, rod clutch, steering rod, rod fuel pump, vellomoid, speedometer, fan 12v, steering connecting rod, sun visor, steering wheel, engine flywheel, digital voltmeter, yoke shaft; business administration services relating to franchises
Classification Information
International Class
035 - Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions. - Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions.
US Class Codes
100, 101, 102
Class Status Code
6 - Active
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Party Type
20 - Owner at Publication
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20 - Owner at Publication
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10 - Original Applicant
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Jeffrey A. Smith
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001 - Request for extension of protection established
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