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606 - Abandoned - No Statement Of Use Filed
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Light emitting diode (LED) displays; LED traffic and rail traffic lights, fuel pumps for service stations for fueling airplane engines; fuel distribution equipment, namely, metered fuel pumps, electrical fuel level gauges, control valves for regulating the flow of gases and fuel lines; automated fuel station management systems comprising computer operating software, metered fuel pumps, rate control panels, fuel lines and dispensing nozzles for fueling land and marine vehicles and aircraft; gas meters; electronic signaling mechanism, namely, a train control system used in the railway industry for detecting and controlling trains, ground faults, broken rails, power failures, track switches and lights; wireless transceivers with collection and display technology for the status and tracking of all vehicle types in local environments in the railroad and transit industries; electrical devices and electrical power distribution products, namely, capacitors, circuit breakers, circuit breaker load centers, circuit closers, circuit interrupters, commutators, contactors, current rectifiers, current limiters, electric contacts, electric collectors, electric conductors, electric connectors, electric controllers, electric inductors, electric power supplies for driving electric motors, electricity distribution boards and boxes, electricity distribution consoles, electricity switchboards and switchboxes; computer software for persons who troubleshoot and maintain programmable controllers, and for analyzing blood vessels including cardiac vessels which also provides calculation functions with respect to blood vessels, for use with medical patient monitoring equipment, for receiving, processing, transmitting and displaying data, for use in developing personalized asset allocation programs; for use on-line which enables office equipment dealers to submit applications, manage portfolios and communicate with the company; for use in accessing mortgage and insurance information, for collecting data involving vital medical signs, for use in electrical power systems analyses and instructional manual sold as a unit therewith, for use by employees for financial institutions for determining financial investments for clients and in processing the sale of the identified investments, for obtaining information on the flood-hazard status of real property, for the development of graphical user interfaces and data visualization, in the calculation of mortgage payments, for regulating and managing vehicle fleet maintenance services for use in connection with accessing and utilizing commercial computer services, for use by customers to obtain lease portfolio information, for a radiology information system for use by radiologists and radiology department in the database management of employee and patient information for patient monitoring and archival purposes installed on and used in connection with personal computers and medical monitoring equipment for graphical user interface, for use in sending encrypted and compressed data mover paging carrier systems, for providing access to websites where buyers and sellers can conduct business electronically, and for underground navigation, namely, for navigation of down hole probe assembly for oil drilling and drilling assemblies for routing underground utilities; telephones; electrical goods, electrical power generation and distribution products and electrical voltage and overvoltage surge products, namely, arresters and busways; capacitors; lighting contactors; fuses; lighting controls; switch boxes, LEDs, namely, light emitting diodes, voltage regulators for electric power, voltage surge protectors, voltage surge suppressors, voltmeters, electrical circuit boards, relays and timers, solenoids and limit switches, full-voltage manual starters, reduced voltage starters, electrical switches and disconnects, circuit board terminal blocks and pumping panels, circuit breakers and disconnects, transformers, electrical lighting and power circuit boards, electrical wires, cables, cords, and conductors, electrical wiring and fixtures, lightning arrestors, electricity meters, power meters, grounding resistors, humidity and temperature sensors; building and wood sensors; industrial calibration sensors, push buttons, electronic controls for motors, electrical resistance heating wires and electrical controllers therefor and voltage regulators; software and software programs for industrial systems, research, and medical use; apparatus for electrophoresis; chromatography columns and pumps not for medical purposes; apparatus for bioinformatics systems, namely, computer hardware and software for processing biological information; apparatus for scintillation, namely, scintillation counter to measure beta-emitting nuclides; imaging apparatus for radioactive and luminescent emissions, namely, CD cameras and scanners; synthesis and purification integrated systems, namely, chromatography columns, cartridges, fraction collectors, mixers, monitors, pumps, recorders and analysis software; apparatus for manufacturing oligonucleotides; apparatus for microarrays, namely, probes, slides, buffers, bacterial controls, racks and trays; laser based optical converters for digital imaging; microarray slides; laboratory glassware; vials and microvials; microtitre plates; computer software for hospital operating room management; computer software for critical care information management; industrial process control software; computer software programs and program manuals sold as a unit for use in factory management; graphical user interface based computer programs for controlling machines in industrial automation applications; software for creating graphics displays and editing dynamic data interfaces for realtime graphics applications for industrial and business applications; communications software for connecting computer network users; software for plastic injection molding; software for control, monitoring, simulation, communications, data logging and collection, and factory automation; software to integrate manufacturing machine operations, control processes, provide data for visualization, track problems and generate production reports; packaged software for use in the operation and programming of grinding machines in the manufacturing industry; industrial process control hardware, namely, computer monitors; laptop computers, Ethernet cards and cables; computer networking hardware, memory cards; microchips; microprocessors; computer network hubs, switches and routers, computer accessories, namely, display screens and terminals; computer whiteboards; system boards and processors; industrial process controller featuring, operator interface, gage interfaces and data collectors; software for control and manufacturing applications, namely, for statistical process control, data collection, distributed numerical control; software for manufacturing execution systems and document management; digital signal processing products and systems, namely, industrial automation controls and programmable logic controllers; machine tools, namely, an adaptive control product in the nature of an external controller to optimize machine tool cutting performance of rough and semi-rough cuts; distributed and remote input/output hardware devices, input/output modules, interface modules, power supplies and mounting hardware; intrusion and burglar alarm systems; security devices, namely, programming logic computers, control panels, electronic intrusion detectors, electronic glassbreak sensors, electronic vibration sensors, magnetic contacts for use in security systems, electronic switch plates, electronic motion sensors for alarm systems, electronic motion sensitive switches, hardwire sirens, audio speakers, electronic drivers, access control and alarm monitoring systems; fire, heat and smoke detecting and alarm units; computer card operated access control systems; card readers, card encoders, and encoded cards for use with card operated access control systems; video cameras; video object recognizers; video object trackers; video license plate readers; video alarm verifiers; video face recognizers; video vehicle recognizers; video traffic detectors; video access door controllers; video intrusion detectors; processing hardware and software that analyzes digital video images to automatically extract, record and report intelligence, and remote video monitoring systems for security and surveillance applications; central video monitors; video recorders; cameras; closed circuit video systems; closed circuit video system comprising one or more cameras, and a camera housing; short range, wireless, radio frequency transceivers; power line transceivers; communication control hardware for operating closed circuit camera; communication control hardware, namely, keypad controllers, matrix switchers, multiplexers, digital video recorders, integrated pan-tilt-zoom domes, remote video controllers, receivers, electronic alarm, management controls and triggers, and video transmission devices sold separately or as part of a system for operating closed circuit cameras; personal digital assistant devices configured for use by real estate professionals; communications interface devices for use with personal digital assistant devices; fiber-optic transmission systems, namely, fiber optic transmitters, receivers and transceivers used in the transmission of video, audio, and data signals over optical fiber; electrical switches; electro mechanical locks; magnetic locks; electric keys; handheld electronic hardware for receiving, controlling, storing, manipulating, displaying and transmitting data and for operating electronic locks; electronic access cards and readers and encoders therefor; magnetic access cards and readers and encoders therefore; smart access cards and readers and encoders therefor; proximity cards and readers and encoders therefor; electronic key fobs and readers and encoders therefor; bar code access cards and readers, encoders, access keypads; radio frequency tracking tags; tracking and control system comprising one or more radio frequency tags, transceivers, and sensors used to determine and monitor the location and movement of tangible assets, inventory and individuals; infrared sensors; computer hardware and software for facilities management and controlling facility access systems and components therefor, namely, control panels, access card readers, and equipment and systems for video imaging, video monitoring; digital hard drive recording, network transmission and remote access; networked digital video storage servers, access control and surveillance software applications for alarm monitoring and security; computer software and hardware for controlling and operating security and access system comprising locks, doors, access, and identification; electronic safes for securing keys; surveillance equipment sold individually as components or together as a system comprising one or more surveillance cameras, covert cameras, close circuit television cameras, camera housings, camera mounts, camera lenses, video monitors, video recorders, digital recorders, video storage media, video switches, control panels, keypad controllers, joystick controllers, interface apparatus for alarms and access control equipment, transceivers, receivers, transmitters, signal processors, multiplexers, matrix switches, controllers, control panel housing, switch housing, transformers switches, splitters, coaxial cables, connectors, motion detectors, microphones and speakers; computer user interface software and control software for managing security, fire and access systems; electric locks; hand-held electronic computer and communication hardware for receiving, controlling, storing, manipulating, displaying and transmitting data for operating electronic locks; electronic key fobs, readers and encoders; blank magnetic data carriers; data processing software and computer hardware; power supplies, namely, batteries, rectifiers/voltage/current regulators and transformers; control panels, namely, electronic apparatuses adapted to electrically monitor a pre-determined activity and activate a burglar alarm; siren speakers; and electronic siren drivers, namely, tone generators and amplifiers adapted to be used for sirens; computer software to control communication hardware for operating and controlling closed circuit cameras; switch units incorporating magnetically actuated reed switches for use in burglary and fire sensing alarm systems, in industrial position sensing apparatus, in revolution counters, in equipment cabinet safety interlock systems, in industrial position controlling apparatus, in electrical cables and in pump and valve controlling apparatus and home security alarm systems; electrical and electronic checking apparatus for screening individuals, baggage, and cargo for the presence of particular substances; electrical and electronic checking apparatus for screening individuals, baggage, and cargo for the presence of explosives and/or narcotics; apparatus for detecting presence of explosives and other contraband; water filtering units for domestic, commercial and industrial use; waste water purification units; water purifying units for potable water for domestic, commercial and industrial use; time or condition sensing apparatus for initiating and controlling regeneration or backwash cycles for water treatment equipment; control valves for water conditioning and water filtration equipment; fluid separation units, namely, industrial fluid filters; recycling units, namely, fluid purification units; bioreactors for culturing cells; portable analytical instruments, namely, a probe with a microprocessor based data conversion logger for measurement of organic and inorganic chemicals in water; filters and filter housings for laboratory use; fluid separation apparatus for laboratory use; membrane filters for laboratory use; silt density measuring device; deionization units for laboratory use; fluid separation apparatus for laboratory use; membrane for laboratory use; fluid flow control devices, namely, pumps, valves, flow meters and regulators for laboratory use; ozone monitors; laboratory equipment, namely, porous microtiter plates for use in cell biology and other life science applications; electronic water and process treatment controls, namely, apparatus for use in the treatment of commercial and industrial water systems, boiler water systems, cooling water systems, and closed water systems, to determine the proper treatment program, apply the desired treatment and monitor the effectiveness of the treatment; computer software for data management in the water treatment and paper field; electronic controllers used for processing information in the water treatment field; apparatus for use in industrial water systems to measure and control ph and conductivity; apparatus for feeding chemical to an industrial, commercial or municipal water system in measured amounts; electronic test apparatus for use in water treatment; laboratory testing equipment, namely, deposition and corrosion rate testers; electronic and electrochemical products, namely, fuel cells; apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic solar modules, photovoltaic solar hybrid modules, electronic sensors for measuring solar radiation, solar cells; apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic solar modules; software to optimize performance of boilers; railway signals, namely, crossing warning systems; electrical engine controllers; telephone answering machines; DVD players; DVD remote controls; electrical energy utilization metering devices complete with related software; climate control systems consisting of digital thermostats, heating, ventilation and drying control devices
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9 - Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus. - Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus.
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021, 023, 026, 036, 038
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6 - Active
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