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Status: 602 - Abandoned-Failure To Respond Or Late Response
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602 - Abandoned-Failure To Respond Or Late Response
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Mark Drawing
3000 - Illustration: Drawing or design which also includes word(s)/ letter(s)/number(s) Typeset
Design Searches
010701, 170502, 200501, 261102, 261103, 280103 - Globes with outlines of continents. Two-pan balance scales, including Scales of Justice; weights therefor. Closed books. Plain single line rectangles. Incomplete rectangles. Inscriptions in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese or other Asian characters.
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Indication of Colors claimed
The color(s) BLUE ,CARMINE ,BLACK AND WHITE. is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
Description of Mark
Goods and Services
Accident investigations; Adoption agencies; Adoption counseling; Adoption placement; Adoption services for domestic animals; Alarm response and verification services; Alternative dispute resolution; Analysis and consultation pertaining to job site safety; Analysis of data, policy and process, and provision of business management advice and assistance to ensure compliance with public sector procurement laws and regulations; Animal adoption service, namely, arranging for dogs and cats from shelters to be placed in homes; Animal cruelty investigation; Arbitration; Arbitration services; Assignment of membership identification numbers to affix to valuables to facilitate their recovery following loss or theft; Assisting in the locating lost pets; Assisting localities and local entities in organizing and establishing groups of practicing and retired physicians, nurses, and other health professionals to act in a coordinated manner in times of local emergencies; Astrological forecasting; Astrology consultation; Attorney services; Authentication, issuance and validation of digital certificates; Baby announcement services, namely, the temporary placement of signs announcing a birth; Baby sitting; Background investigation and research services; Baggage handling inspections for airlines; Baggage inspection for security purposes; Bereavement consulting; Bodyguard services; Bomb detection and disposal services; Cartoon character licensing; Case management services, namely, coordination of legal, social and psychological services for domestically abused persons; Case management services, namely, the coordination of necessary medical services, vocational issues and educational services for persons injured at work; Chaperoning; Charitable outreach services, namely, providing counseling services in the field of religion to the needy, the imprisoned, and the sick; Charitable services, namely granting wishes of ; Charitable services, namely providing floral products to the elderly and needy children; Charitable services, namely, providing clothing to needy persons; Civil protection; Closing services for mortgage loans; Color analysis for wardrobe and fashion selection; Compiling crime occurrence data; Compiling inventories of personal items for others for insurance or security purposes; Computer dating services; Computer security services in the nature of providing an internet trust center, namely, computer security assurance and administration of digital keys and digital certificates; Concierge services for others comprising making requested personal arrangements and reservations and providing customer-specific information to meet individual needs rendered together in a ; Conducting day programs for the elderly and adults with physical and mental challenges, namely, coffee clubs in the nature of social conversations while having coffee; Conducting online personal lifestyle performance assessments and skill enhancement programs based on principles of emotional intelligence, by means of performance tracking, reward and incentive programs; Consultation in the field of data theft and identity theft; Consultation services concerning homeland safety and security issues; Consultation services in the field of the safety needs of commercial and industrial companies; Consulting and legal services in the field of privacy and security laws, regulations, and requirements; Consulting in the field of workplace safety; Consulting services concerning legal matters in the medical field; Consulting services in the field of maintaining the security and integrity of databases; Consulting services in the field of national security; Control of building environmental access and security systems; Copyright management; Copyright management consultation; Counseling in etiquette and protocol; Counseling services in the field of Christian conduct in personal relationships; Cremation; Crime victim services, namely supportive emotional counselling; Dating services; Day and night guards; Detective agencies; Detective investigations; Digital video monitoring, namely, monitoring traffic violations with digital video cameras; Electronic monitoring services for security purposes in the field of ; Escort services; Evangelistic ministerial services; Examination of fingerprints and handwriting for the purpose of forensic scientific intelligence; Expert witness services in legal matters in the field of ; Fashion information; Fashion trend consulting for the fashion industry; Financial identity monitoring service; Fingerprinting and fingerprint registration of children; Fire fighting; Fire prevention consultation; Forecasting services in the nature of fortune telling; Fortune-telling; Foster care; Fraud detection services in the field of credit cards for on-line purchasing; Fraud detection services in the field of health care insurance; Funeral arrangement services; Funeral homes; Funeral service undertaking; Gift wrapping; Grief counseling; Guard services; Guardianship; Home security monitoring using wireless and wired sensors for glass breakage, motion detectors, cameras, pool alarms, water alarms and shutoff valves, gate, door and window contact sensors, severe weather alarms; Home sitting; Horoscope forecasting; Horoscopes; Hotel concierge services; House sitting; Identification verification services, namely, providing authentication of personal identification information; Identification verification services, namely, providing authentication of personal identification information via secure storage and transmitting such information via the Internet; Information in the field of parenting concerning intrafamily relationships; Inspection of factories for safety purposes; Intellectual property consultation; Intellectual property watch services; Internet based social networking, introduction, and dating services; Interviewing individuals for the purpose of preserving their personal histories; Investigation of assets, credit reports, fiscal assessments, and collection reports for security or authentication purposes; Investigation or surveillance on background profiles; Investigation services related to insurance claims; Jury consultancy; Labor negotiation information services; Legal document preparation and research services for attorneys; Legal research; Legal services; Legal services and legal consultation for medical imaging centers; Legal services, namely, preparation of applications for trademark registration; Legal services, namely, process serving; Legal services, namely, providing legal consultation in the area of health issues by a legal nurse; Legal services, namely, trademark maintenance services; Legal services, namely, trademark searching and clearance services; Licensing consultation in connection with the production, bottling, marketing and sale of wine and wine related beverages in compliance with existing Federal and State regulations; Licensing of advertising slogans and cartoon characters; Licensing of architectural drawings to others; Licensing of computer software; Licensing of intellectual property; Licensing of ; Litigation consultancy; Litigation services; Litigation support services; Locksmithing, namely, opening of locks; Lost and found bureau services; Lost property return; Lost vehicle recovery services; Marriage bureaus; Marriage counseling; Marriage partner introduction or dating services; Matchmaking services; Mediation; Military science services, namely, analyzing war strategies; Ministerial services; Ministerial services, namely holding spiritual retreats to assist religious leaders, both clergy and lay, to develop and enhance their spiritual lives; Missing child recovery service, namely, registration of children, namely, collecting, organizing and providing child-specific information useful in finding missing children; Missing persons investigation; Monitoring alarms; Monitoring burglar and security alarms; Monitoring fire alarms; Monitoring monetary charitable donations for fraud prevention purposes; Monitoring of computer systems for security purposes; Monitoring security systems; Monitoring telephone calls from subscribers and notifying emergency facilities; Nanny services; Night watchman services; On-line identity reliability investigation in the field of on-line dating and claims made about age, gender; On-line monitoring, namely, video monitoring of facilities, viewable through a global computer network; Online monitoring to prevent illegal file sharing and providing electronic reports regarding attempts at illegal file sharing in connection therewith on networks worldwide; Online social networking services; Organizational services for home or personal purposes, namely,; Organizing and conducting support groups in the field of ; Organizing meetings of bereaved families to commemorate the death of a loved one; Paralegal services; Patent agent services; Patent and industrial property consultation; Patent licensing; Permitting, namely obtaining environmental, design, zoning and other governmental permits for development projects; Personal background investigations; Personal body guarding; Personal care assistance of activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming and personal mobility for mentally or physically challenged people; Personal chef services; Personal concierge services for others comprising making requested personal arrangements and reservations, running errands and providing customer specific information to meet individual needs, all rendered in business establishments, office buildings, hotels, residential complexes and homes; Personal gift selection for others; Personal growth and motivation consulting services; Personal image consulting services; Personal image development consultation; Personal letter writing; Personal letter writing for others; Personal lifestyle consulting services; Personal security consultation; Personal shopping for others; Pet care services, namely, offering non-denominational blessings; Pet sitting; Placement services for a pets when the owner dies and there is no one to care for the pet and subsequent monitoring of the care provided for the pet; Police and civil protection services; Police protection; Polygraph examination services; Pre-employment background investigation services; Pre-employment background screening; Preparation of customized gift baskets; Preparation of customized gift baskets with selected items regarding a particular occasion or theme; Preparing and organizing loan closing documents; Private investigation; Providing a database featuring information about lost or stolen vehicles; Providing a selection of on-line electronic greeting cards; Providing a website featuring information and content in the fields of personal relationships, dating and fashion; Providing a website featuring information for automobile dealerships and customers about theft deterrent devices for automobiles; Providing a website featuring information in the field of security; Providing a website featuring listings and photographs of pets available for adoption and related information concerning pet adoption; Providing a website that features dream postings and dream interpretations by website visitors; Providing a website that features information on the development of international law, regulations, legal policies, and legal practices in a manner that promotes global governance by all types of organizations; Providing advice and information on appropriate gifts for ; Providing an interactive website for persons to locate other individuals with similar interests to participate with them in, or accompany them to, events and activities; Providing an on-line computer web site notifying healthcare personnel and other individuals of natural and manmade disasters or acts of terrorism and how to respond to such disasters or acts of terrorism; Providing an on-line searchable database featuring pet adoption organizations and pets available for adoption; Providing both in-person and online holistic spiritual counseling services; Providing consultation and information in the field of emergency response for communities; Providing counseling for victims of battery or abuse comprising interviewing the victim, identifying what the problem is and suggesting where help can be obtained; Providing fashion information; Providing fraud detection services for electronic funds transfer, credit and debit card and electronic check transactions via a global computer network; Providing grave spaces or charnel houses; Providing horoscope information via computer networks; Providing information about fashion; Providing information about pet adoption; Providing information concerning charitable causes and humanitarian efforts in the field of social justice; Providing information concerning consumer product safety; Providing information concerning homeland safety and security issues; Providing information concerning safety risks in the back country and/or avalanche terrain; Providing information in the field of child safety; Providing information in the field of gun violence prevention and illegal gun trafficking; Providing information in the field of self-improvement; Providing information in the field of the military, military tactics and strategies; Providing information in the field of time management to individuals for personal purposes; Providing information on techniques for improving personal creativity; Providing information regarding pharmacy robberies and information relating to those who commit prescription drug theft, fraud, diversion or other crimes involving prescription drugs; Providing information regarding understanding and preventing terrorism; Providing information relating to diverse human cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles; Providing information relating to legal affairs; Providing intelligence and information to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies relating to organized crime networks that operate across jurisdictional lines; Providing news concerning homeland safety and security issues; Providing non-medical assisted living services for personal purposes in the nature of scheduling appointments; answering the telephone; checking messages; mail sorting, handling and receiving; and secretarial and clerical services; Providing non-medical personal assistant services for others in the nature of planning, organizing, coordinating, arranging and assisting individuals to perform daily tasks; Providing on-line information in the field of spirituality, self-help, and personal empowerment subject matters; Providing patient advocate services to hospital patients and patients in long term care facilities; Providing personal support services for families of patients with life threatening disorders, namely, companionship, help with medical forms, counseling and emotional support; Providing pet identification tags; Providing reconnaissance and surveillance services; Providing safety information regarding resin, unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl ester resin and gel coats; Providing spiritual rehabilitation services; Providing user authentication of electronic funds transfer, credit and debit card and electronic check transactions via a global computer network; Providing user authentication services in e-commerce transactions; Provision of a website featuring information on fashion; Provision of a website featuring information on lifestyles; Psychic reading services; Public document filing services; Real estate closing services; Real estate settlement services; Registration of domain names for identification of users on a global computer network; Regulatory compliance consulting as it applies to prescription drug sampling; Religious and spiritual services, namely, providing gatherings and retreats to develop and enhance the spiritual lives of individuals; Religious mass intentions services, namely providing for the arrangement of mass intentions for the deceased and or living; Reminder services in the area of upcoming important dates and events; Rental of altars; Rental of baby cribs and high chairs; Rental of clothing; Rental of dresses; Rental of evening dresses; Rental of evening wear; Rental of fire alarms; Rental of fire extinguishers; Rental of formal wear; Rental of handbags, clutches and purses; Rental of protective clothing and equipment; Rental of safes; Rental of signs for personal messages; Rental of uniforms; Reviewing standards and practices to assure compliance with laws and regulations; Running errands for others; Safety inspection audits to improve safety of construction workers on residential construction sites; Security clearance for preparation of identification cards; Security control of persons and luggage in airports; Security due diligence services for individuals or businesses traveling or opening an office overseas, in the nature of detailed foreign country briefings, vetting of local personnel, establishing host country government contacts, and providing information on sustainable security measures overseas; Security guard services; Security guarding for facilities; Security inspection services for others; Security printing, namely, encoding identification information on valuable documents and products; Security service, namely, providing a list and photographs of all furniture and belongings in a residence and business, as a record to the owner of the contents in the event o f a disaster; Security services for buildings, namely, providing physical access to properties via a remote call-in locking device; Security services, namely, conducting recovery operations for the recovery of property and personnel; Security services, namely, providing executive protection; Security services, namely, providing security assessments of physical locations, information systems, and working environments; Security services, namely, sexual offender registry and locator service; Security services, namely, threat simulation vulnerability analysis and mitigation and emergency and crisis response; Security services, namely, water vulnerability assessment services; Skip tracing services; Social introduction agencies; Social service, namely, companionship services for ; Stock photography services, namely, leasing reproduction rights of photographs and transparencies to others; Stolen vehicle recovery services; Stolen vehicle tracking; Title searching; Tracking and iris or retina scanning as means of identifying pets; Tracking services for retrieval of encoded products; Trademark watch services; Tuxedo rental; Undertaking; Verifying and monitoring the security credentials of event staff for various private and public sports or entertainment events; Video dating services; Web site services featuring on-line dating club; Wedding chapel services; Zodiac consultation
Classification Information
International Class
45 - Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals; security services for the protection of property and individuals. - Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals; security services for the protection of property and individuals.
US Class Codes
100, 101
Class Status Code
P - Partially Paid
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