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Status: 606 - Abandoned - No Statement Of Use Filed
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606 - Abandoned - No Statement Of Use Filed
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3T13 - Illustration: Drawing or design which also includes word(s)/ letter(s)/number(s) 50% Reduction
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010103, 260321, 261102 - A single star with five points. Ovals that are completely or partially shaded. Plain single line rectangles.
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Goods and Services
aerosol dispensers not for medical use, perfume atomizers, sold empty, baby bath tubs, baby trainers, confectioners' decorating bags, bakeware, tea balls not of precious metal, non-metal piggy banks, earthenware, basins, hand basins, sugar basins, wash basins, basins, fitted picnic baskets, flower baskets, steamer baskets, wastepaper baskets, baskets, basting spoons, plastic bath racks, non-electric pans for warming beds, beer jugs, beer mugs, portable beverage coolers, portable beverage dispensers, beverage glassware, beverageware, brushes for billiard tables, dust bins, bird baths, bird feeders, bird houses, not being structures, blacking brushes, wood chopping blocks, bread boards, carving boards, ironing boards, knife boards, pastry boards, washing boards, gravy boats, boot jacks, boot stretchers of wood, boot trees, wine bottle cradles, bottle gourds, bottle openers, bottle stands, barware, namely, seltzer bottles, hot water bottles, bottles, sold empty, bowls, glass bowls, rinsing bowls, salad bowls, bread boxes, cat litter boxes, glass boxes, lunch boxes, non-metal decorative boxes, soap boxes, boxes for dispensing paper towels, soap brackets, animal bristles, pig bristles, brooms, feather brooms, hard brooms, rough brooms, shaving brush stands, material for brush-making, clothes brushes, cosmetic brushes, crumb brushes, dishwashing brushes, dusting brushes, eyebrow brushes, file brushes, fireplace brushes, floor brushes, hair brushes, horse brushes, lamp glass brushes, mushroom brushes, nail brushes, pot-cleaning brushes, scraping brushes, scrubbing brushes, shaving brushes, shoe brushes, toilet brushes, mane brushes, tooth brushes, brushes for basting meat, brushes for footwear, brushes for parquet floors, brushes for pets, brushes for use on bark of trees, brushes for vacuum cleaners, shaving brushes of badger hair, horse brushes of wire, wire brushes, not being part of machines, buckets, champagne buckets, fire buckets, ice buckets, plastic buckets, wine buckets, cooling buckets for wine, buckets of woven fabric, stove burner covers, perfume burners, crystal busts, china busts, earthenware busts, glass busts, porcelain busts, terra cotta busts, butter coolers, butter dishes, buttonhooks, shower caddies, tea caddies, cages for pets, cake molds, cake rests, cake servers, cake stands, non-electric candelabras, not of precious metal, candle holders not of precious metal, candle rings not of precious metal, candle snuffers not of precious metal, candlesticks not of precious metal, cannister sets, garbage cans, milk cans, oil-feeding cans, trash cans, watering cans, non-metal oil cans sold empty, canteens, carpet beaters, non-electric carpet cleaners, non-electric carpet sweepers, carver rests, comb cases, vanity cases, casseroles, glass casters, sun catchers, cattle troughs, cauldrons, caviar coolers, chamber pots, wind chimes, china ornaments, chocolate molds, wood chopping boards for kitchen use, cinder sifters for household use, cleaning cloths, impregnated cleaning cloths, cleaning combs, cleaning cotton, cleaning mitts of fabric, cleaning pads, cleaning rags, cloth for wiping or dusting, clothes drying racks, clothing stretchers, impregnated dusting cloths, impregnated polishing cloths, polishing cloths, washing cloths, glossing cloths, coal scuttles, plastic coasters, coasters, cocktail picks, cocktail shakers, coffee cups, hand operated coffee grinders, coffee measures, non-electric coffee percolators, non-electric coffee pots not of precious metal, non-electric coffee servers not of precious metal, coffee services not of precious metal, coffee stirrers, collanders for household use, curry combs, hair combs, commemorative plates, compacts sold empty, confectioners' mold, all-purpose portable household containers, soap containers, thermal insulated containers for food or beverages, containers for foods, containers for household or kitchen use, containers for transporting milk, cookery molds, cookie cutters, portable coolers, coolers for wine, cork holders, cork screws, corn cob holders, cosmetic removing paper, non-woven fabric cosmetic wipes, cotton balls, cheese-dish covers, dish covers, shaped covers for ironing boards, cruet stands for oil or vinegar not of precious metal, cruets not of precious metal, crumb trays, decorative crystal prisms, cups, egg cups, paper cups, plastic cups, decanters, decorative plates, dewar bottles and vessels, dinnerware, dish stands, soap dishes, dishes, soap dispensers, dispensers for liquid soap, porcelain or earthenware doorknobs, drain stoppers for sinks and drains, drinking flasks, drinking glasses, drinking horns, drinking vessels, dust pans, furniture dusters, window dusters, dusting gloves, dutch ovens, non-electric egg beaters, egg poachers, egg separators, artificial eggs, porcelain eggs, electric lint removers, epergnes, glass fabrics for industrial use, glass fibers for reinforcing plastic, feather dusters, china figures, crystal figures, earthenware figures, glass figures, porcelain figures, terra cotta figures, china figurines, crystal figurines, earthenware figurines, glass figurines, porcelain figurines, terra cotta figurines, flasks, hip flasks, insulated flask, vacuum flasks, flour sifters, flower pot holders, flower pots, flower syringes, fly swatters, fly traps, frying pans, funnels, sprayers attached to garden hoses, gardening gloves, garlic presses, enamelled glass, ground plate glass, opal glass, opaline glass, polished plate glass, pressed glass, smoothed plate glass, speckled glass, spun glass, stained glass, stamped glass, unwrought glass, containers for household use, namely, glass bulbs, glass etched by acid, glass fibers for non textile purposes, glass fibers for reinforcing plastics, plate glass for cars, glass for signal lights or headlights for vehicles, unfinished glass for vehicle windows, glass mosaics not for buildings, glass rods, glass stoppers, glass threads for non textile purposes, glass tubes not for scientific purposes, glass wool not for insulation, glass yarns, preserve glasses, containers for household use, namely, globes, gloves stretchers, household gloves for general use, plastic household gloves, polishing gloves, rubber household gloves, glue pots, goblets, household utensils, namely, graters, non-electric griddles, cooking utensils, namely, grills, pepper grinders, porcelain handles, napkin holders, serviette holders, soap holders, sponge holders, toilet tissue holders, toothpick holders, towel holders, holders for flowers and plants, holders for household irons, hollowware, hose nozzles, portable ice chests for food and beverages, ice cube molds for refrigerators, ice pails, incense burners, tea infusers not of precious metal, insect traps, insulating jars, jars for jams and jellies, jugs, syrup jugs, wine jugs, reamers for fruit juice, non-electric juicers, non-electric kettles, tea kettles, kitchen ladles, knife blocks, knife rests, porcelain knobs, ceramic knobs, glass knobs, lawn sprinklers, lazy susans, polishing leather, lemon squeezers, pot lids, tension closing devices for pot lids, electric lint removers, cat litter boxes, cat litter pans, lunch pails, pepper mills, poultry mangers, marking rings for poultry, metal wood for cleaning, milk churns, mixing spoons, chocolate molds, pastry molds, pudding molds, mops, mouse traps, mug trees, mugs, porcelain mugs, earthenware mugs, glass mugs, napkin rings not of precious metals, plastic spray nozzles, plastic nozzles for metal cans, suction nozzles for vacuum cleaners, bottle openers, crystal ornaments, glass ornaments, porcelain ornaments, teracotta ornaments, pails, rinsing pails, wine cooling pails, glass pans, metal cooking pans, metal pans, metal pans for cattle, dispensers for paper towels, paper plates, impregnated paper tissues for cleaning dishware, vaporizers for perfume sold empty, perfume sprayers sold empty, pet feeding dishes, pie servers, pig troughs, rolling pins, pitchers, plates, serving platters, serving platters not of precious metal, pots, cooking pots, tea pots not of precious metal, shaving pots, potties for children, poultry mangers, poultry rings, poultry troughs, powder puffs, pre-moistened towelettes for cleaning, non-electric trouser presses, tie presses, non-electric pressure cookers, non-electric pressure cooking saucepans, oven to table racks, spice racks, towel racks, wine racks, rat traps, rings for identifying birds, serviette rings not of precious metal, salt cellars, salt shakers, saucepan scourers, saucepans, saucers, scoops, scouring sponges, pot and pan scrapers, china, sculptures, crystal sculptures, earthenware sculptures, glass sculptures, porcelain sculptures, terra cotta sculptures, serving spoons, pepper shakers, shaving dishes, shirt stretchers, shoe horns, shoe stretchers of wood, shoe trees, household utensils, namely, sieves, slotted spoons, soup tureens, household utensils, namely, spatulas, sponges for household purposes, perfume sprayers sold empty, grass sprinklers, bottle squeegees, squeegees for household use, squeegees for dishes, squeegees for shaving brishes, stands for dishes, china statues, crystal statues, earthenware statues, glass statues, porcelain statues, terra cotta statues, china statuettes, crystal statuettes, earthenware statuettes, glass statuettes, porcelain statuettes, terra cotta statuettes, steel wool for cleaning, impregnated steel wool for cleaning, beverage stirrers, coffee stirrers, household utensils, namely, strainers, tea strainers, trouser stretchers, sugar basins, swizzle sticks, garden syringes, greenhouse syringes, plant syringes, shampooing syringes, tankards not of precious metal, tea services not of precious metal, tea sets, toothpicks, towel bars, towel rings, meal trays, serving trays not of precious metal, trivets, troughs, water troughs, metal troughs for cattle, watering troughs for cattle, rinsing tubs, household utensils, namely, turners, urns, vacuum bottles, vases, heat-insulated vessels, whisks, siphons wine tasters
Pseudo Mark
Classification Information
International Class
21 - Household or kitchen utensils and containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith); combs and sponges; brushes (except paint brushes); brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes; steelwool; unworked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building); glassware, porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes. - Household or kitchen utensils and containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith); combs and sponges; brushes (except paint brushes); brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes; steelwool; unworked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building); glassware, porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes.
US Class Codes
002, 013, 023, 029, 030, 033, 040, 050
Class Status Code
8 - Abandoned
Class Status Date
Primary Code
Black Entertainment Television, Inc.
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