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Status: 606 - Abandoned - No Statement Of Use Filed
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606 - Abandoned - No Statement Of Use Filed
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3T13 - Illustration: Drawing or design which also includes word(s)/ letter(s)/number(s) 50% Reduction
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010103, 260321, 261102 - A single star with five points. Ovals that are completely or partially shaded. Plain single line rectangles.
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Goods and Services
account books, accounting forms, adding machine paper, address books, address labels, address plates, addressing machines, automatic adhesive dispensers for office use, adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use, adhesive tapes for household or stationery use, adhesives for household or stationery purposes, aquarium air stones, coin albums, photograph albums, scrapbook albums, stamp albums, storage albums for typewriter printwheels and typeballs, almanacs, anniversary books, announcement cards, printed survey answer sheets, printed answer sheets, appliques in the form of decals, appointment books, aquarium covers, aquarium hoods, artificial aquarium landscapes, decorative aquarium stones, aquariums, architectural models, architectural plans and specifications, archival storage pages, art etchings, art mounts, art paper, art pictures, art prints, graphic art reproductions, printed art reproductions, artists' brushes, arts and craft paint kits, atlases, autograph books, pressure sensitive graphics for application to automobiles, printed awards, baby books, paper name badges, cat box liners in the form of plastic bags, paper garbage bags, plastic garbage bags, general purpose plastic bags, grocery bags, merchandise bags, paper party bags, paper refuse bags, paper bags, plastic sandwich bags, plastic trash bags, sandwich bags, trash bags, vacuum cleaner bags, plastic bags for disposable diapers, plastic food storage bags for household use, plastic bags for household use, paper bags for household use, plastic bags for merchandise packaging, paper bags for merchandise packaging, bags for microwave cooking, paper bags for packaging, plastic bags for undergarment disposal, ball-point pens, bank checks, paper banners, desk baskets for desk accessories, paper bath mats, bathroom tissue, bibles, paper bibs, mechanical binder sets comprised of rings, dividers, and folders, binders, loose leaf binders, book bindings, blackboards, blank paper computer tapes, printers' blankets not of textile, paperboard blanks, paper blinds, packaging, namely, blister cards, printing blocks, blotters, blueprints, paste board, poster board, art sketching boards, bristol boards, bulletin boards, clip boards, directory boards, drawing boards, illustration boards, magnetic boards, memorandum boards, mounting boards, paper illustration boards, paper boards, picture framing mat boards, presentation boards, watercolor boards, lap boards for reading and writing, slate boards for writing, bond paper, book bindings, book covers, book holders, book plates, book rests, cloth for bookbinding, bookbinding tape, bookbinding wire, bookbindings, bookends, bookkeeping books, bookkeeping forms, children's booklets, bookmarks, business record books, cash receipt books, check books, children's activity books, children's books, coloring books, composition books, cook books, copy books, coupon books, data books, date books, dictation books, engagement books, exercise books, expense account books, guest books, hymn books, index books, ledger books, log books, memorandum books, note books, picture books, prayer books, printed music books, receipt books, recipe books, religious books, reporters' notebooks, score books, series of fiction books, series of non-fiction books, sketch books, song books, stenographers' notebooks, telephone number books, travel books, voucher books, wallcovering sample books, wedding books, children's wirebound books, children's books, children's educational books, children's guidebooks, children's reference books, paper gift wrap bows, cardboard boxes, corrugated record storage boxes, paper boxes, pencil boxes, stationery boxes, file boxes for storage of business and personal records, artists' brushes, drawing brushes, eraser dusting brushes, paint brushes, plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging, paint buckets, bumper stickers, business cards, business forms, desk mounted stationery cabinets, desk top stationery cabinets, paper cake decorations, calendar desk pads, calendar desk stands, calendar stands, calendars, desk calendars, pocket calendars, wall calendars, canvas for painting, paper for electrical capacitors, carbon paper, playing card cases, card files, desk top revolving rotary card files, cardboard, cardboard cartons, cardboard containers, cardboard floor display units for merchandising products, cardboard mailing tubes, blank cards, Christmas cards, credit cards, debit cards, file cards, filing cards, flash cards, gift cards, greeting cards, index cards, medical identification cards, motivational cards, notecards, occasion cards, playing cards, record cards, score cards, trading cards, trivia cards, cards bearing universal greetings, blank paper computer cards for recording programs, caricature, flip chart carrying case, cartoon prints, cartoons, newspaper cartoons, pen cases, pencil cases, children's catalogs, celestial globes, cellulose wipers, decorative paper centerpieces, chalk, tailors' chalk, chalk boards for school and home use, chalk erasers, dry transfer characters, charcoal pencils, printed charts, revolving circular charts, score charts, check marking machines for preventing fraud, office check writing and engraving machines, checkbook and passbook wallets, checkbook covers, checkbook holders, religious circular letters, children's circulars, modeling clay, modeling clay for children, printing cliches, paper clips, paper closures for containers, patterns for making clothes, paper table cloths, paper cloths for polishing and cleaning, coasters made of paper, paper filters for coffee makers, coin holders, coin mats, coin wrappers, collages, color prints, children's columns, children's syndicated columns, newspaper comic strips, drafting compasses, drawing compasses, computer game instruction manuals, computer manuals, computer paper, computer printer ink ribbons, computer program manuals, blank paper tapes and cards for the recording of computer programs, computer ribbons, blank paper computer tapes, blank paper computer tapes for recording programs, confetti, construction paper, corrugated containers, paper closures for sealing containers, paper containers, copy paper, copyholders, plastic coated copying paper, correcting fluid for type, children's printed correspondence course materials, correspondence holders, correspondence racks, corrugated paper, cosmetic pencil sharpeners, coupons, paint roller covers, paper covers for telephone receivers, craft paper, crayons, crepe paper, photographic croppers, crossword puzzles, drawing curves, cushioning or padding made of paper or packaging purposes, paper cutters, daily planners, date indicators, decalcomanias, decals, office decollating machines, paper cake decorations, paper party decorations, desk file trays, desk pads, desk sets, desk stands and holders for pens, pencils, and ink, desk top organizers, desk top planners, paper disposable diapers, diaries, dictionaries, laws digests, city directories, classified directories, hotel directories, telephone directories, disposable wipes not impregnated with chemicals or compounds, document file racks, document file trays, document files, document holders, document stamp racks, rubber document stamps, paper doilies, drafting curves, drafting instruments, drafting rulers, drafting squares, drafting templates, drafting trays, drafting triangles, drawing instruments, drawing pencils, sandpaper for sharpening drawing pencils, sandpaper pads for sharpening drawing pencils, drawing rulers, drawing shields, drawing squares, drawing templates, drawing trays, drawing triangles, office paper drill machines, duplicating machines, easels, electric pencil sharpeners, electrocardiograph paper, electrostatic paper, paper emblems, printed emblems, embroidery design patterns, encyclopedias, engraving plates, engravings, envelopes, paper envelopes for packaging, electric erasers, non-electric erasers, etchings, paper expanding files, facial tissue, paper fasteners, paper mache figurines, file folders, paper file jackets, file pockets for stationery use, file sorters, letter files, filing paper, plastic film for industrial or commercial packaging or wrapping, plastic wrapping film not for commercial or industrial purposes, filter paper, finger moisteners, rubber finger tips, fingerprint kits, paper flags, flow sheets, fluorescent paper, handing folders, stationery folders, printing fonts, negotiable instrument forms, order forms, partially printed forms, printed forms, fountain pens, printers' galley racks, teaching materials in the form of games, gazetteers, metallic gift wrap, paper gift wrapping, metallic gift wrapping paper, paper gift wrapping ribbons, globes, terrestrial globes, glue for stationery or household use, grocery paper, lettering guides, numbering guides, children's printed guides, gummed paper, gummed tape, paper handkerchiefs, paper party hats, hectographs, paper sign holders, pen or pencil holders, paper hole punches, house organs, paper identification tags, illustration paper, illustrations, telephone indexes, duplicating ink, india ink, writing ink, ink rollers for office machines, inking pads, inking ribbons, instruction sheets, printed invitations, children's journals, label printing machine ribbons, label printing machines, office labeling machines, shipping labels, blank or partially printed labels, printed labels, laminated paper, law reports, pencil leads, printed lectures, children's printed lessons, letter openers, letter racks, office lettering machines, paper table linen, lining paper, lithographic paper, lithographs, loose leaf paper, luminous paper, children's magazine columns, children's magazine departments, children's magazine sections, children's magazine supplements to newspapers, children's general feature magazines, children's magazines, magnetic paper, paper mail pouches, manifold paper, children's manuals, maps, markers, stick markers, marking tabs, masking paper, spirit masters for mimeographing, paper mats, place mats of paper, mechanical pencil sharpeners, memo sorters, mimeograph paper, modeling compounds, modeling materials and compounds for use by children, monographs, photographs mounts, picture paper mounts, picture cardboard mounts, murals, sheet music, sheet music stands, paper napkins, negotiable instrument forms, news bulletins, children's newsletters, children's syndicated newspaper columns, newspapers for general circulation, newsprint paper, note pads, note paper, numbering machines, office machine ribbons, oleographs, onion skin paper, opaque paper, personal organizers, organizers for stationery use, decorative pencil top ornaments, paper pouches for packaging, plastic bags for packaging, packaging paper, paper padding, paint paddles, prescription reminder pads, score pads, scratch pads, sketch pads, stamp pads, writing pads, plastic pages, paint applicator rollers, paint applicators, paint stick markers, paint stirrers, paint trays, painting palettes, painting sets for artists, painting sets for children, paintings, children's pamphlets, cleaning and polishing paper, fiber paper, parchment paper, printing paper, proofing paper, publication paper, recycled paper, reproduction paper, safety paper, shelf paper, synthetic paper, tissue paper, toilet seat cover paper, toilet paper, tracing paper, typewriter paper, wax paper, wrapping paper, writing paper, paper for recording machines, paper mache, paper pennants, paper pillowcases, paper placemats, paper racks, paper ribbons, paper shredders, printed paper signs, paper staplers, paper staples, paper stock, paper tape, paper towels, paper tray covers, paper trays, paper washcloths, paperweights, paste for stationery or household purposes, pastels, artists' pastels, printed patterns, pen and pencil trays, pocket pen shields, pencil sharpeners, pencils, artists' pencils, pens, artists' pens, electrical wood burning artists' pens, office perforating machines, photo-engravings, photographic prints, mounted photographs, unmounted photographs, pictorial prints, picture postcards, pictures, watercolor pictures, paper pillow cases, corkboard pins, plastic place mats, place mats of paper, daily planners, printed plans, plastic or paper bags for household use, plastic sheets and labels for writing, printing, and marking, plastic wrap, pocket pen shields, pocket secretaries, stationery-type portfolios, portraits, postcards, blank or partially printed postcards, posters, price tags, price tickets, children's printed instructional, children's educational and teaching materials, printed rotating wheels, printed tables, printed teaching materials, ink jet printer ink, printing type, typewriter printwheels, protective covers for sheets of paper and pages of books, protractors, paper hole punches, children's questionnaires, graphic and printed art reproduction, dot matrix printer ribbons, typewriter ribbons, rubber bands, rubber stamps, ungraduated rulers, score sheets, sealing wax, sketches, staple removers, staplers, stationery, reinforced stationery tabs, stationery writing paper and envelopes, stenciling machines, stencils, stickers, straight edges, T-squares, writing tablets, teaching materials in the form of games, indoor terrariums for plant cultivation, indoor terrarium for terrestrial animals, thumbtacks, typewriter typeballs, typeface, typewriter typing elements, typewriters, mounts for X-ray negatives for non-medical purposes, frames and fiberboard for displaying X-rays
Pseudo Mark
Classification Information
International Class
16 - Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); playing cards; printers' type; printing blocks. - Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); playing cards; printers' type; printing blocks.
US Class Codes
002, 005, 022, 023, 029, 037, 038, 050
Class Status Code
8 - Abandoned
Class Status Date
Primary Code
Black Entertainment Television, Inc.
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