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601 - Abandoned - Express
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1000 - Typeset: Word(s)/letter(s)/number(s) Typeset
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rubber action balls, action figures, action figures and accessories therefor, action skill games, mechanical action toys, action toys, action-type target games, air mattresses for recreational use, paper airplanes, scale model airplanes, toy airplanes, amusement park rides, sleds for use in down-hill amusement rides, tractors and sleds for use in down-hill amusement rides, animal attractant scents, stuffed toy animals, ankle and wrist weights for exercise, archery bows and toy archery bows, archery equipment, namely, bow sights, aero-dynamic disk for use in playing catching games, archery arm guards, arm guards for athletic use, toy armor, archery arrow fetching devices, archery arrow points, hunting arrow points, archery arrow points, archery arrows, arrows, athletic protective pads, athletic supporters, athletic tape, baby multiple activity toys, baby rattles, backboards for basketball, backgammon game sets, badminton floor plates, badminton game playing equipment, badminton racket strings, badminton rackets, badminton shuttlecocks, badminton uprights, boxing bag swivel mechanisms, bowling bags, boxing bags, golf bags, lacrosse ball bags, sportmans' fishing bags, artificial fishing bait, packaged freeze-dried fishing bait, toy bakeware and cookware, ball cages, paddle ball games, golf ball markers, ball pitching machines, golf ball retrievers, tennis ball retrievers, balloons, craft sets for decorating balloons, baseballs, basketballs, billiard balls, bowling balls, cricket balls, field hockey balls, footballs, golf balls, handballs, lacrosse balls, net balls, playground balls, racket balls, rugby balls, soccer balls, sports balls, squash balls, table tennis balls, tennis balls, tether balls, volleyballs, toy banks, exercise and gymnastic banners, spring bar tension set for use in exercising, barbells, exercise doorway gym bars, exercise bars, gymnastic horizontal bars, gymnastic parallel bars, spring bars for exercising, baseball bases, baseball bats, grip tape for baseball bats, baseball batting gloves, baseball batting tees, baseball gloves, baseball mitts, basketball goals, basketball nets, bath toys, inflatable bath toys, bathtub toys, twirling batons, cricket bats, softball bats, batting gloves, bean bags, stuffed toy bears, teddy bears, Christmas tree ornaments, namely, bells, weight lifting belts, exercise benches, weight lifting benches and bench accessories, stationary exercise bicycles, bicycling gloves, billiard bridges, billiard bumpers, billiard chalk, billiard cue racks, billiard cues, billiard cushions, billiard game playing equipment, billiard nets, billiard tables, billiard tally balls, billiard tips, billiard triangles, mountaineering equipment, namely, binding straps, ski bindings, waterski bindings, ski bindings and parts therefor, bingo cards, bingo game playing equipment, bird calls, blocking dummies, toy building blocks, toy construction blocks, board games, equipment sold as a unit for playing board games, bobsleds, body boards, fins for body boards, leashes used in connection with surfing restraint straps for body boards, body protectors, role playing game equipment in the nature of game book manuals, archery bow string changers, archery bow cases, archery bow strings, bowling ball covers, bowling ball returns, bowling deflectors, bowling pins, bowling pinsetters and parts therefor, bowling pit mats, hunting bows, music box toys, fishing fly boxes, fishing lure boxes, fishing tackle boxes, toy boxes, boxing bag swivel mechanisms, boxing gloves, ski brakes, pool bridges, water ski rope bridges, bubble making wands and solution sets, pool bumpers, fishing buoys, ring buoys for recreational use, toy cap pistols, caps for toy pistols, mountaineering equipment, namely, carabiners, card games, equipment sold as a unit for playing card games, portable ski carriers, dart carrying cases, waterski carrying cases, video game cartridges, non-motorized golf carts, dart board cases, dart carrying cases, doll cases, pool cue cases, waterski carrying cases, cases for toy structures, cases for toy vehicles, computer game cassettes, catcher's masks, pool cue cement, floating recreational lounge chairs, pool cue chalk, pool chalk holders, checker sets, chess sets, chest protectors for sports, gaming equipment, namely, chips, Christmas garlands, Christmas tree decorations, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas tree skirts, Christmas tree stands, Christmas tree stand covers, artificial Christmas trees, artificial Christmas wreaths, pool cue clamps, fishing equipment, namely, clamps for securing fishing equipment on body, clay pigeons, climbers' harnesses, playground equipment, namely, climbing units, action figure or play figure clothing, doll clothing, golf club heads, golf club inserts, golf club shafts, golf clubs, grip tapes for golf clubs, hand grips for golf clubs, head covers for golf clubs, fishing tackle containers, children's play cosmetics, costume masks, doll costumes, fitted protective covers for swing sets mechanisms, party favors in the nature of crackers or noisemakers, hobby craft sets, crib mobiles, crossbows, curling stones, pool cue racks, pool cue repair kits, pool cue tips, pool cues, pool cushions, portable support structures for dance and other exercises, dart flights, electronic dart games, dart point sharpeners, dart points, dart shafts, dart stems darts, waterfowl hunting decoys, dice, flying discs, discuses, scuba diving masks, skin diving masks, divot repair tool for golfers, dog toys, doll accessories, doll house furnishings, dolls, bean bag dolls, paper dolls, porcelain dolls, rag dolls, soft sculpture dolls, dolls and accessories therefor, dolls and playsets therefor, dominoes, duck blinds, dumbbell sets, dumbbells, ventriloquist's dummies, Easter egg coloring kits, egg decoring kits, shoulder pad elastic for athletic use, elbow guards for athletic use, elbow pads for athletic use, electric action toys, electronic game equipment with a watch function, hand held unit for playing electronic games, volleyball game playing equipment, manually operated exercise equipment, exercise machines, exercise tables, exercise trampolines, exercise treadmills, exercise weight cuffs, exercise weights, manual leg exercisers, exercising equipment, namely, manually operated jogging machines, exercising equipment, namely, powered treadmills for running, exercising equipment, namely, pulleys, exercising equipment, namely, rowing machines, exercising equipment, namely, weight lifting machines, exercising pulleys, paper face masks, face masks, party favors in the nature of small toys, fencing equipment, namely, foils, gauntlets, and masks, field hockey goalie pads, field hockey sticks, play figures, archery finger tabs, scuba fins, surf fins, surfboard fins, swim fins, firearm targets, first baseman's mitts, fish attractants, inflatable float tubes for fishing, fishing equipment, namely, winging material for fishing jigs and streamers, fishing flies, fishing floats, fishing hooks, fishing leaders, fishing lines, fishing lures, artificial fishing lures, hand held fishing nets for sportsmen, fishing plugs, fishing pole holders worn on the body, fishing reels, fishing rod blanks, fishing rod handles, fishing rod holders, fishing rods, fishing safety harness, fishing spinners, ice fishing strike indicators, fishing tackle, archery arrow fletching devices, artificial fishing worms, flippers for use in scuba diving, inflatable float mattresses or pads for recreational use, inflatable float tubes for fishing, fishing floats, swim floats for recreational use, video game interactive control floor pads or mats, volleyball floor plates, kick board floatation devices for recreational use, fencing foils, football body protectors, football girdles, football shoulder pads, hunting game calls, video output game machines, video game machines, promotional game materials, game tables, gaming equipment, namely, game wheels, equipment sold as a unit for playing action type target games, hand held equipment for playing video games, manipulative games, paddle ball games, parlor games, pinball-type games, role playing games, outdoor activity games, gaming tables, fencing gauntlets, hang gliders, toy gliders, goalkeepers' gloves, golf gloves, handball gloves, hockey gloves, karate gloves, softball gloves, swimming gloves, waterski gloves, ice hockey goalie pads, scuba equipment, namely, goggles, swim goggles, sport goggles, golf bag covers, golf bag tags, golf club swing aids, golf irons, golf putter covers, golf putters, golf putting aids, golf tees, grip tapes for rackets, handle grips for sporting equipment, archery arm guards, athletic equipment, namely, mouth guards, karate head guards, knee guards for athletic use, leg guards for athletic use, shin guards for athletic use, scuba equipment, namely, spearfishing harpoon guns, toy zip guns, gymnastic apparatus, gymnastic training stools, gymnastic vaulting horses, hand pads for athletic use, hand grips for sporting equipment, kite handles, waterski tow harnesses, hockey pucks, hockey sticks, home plates, mountaineering equipment, namely, hook and ring combinations, mountaineering equipment, namely, hooks, rocking horses, horseshoes for recreational purposes, hunter's scent camouflage, hunters' scent lure, hunting blinds, hunting bows, hunting game calls, hunting stands, ice hockey sticks, ice skates, jigsaw puzzles, exercise equipment, namely, manually operated jogging machines, jump ropes, karate kick pads, karate shin pads, karate target pads, kicking tees, kite lines, kite parts, kite reels, kite string, kite tails, kites, knee guards for athletic use, knee pads for athletic use, shoulder pad lacelocks for athletic use, shoulder pad laces for athletic use, lacrosse sticks, leashes used in conjunction with surfing, fishing lures, namely, leeches, leg guards for athletic use, leg weights for athletic use, leg weights for exercising, lottery cards, lottery tickets, magic tricks, manipulative puzzles, marbles, marionette puppets, scuba masks, swim masks, sail board masts, video game interactive control floor pads or mats, catchers' mitts, softball mitts, toy mobiles, mobiles for children, toy model train sets, toy model vehicles and related accessories sold as a unit, electronically operated toy motor vehicles, moutaineering equipment, namely, pitons, musical toys, needles for pumps for inflating sports equipment, volleyball net antennas, table tennis nets, tennis nets, volleyball nets, toy noisemakers, shoulder pad eleastic for athletic use, safety padding, protective padding for playing sports, safety padding for volleyball and tennis uprights, paddles for use in paddle ball games, elbow pads for athletic use, hand pads for athletic use, shin pad for athletic use, paragliders, pinball machines, pitchers' plates, playground equipment, playsets, ear plugs for swimming purposes, plush toys, soft sculpture plush toys, ski poles, inflatable swimming pools, play swimming pools, table tennis post sets, tennis racket presses, umpire protection equipment, throat protectors for athletic use, pumps for inflating sports equipment, puppets, three-dimensional puzzles, archery quivers, quoits, squash racket strings, tennis racket strings, table tennis rackets, rackets, toy record players, non-slip resin sprays for use by athletes, ride-on-toys, inflatable ride-on-toys, ring games, rollerskates, ski ropes, skipping ropes, waterski rope handles, waterski tow ropes, waterski ropes, exercie equipment, namely, rowing machines, sail board foot restraints, sail board foot straps, sail board leashes, sail board masts, sail boards, playground equipment, namely, sand boxes, flying saucers, non-motorized scooters, toy scooters, scuba equipment, namely, spring activated spearguns, scuba snorkels, soft sculpture toys, snow sled for recreational use, snorkels, snow shoes, skateboards, ski edges, ski wax, skim boards, skis, water skis, skittles, playground equpment, namely, slides, sling shots, snow boards, toy spinning-tops, surfboard wax, surfboards, water wing swim aids for recreational use, swim boards for recreational use, swimming aids, fitted protective covers for swing set mechanisms, playground equipment, namely, swings, toy swords, table tennis tables, target launchers, targets, tennis ball retrievers, tennis uprights, disposable ticket sets for playing games of chance, toy vehicles, water squirting toys, wind-up walking toys, wind-up toys, volleyball uprights, wrist and ankle weights for exercise, yo-yos
Classification Information
International Class
28 - Games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; decorations for Christmas trees. - Games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; decorations for Christmas trees.
US Class Codes
022, 023, 038, 050
Class Status Code
8 - Abandoned
Class Status Date
Primary Code
Black Entertainment Television, Inc.
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